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Marshals in Disguise (1954)

Certificate Approved Action | Comedy | Western

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Another of the series of "movies" created by stitching two episodes of the "Wild Bill Hickok" TV series together, U. S. Marshal Wild Bill Hickok (Guy Madison) and his deputy Jingles P. Jones (Andy Devine) are working to solve the mystery of a number of gold robberies from a stage line and expose the plot of a bank manager to buy the bank with funds stolen from it. Wrapping that one up tightly in less than thirty minutes, they move on up the road to round up another gang that has been holding up Wells Fargo offices, with Jingles posing as a medicine show magician. The stitched-together TV episodes were: "The Lost Indian Mine" (2.13) (6 January 1952) and "Civilian Clothes" (3.1) (26 December 1954).
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