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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Revenue Man and the Girl (1911)

  -   Drama | Short

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The Moonshiner's daughter meets one of the revenue men and is attracted by his appearance as he is with hers. She, while rough in nature, has a tender heart, as is shown by her attention to her pet dove. The revenue man makes a daring arrest of a couple of the moonshiners, which arrest the other moonshiners resent, and swear vengeance. The girl's father leads the vindictive mountaineers and is killed by one of the revenue men, who in turn meets his death. This sets the girl's fierce mountain spirit ablaze, and after her father's burial she joins the pursuit. Two days later, the survivor of the two officers, worn out with fatigue, sits on a bank by the stream, when the girl approaches. She is about to make good her threat, when her pet dove falls at his feet. He picks it up tenderly and sends it on its way, impressing the girl so that she later helps him to escape by hiding him in her room and afterward leaving the mountains for a new life in the city beautiful,
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