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Ashburn VA US [X]

Ludwig from Germany (1911)

Comedy | Short

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Ludwig Heinz, a young German, bids his father, a musician, and Theresa, his sweetheart, a fond farewell before he departs for America, where he makes a fortune. Owing to his inability to speak English he becomes the target for practical jokers, who play all kinds of tricks on him. In the midst of one of these escapades be meets a fellow countryman, Herman Schmidt, the butcher, who gives him employment in the meat market. All is joy with him until one of the letters he has written to Theresa comes back to him marked, "whereabouts unknown." He is grief-stricken. Mr. Heinz and Theresa, shortly after Ludwig's departure, left Germany to go in search of him. After a year of hard work Ludwig becomes owner of the meat market. When he is in a despondent mood be plays on his clarinet, the screeching noise of which causes two butcher boys to insert an advertisement in the daily papers to the effect that musical instruments are wanted at the meat market. The result is that Ludwig is overrun with all kinds of people willing to sell their instruments, among whom are Theresa and his father, who are now poverty-stricken. Thus, they are reunited.
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