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Ashburn VA US [X]

Society and the Man (1911)

Short | Drama

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Happily and contentedly married, the hero of our story is living in one of the smaller cities surrounded by all the necessary comforts of home. Lured by the greater possibilities of wealth in the Metropolis, he goes thence and soon finds himself in the swirl and swish of society and the stock exchange. His wife is carried into the vortex of bridge-whist and associations with the "smart set." The husband in the current of wealth, the wife in the pursuit of pleasure, their child is neglected and soon there is an inseparable gulf between their common interests of domesticity. Discontent and unhappiness have taken possession of their once happy home. The crash come; the husband is ruined and contemplates self-destruction. His wife learns of his failure, comes to his support, cheers and comforts him, pleading for the sake of their child to brace up and begin life anew. Clasping his loved ones to his heart, he resolves to start over again and seek contentment rather than riches.
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