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Ashburn VA US [X]

Three Girls and a Man (1912)

Comedy | Short

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Tired and in need of a rest, Charles Morris accepts an invitation to visit Dick Burton at his country home. Here he meets two attractive girls. Hilda, a mercenary flirt, and Dorothy, a friend of Dick's sister Betty. The latter is Betty's favorite and if she has anything to say about it, Charles Morris will make her his wife. Betty is only fifteen years of age, but she has a wise and discerning head. Hilda, knowing Morris is wealthy, decides to capture him, but she has more than one string to her bow. One of these strings is Mr. Bennett, an elderly adorer. Morris vacillates between the two charmers until Betty spoils Hilda's chances by waiting her opportunity when Mr. Bennett is out walking with Hilda and has her clasped within his arms. The shrewd little minx hastily summons Morris to witness the touching scene. To make doubly sure, she makes their presence known to Hilda, and then apologizes for intruding upon their sweet communion. Hilda accepts the situation as gracefully as possible. It does not take much of a philosopher to guess that Dorothy and Morris have a mutual understanding, suggestive of wedding bells.
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