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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Spirit of Christmas (1913)

Short | Drama

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The day before Christmas, little Nell and Bess, and brother Tom, in their squalid tenement room, give all their pennies to Anne, their eighteen-year-old sister, to buy Christmas presents for them. Anne looks at them with a sad little smile as she allows the few savings to trickle through her fingers onto the table. The father of the family, a middle-aged man, oat of employment, comes home and shares the meager supper. With Jane, her chum, Anne goes back to the department store in the evening to work. Anne carelessly leaves her small purse on the leather goods counter where she is employed and it is stolen. Mrs. Vandeveer, a wealthy customer, drops a bank bill unnoticed, which Anne later discovers and resolved to keep it to buy toys. She goes to the cloak room where, instead of placing it in the pocket of her own coat, she by mistake conceals it in the pocket of Jane's. Mrs. Vanderveer discovers her loss and notifies the floorwalker. That night at the store, Jane finds the money. Jane is taken into custody. Anne dares not confess. She wanders out alone into the snow-swept night. She gets Mrs. Vandeveer' s address and slips into her house with a group of gaily dressed men and women arriving for the Christmas Eve ball. The brilliantly lighted interior dazzles her. Teddy Vandeveer, home from college, sees Anne and takes her to his mother. Between sobs, Anne tells of the stolen money. Pilled with the spirit of Christmas, Teddy goes to the great Christmas tree in the glistening ballroom, where he and the guests strip it of its toys. With Anne they all go to the police station and release Jane; journeying then to Anne's home they fill the little stockings with toys and pile high the room with gifts so that a day of wonder greets the enraptured youngsters on Christmas morn.
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