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Ashburn VA US [X]

Forgive Me Father (2001)

Certificate R   -   Crime | Drama | Mystery | Romance

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"Forgive Me Father" tells the story of Virgil Garrett, an intensely frightening, yet strangely sympathetic and sublime character. Garrett was once a ruthless and feared hit man for organized crime boss, Frank Ransom (played by Charles Napier), until he faked his own death, to get out of the "business". Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Virgil Garrett has spent the past twelve years living and working in Canada as a Roman Catholic priest. Now, a mysterious message brings Garrett back from the "dead", like a dragon woken from a long sleep. He learns that his brother Clarence (played by Alexander Hill), has been senselessly murdered, gunned down by Frank Ransom's cocksure son, Tony (played by Chris Elbert), and four of his criminal cohorts. Garrett now makes a transformation and returns to his old ways, but with a different purpose. He is now the personification of retribution with a Bible in his hand and a divine wrath in his heart. Caught up in Garrett's reprisal are three figures from his past; Detective Lansing (played by Stephen Jon Cohen) a tormented police investigator determined to see that Garrett doesn't slip through his fingers a second time; Izzy Goldman (played by Rich Komenich) Garrett's curmudgeonly friend in a business where friendship is at best a question mark; and Lena Sohms (played by Rebecca O'Gorman) a former lover of Garrett's, now a police Lieutenant, who finds herself torn between duty to her job and loyalty to the man she still loves. Concurrently, Tony Ransom and his sensibly meek brother Mike (played by Jeff Bass) are in the midst of negotiating "the deal of the century" with some Nigerian drug lords. Unfortunately, all find themselves on the path between hunter and prey.
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