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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Fortune (1913)

Comedy | Short

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Jake and his wife are at the county fair. The one thing that attracts Jake's attention above all others is a fortuneteller's sign. He is told by the seeress that he will be immensely rich some day. To celebrate his expected fortune, Jake gets drunk. An automobile party of four young bloods happens into the café and Jake tells them, when he falls heir to his riches, he will enjoy himself to the limit and do things in style. On his way home he falls asleep by the roadside. The four young sports whom he met in the saloon, happen that way, and upon seeing his condition, they decide to play a joke on Jake and test his ability to make good in his boasted promise to do things in style. They carry him to the automobile and take him to their swell apartments, put him to bed and then dress themselves as valets and maids. Later in the day, Jake wakes up and discovers himself in the midst of luxury. The next morning, Jake wakes up, finds himself back where he started before going to the fair. He is convinced he has been dreaming, and he is sure of it when his wife comes into the room, administering to him a wholesome beating with her trusty old broom.
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