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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Dream of an Opium Fiend (1908)

  -   Short

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The opium fiend is seen in a den, puffing on this terrible narcotic. He then falls fast asleep and dreams that he is at home with his wife. He asks for something to drink and he is given wine, which he does not care for, and he is finally given some bottled beer and a glass, but he complains that the glass is too small and he gets a very large sized glass receptacle, into which his wife and maid servant pour the contents of the bottle. As he is about to drink the glass passes from his hand mysteriously, sailing through the room and out of the window to the moon, which drinks the beer and the empty glass is returned to its owner by Diana, who rides below on her crescent moon. The opium fiend tries many times to embrace her, but she always disappears from her original position; and once, when he almost gets her, she has changed into a most ugly creature. He hurls at this hideous transformation everything within his reach. The scene then changes, showing the fiend, awake, throwing the different things at the Chinaman attendant of the opium den.
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