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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Courting of Mary (1911)

Short | Comedy

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Mary the tomboy, and Owen, the sportsman, have equally an aversion for the opposite sex. Although pursued by many charming ladies, Owen eludes them and steals off to his favorite trout stream, which divides the two estates. Mary is also annoyed by many admirers, among whom is a poet, but she ingeniously gets rid of all only to meet her fate at the trout stream in which Owen fishes industriously. Meeting there one day, Owen orders Mary off his side of the stream, where she has comfortably ensconced herself. But alas! Cupid has lost his opportunity and the die is cast. Mary's uncle, although seemingly severe, has a tenderness for an interesting spinster of uncertain age. Mary surprises her uncle with the spinster and shows emphatically, in various ways, her dislike of the proposed match. Uncle, while appearing severe on Owen's suit, plans to get Mary married off, at the behest of the spinster lady, and succeeds in his scheme. Owen and Mary elope with the aid of a long ladder and an automobile and (we are told) lived happily ever after.
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