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Trading His Mother (1911)

Comedy | Short

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Donald is a small boy with a very charming young widow for a mother. His joy in the possession of so fascinating a guardian is somewhat dimmed and ruffled by the desire of older persons to share that possession, or, as it looks to him, to take her from him. He is a jealous and vigilant chaperon in intent, if not in person, and it makes it rather difficult for the young men who would like to make love to the charming little widow. One of them does succeed in making friends with Donald, except when the mother is near, and it is then that he learns that Donald does no possess a watch and that a watch is one of his great heart desires. This suggests a very brilliant idea to Lawrence, this particular suitor, and when he next appears at the house of the little widow, he brings a pretty boy's watch with him which he offers to Donald. Of course, Donald is delighted, but when he understands that he can only possess the watch on condition that he allow Lawrence to possess his mother, his soul is trouble within him. The temptation, however, is too great and he finally agrees to the bargain and the marriage takes place. While they are gone on their wedding tour, Donald finds that being left alone with a nurse is very lonesome business and he begins to repent sorely of his bargain. Finally, when he can stand it no longer, he sits down at the desk in the big, lonely library and pens very carefully a very businesslike letter to Mr. Lawrence. It reads, "Dear Mr. Lawrence, Please bring mother back and you may have the watch again. It is as good as new. I need her very much. Donald." The effort proved so great an exertion that Donald falls asleep over it and of course, it so happens that the wedding couple are just returning at this time. They come in and find the sleeping boy and the letter and then the little mother sees a way out of the difficulty. She tells Donald that he can keep the watch and have her also and all that is necessary is for him to accept the new papa into the bargain. This solution of the difficulty had never occurred to the boy before, and being struck with the magnanimity of the offer, he closes with it at once.
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