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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Girl with the Lantern (1912)

Drama | Romance | Short

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In this railroad story a city girl, visiting her uncle and aunt in the country town, falls in love with the operator at the railway station. Her uncle, a cross old owl, disapproves of having young men call on her. She finds the telephone handy in talking with her new beau, but is detected by the aunt and uncle. A delayed order is received by the operator to hold the train until the President's special passes. The train has just gone and he telephones his sweetheart to flag it, as her uncle's home adjoins the railroad track. She drops the receiver, rushes to the kitchen, gets a lantern, covers it with her uncle's red bandanna and she runs out of the house. Then she climbs the fence and embankment and gets to the track just in time to stop the train. All manner and things happen to her while she is doing this, and the ending of the story is both ingenious and entertaining. The lovers are, of course, reconciled.
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