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Alimony (1917)


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Mrs. Bernice Bristol Flint threatens to destroy the reputation of an innocent woman unless her wealthy husband John grants her a divorce, and although John has not betrayed his wife, he agrees to give her a large sum in alimony in order to maintain her silence. Bernice hopes to marry millionaire Howard Turner, with whom she has been carrying on a flirtation, and when he confesses that he does not love her, she angrily resolves to ruin him. Howard falls in love with the refreshingly innocent Marjorie Lansing, who agrees to become his wife. Because of Bernice's interference, however, their marriage is a stormy one, and finally Bernice and her unscrupulous lawyer, Elijah Stone, suggest that Marjorie sue for divorce. She refuses, and later, Howard's attorney, William Jackson, discovers Bernice's schemes and succeeds in reuniting Howard and Marjorie. Defeated, Bernice shoots herself.
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