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Aunty's Romance (1912)

Short | Drama

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In honor bound, Stephen Fiske, Jr., son of a supposed millionaire, tells Doris Myhtle, his fiancée, that the death of his father has revealed that he has died penniless and left him a poor man. She is so disappointed she returns her engagement ring to him, which he throws into the fire. He is obliged to go to work as an ordinary laborer. She tells her Aunt Patience, with whom she lives, and the old lady confides the romance of her life to her. She was engaged to Stephen's father. She rejected him and it was the regret of her life, and almost broke her heart when he married another woman. One evening, Aunt Patience, after a day's shopping, entering her home, slips, injuring herself, and Stephen, returning from his day's work, finds her on the area step, and carries her into the house. He calls a doctor, who pronounces her injuries fatal. The old lady recognizes Stephen, of whom she is very fond, and who closely resembles his father. She expresses a hope that he and Doris will be wedded to each other, and again repeats the romance of her life. As she does so, visions of the happy retrospect appear before her and she passes away in thoughts of that past happiness, and a full realization of the joys that await her in the life beyond. Grieving at the loss of their good friend, Doris and Stephen, kneeling at her bedside, touch hands, and looking into each other's eyes, they ask each other if they will fulfill Aunt Patience's hope. The mutual fervor with which they silently embrace each other is their answer.
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