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Ashburn VA US [X]

Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpers (1915)

  -   Adventure | Short | Western

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Broncho Billy, a prospector, makes a rich strike, but while he is examining the rock he is being watched by three claim jumpers. The minute he leaves the spot the jumpers gather up some samples of the ore, and after replacing Broncho's sign with one of their own, start for the claim agent's office. Here they learn that he will not be there until Saturday. Meanwhile, Broncho has written a note to his sweetheart asking her to accompany her father, the stagecoach driver, on Saturday. She does so and they pick up Broncho at his cabin. There is a certain saloon at which the driver always stops, and the jumpers induce the bartender to dope his whiskey in order to delay Broncho. Their plan fails as his daughter grasps the reins and while she drives. Broncho holds off the jumpers with his gun. The claim jumpers soon give up the race and Broncho files his claim first.
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