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Ashburn VA US [X]

Happy Hooligan Surprised (1901)

Comedy | Short

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Four boys are shooting craps on the sidewalk just outside of a saloon. A genial Dutch bartender appears and shows the boys a new trick, which consists in placing an ordinary tin funnel in the waistband of one of the boy's trousers. The Dutchman then drops a coin into the boy's mouth and extracts the same coin from the funnel. Right here Happy Hooligan appears upon the scene and becomes curious. He indicates that he is willing to be convinced that the trick is genuine, and the proceed to play same on him. The funnel is placed in the waistband of his trousers and his head tipped far back to drop the coin in his mouth, which one of the boys appears suddenly with a large bucket of water, which he turns immediately into the funnel. Poor Happy Hooligan is nearly drowned and falls to the ground, dismayed at thus suddenly being brought in contact with water, which is Hooligan's sworn enemy.
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