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Mr. Bolter's Niece (1913)

Comedy | Short

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Mr. Benjamin Bolter has for his neighbor, Lavinia Kacey, a spinster of uncertain age. They are good friends, and in their hearts admire each other, but have both come to an age when they are afraid of themselves. Mr. Bolter's young niece, Pet, comes to spend a few days with him and makes things lively for her uncle, who is unused to children. He introduces her to Lavinia, who takes quite a notion to the child. Talking to Lavinia through the garden fence between Bolter and Lavinia, Pet becomes fascinated with Lavinia's false curls and ends by pulling one off. When Bolter scolds, she howls and he has to capitulate. The next morning when Bolter complains of the lack of a button on his trousers, she, seeing Lavinia sewing in her garden, catches up the trousers and rushes off and into the garden and requests her to sew the button for her poor uncle, who has no one to look after him. Finally, she makes herself ill with eating green apples and in his distress he sends for Lavinia to help. Her kindness and tenderness to the child break down the barrier of his reserve and he proposes to her to make his lonely life a heyday of sunshine and happiness. Lavinia agrees by falling into Bolter's arms. Pet, whom they suppose to be asleep, sits up and says, "Oh, I saw you! Goody! goody! goody!"
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