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The Adventure of an Heiress (1913)

Drama | Romance | Short

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Florence, the daughter of H. Benjamin Baker, a millionaire, chafes at the restrictions which her parents exercise over her. Some girl friends call, explaining that it is "Tag Day," and ask Florence to join them in selling tags to raise funds for a benevolent organization. The parents of the heiress are horrified and will not listen to the proposition. Baker is not inclined to favor his secretary, Dick, as a son-in-law, and when the young man attempts to intercede for Florence, be is dismissed from the millionaire's service. Later, Florence's father relents somewhat, and brings the girl a handsome necklace as a peace offering. She places the pearls in her jewel box, and, putting the key in her purse, she quietly leaves the house to join the girls. An enterprising reporter learns of the gift and writes an article for his paper, stating that the young heiress will no doubt wear the necklace at her forthcoming debut. The item comes to the notice of Prentiss, a society crook, who manages to steal Florence's purse while purchasing a tag from her. Having secured the key to the jewel case, Prentiss enters the residence in the guise of an employee of a vacuum cleaning concern. While in search of another position, Dick, the former secretary, becomes suspicious of Prentiss' actions and is the means of securing the necklace and bringing the crook to justice.
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