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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Cobbler and the Caliph (1909)

Short | Drama | Fantasy

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Mustapha, a cobbler, is discontented with life and tired of his work. He envies the Caliph, who passes down the street with a procession. A wise dervish, passing along, otters him a wishing ring in exchange for a pair of shoes. By means of this ring any wish can be gratified. Mustapha takes the ring and wishes himself Caliph. He is immediately transformed to that individual and for a while enjoys life, but soon becomes mixed up in court intrigues, murders and family troubles with the ladies of his harem. Omar, a desperate man, whom he has offended, starts a conspiracy and tries to murder him. He manages to escape in his night clothes and, as he is fleeing for his life, opportunely meets the dervish, to whom he begs for help. The dervish takes the ring and wishes the Caliph back to a cobbler again. Back to his original vocation, he sits contentedly working at his bench, never wishing to be a Caliph.
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