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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Rough Night on the Bridge (1910)

Short | Comedy

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In happy mood, a rollicking, good-natured party of "Jack Tars" on shore leave are out for a good time, and get themselves well under way in song and general good cheer by visiting the only place of merchandise and refreshment which the little seacoast town affords. Under full sail they are steering their way through the streets of the village, running foul of trees and posts, bowing in humble apology for their seeming rudeness and disturbance. They have apparently lost their "sea legs" and are a little bit unsteady in the joints, but merrily they roll along until they come to a swinging bridge crossing the river. Here is where they strike rough weather. The bridge begins to sway and they grasp the guard rails as the "old bark" begins to toss and the seas run high. The jovial crew are convulsed with laughter as the danger of being thrown into the water below increases. She's heaving mountains high now, and threatens to turn turtle, when, "scuttle me timbers," one after the other the whole mess is landed into the gurgling stream, at last they have to take water. This ducking is part of their sport and adds to the fun of it. Our mirth joins with theirs at every surge of the bridge, and does not stop until we find ourselves laughing in chorus with the festive salts as they look smilingly at us from the screen.
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