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Ashburn VA US [X]

His Dress Shirt (1911)

Short | Comedy

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Mr. Kirby has rather a tarty disposition for a newly married man and his wife is exactly the reverse, being eager to look after his comfort even to the minutest detail. Kirby receives an invitation to attend a stag dinner on Thursday night and begins to make preparations Tuesday. He has only one dress shirt and admonishes his wife to have it sent to the laundry immediately. The wife sets about to do so, but she receives an invitation from a dear friend to go motoring and, of course, forgets all about the shirt. The evening of the dinner arrives and Kirby returns home out of sorts. He hunts for the dress shirt and then consults his wife. It dawns on her that she has been remiss in her duty. Kirby fumes and rants to the consternation of the young wife. In her desperation, she decides to launder the shirt and takes it into the kitchen, where she makes elaborate preparations. As she is a novice in the laundry art, she makes a mess of it, ending in burning a hole through the shirt and ruining the garment. Kirby enters the kitchen at the crucial time to find his wife in tears and the shirt smoking under the red hot iron. The humor of the situation mollifies him and he takes his wife in his arms and kisses away her tears.
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