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Ashburn VA US [X]

Cupid Through a Keyhole (1913)

Short | Comedy

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While making preparations for the entertainment of Aunt Maria, who bad announced her arrival by telegram, Lila Lane gets herself shut in the storeroom, which is fitted with a spring loot. Here she is found later by her sweetheart, Harry Eschert, who has returned for some forgotten papers. Harry is a boarder with Mrs. Lane, who at this moment is out for a drive with her husband. Anita, Lila's sister, is also out in an auto with her beau, Fred Brockway. In the morning Harry and Lila have had a severe tiff. Judge their horror, then, when the door slams on them and they find themselves locked in together. Harry has left the door open on entering the house and this fact is noticed by Jack Wearyfoot, a tramp, who enters the house and helps himself to the dinner. Aunt Maria presently arrives and is surprised at seeing no one about, for the tramp quickly hides himself behind a trunk. Soon she hears the noise made by Harry and Lila, who are pounding the door. Going upstairs, she is still more surprised when she finds her niece shut in a room with a young man. While she is speaking her mind to them, the tramp slams the door on the three of them. Meanwhile, Fred and Anita have a spat and she tells him to take her home. They investigate the noise in the storeroom and. not heeding quickly enough Harry's warning about the door, get shut in also. The room becomes decidedly cool as there are two couples in it, neither of whom will speak to each other, while Aunt Maria gazes frigidly on all. Presently the young folks realize the humor of the situation and are soon in each other's arms, to the horror of the spinster aunt. They are all released later by Mr. and Mrs. Lane, who take care not to get shut in and sit down to a big dinner to celebrate the two engagements that are announced.
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