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Ashburn VA US [X]

Cock o' the Walk (1930)

Passed Drama | Music | Romance

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Carlos Lopez is a handsome Argentine sportsman. Many women love him and he toys with them all. His days are filled with romance and intrigue and he manages to get himself feared and hated by most of the married men in Buenos Aires. He also aspires to become a world-acclaimed brilliant violinist and, to do so, he needs financial independence, such as can be gained by sleeping with pretty (or ugly) rich women, or women who have rich husbands. So he hangs out at the Argentina Cafe while Narita, whom he professes to love, pimps for him. But hanging out in one locale is not a good idea, as the husbands know where to find him. So does the fiery Narita in the event she realizes she is just being used.
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