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Ashburn VA US [X]

Sabotage Squad (1942)

Certificate Approved   -   Drama | Romance | War

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Rejected by the Army because of a bad heart, Eddie Miller, small-time gambler, promises his girl, Edith Cassell, that he will get a good job. Meanwhile, his pal, Chuck Brown,a pickpocket, lifts a wallet which contains almost $2,000 plus a strange platinum-and-gold medal. It has the mysterious Condor-and-Dove design that identifies the leader of a Nazi sabotage ring. He intends to turn it over to the police but is picked up before he can. Government agent John Cronin recognizes the wallet but Eddie sticks to his story that he found it on the street. Cronin permits him to escape, hoping that he will, somehow, lead him to the Nazi leader.
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