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Ashburn VA US [X]

Otto the Sleuth (1916)

Comedy | Short

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The sleuth is notified that a pet canary has been stolen from a nearby residence. The owners ask him to investigate. We now find him in the home questioning the servants, who happen to be big and husky. Their boldness make him uncomfortable. Finally the mistress comes in. He asks for the bird cage, which she is holding. He wants to put it through the third degrees. Next we find the sleuth and his assistant in the office of mystery, and after questioning the cage he cannot get a clue. He finally plans a "murderous" deed. He decides to get a bird like the one stolen, and get the reward. This is soon done, but when he nears the home he hears laughter. He peeks through the curtain and observes that the real bird has been found. The folks pull the curtain aside, and, seeing the cage behind his back, they ask for it. One of the husky butlers takes the cage out of his hand. Seeing another bird in the cage the butler and the rest of the folks laugh at him as a detective and order him out of the house. The big butler is next seen escorting the great slumberville sleuth to the door. As he opens the door the sleuth steps out. He is about to speak to the butler, when the butler slams the door in his face, leaving him standing on the steps outside.
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