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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Sina do Aventureiro (1958)

  -   Western

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In Rincão da Serra, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, the outlaw Jaime steals the money of two men that have just negotiated a farm and escapes riding his horse. However, he is hunted down by three men and one bullet hits his shoulder and he falls unconscious on the bench of a river. The friends Dorinha and Rosália are bathing in the river and help Jaime, bringing him to the farm that belongs to Dorinha's parents, Mr. Lourenço and Isaura. While Jaime heals his arm, he falls in love with Dorinha that convinces him to turn himself in to Lieutenant Osvaldo. Jaime is sentenced to many years in prison and Dorinha waits for him while Osvaldo and Rosália get married. When Jaime is released from prison, he meets Dorinha and they schedule for the wedding. But the cruel criminal Xavier plots with his friend and the gunmen Guilherme, Alfredo, Gregório to steal the money of a herd of cattle that Mr. Lourenço has just sold and rape Dorinha to avenge her father. But Mr. Lourenço reacts and the criminals kill the family. When Jaime returns to the farmhouse and sees the slaughtered family, he decides to hunt down Xavier and his gang to revenge Dorinha and her family. Meanwhile Osvaldo, that was promoted to Captain, foresees Jaime's intention and tries to stop him from bringing justice with his own hands.
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