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Mogg Megone, an Indian Romance (1909)

Short | Western

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The story opens with Paul Bonythau, an Indian trader, offering Mogg Megone, chief of the Saco tribe, jewelry, money, etc., for a large strip of laud which he wishes to purchase from the Indian. Mogg Megone refuses all offers, but says that if the trader will give him his daughter in marriage he can have the strip of land. Bonythau finally accepts, and they go to the trader's hut in company with Faldone, Mogg Megone's aide. When the daughter hears of the bargain, she is horrified and absolutely refuses to be a party. Wine is brought in for the chief and his companion. They drink freely. Mogg Megone falls across the table hopelessly drunk, his companion only partly so. Ruth asks her father to save her from such a fate. When he refuses she urges him to kill the Indian. Again he refuses and the girl pulls a knife from her father's belt and overcomes Megone. The aide runs to the tribe and tells of the tragedy, while Ruth goes to the Jesuit priest and confesses. When the father spurns her she flees. Faldone meanwhile brings the tribe to the trader's hut, burns the same to the ground and starts out for the daughter. In searching through the woods they come across her dead body on the banks of the Saco River.
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