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52. Real Blood: The True Beginning

Action, Sci-Fi

Real Blood: The True Beginning is a vampire story pitting good against evil.

Director: Phillip Penza | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Big Daddy Kane, Phillip Penza, Audrey Beth

53. Din


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Director: Helen Flanagan | Star: Noel O'Donovan

54. All About the Money

119 min | Crime

All About The Money is the story of two amateur documentary filmmaker/plumbers that decide that the fast track to life may be a life of crime. Watch as they document every step of their journey.

Director: Kelby Joseph | Stars: Jen Albert, Aman Chaudhry, Daisun Cohn-Williams, Kris Feldman

55. Fire Island


A modern take on The Wizard of Oz, about a young woman trying to find her way home after tragedy.

Director: Mimi Spiwak Harris | Stars: Carly Brooke, Stephen Ken Davis, Dan Folino, Amadeo Fusca

56. Easy Money (I)

85 min | Drama

When vulnerable artist Tyler Mason has nowhere else to turn, he is recruited into an unexpected trio to conduct one of the most innovative money counterfeiting schemes to ever hit the market.

Director: Halstan Williams | Stars: Joanna Bartling, Ashton Bingham, Skip Bolden, Zack Cole

57. Rebel (TV Movie)

Action, Adventure, Romance

Boston son, Nathaniel Starbuck, ends up on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line in 1861, the summer of the bloody battle at Bull Run. An epic hero's journey set within the chaos of the America's bloodiest war.

Director: Luke Cook | Stars: Miles Cooper, Kurt Mason Peterson

59. Hard Cop, Vivir y dejar matar

85 min | Action

John Hardcop, the hardest cop in town, is fired by the Mayor in charge. He will arrive at the town of Villa Roca to lead the local police, but soon he will discover that his team is disappearing local natives, covered by a cruel landowner.

Director: Juan Gabriel Coñuel | Stars: Micaela Alesso, Maria Ines Alonso, Alejandro Barbero, Noelia Bravo Herrera

60. Atlanta (ATL) Undercover


A police drama set in Atlanta.

Stars: Brad James, Denyce Lawton, Steve Coulter, Lisa Wu

61. Open Your Heart

Short, Music

"Open Your Heart" is a campaign designed to target young adults and provide awareness for 'healthy hearts' via the use of online fundraising, social media trends, and viral cross promotion.

Director: J.W. Cudd | Stars: Bella Thorne, Stevie Lynn Jones, Sloane Avery, Gatlin Green

62. The Gamekeeper


A soldier returns to the UK after serving in Afghanistan and finds work as a gamekeeper on the estate of an eccentric landowner. Unbeknown to the local community, the gamekeeper has a terrible secret which will change their lives forever.

Director: Peter Kane | Stars: Mark Armstrong, Joe Bellis, Andrea Blackett, Sara Rose Dickson

63. Sakat

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Director: Mahesh Bhatt

65. Dekiru: The Three Stones

83 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A young man embarks on a journey to find three magical stones in order to stop an evil threat from consuming the world.

Director: Fred Grant | Stars: Aidan Schroeder, Sheldon Faure, Luke Westerfield, Jean Whalen

66. Before Tomorrow

Short, Drama

As a group of friends prepare to celebrate the imminent wedding of one of their own, old feelings rise to the surface, forcing each of them to re-examine their own lives and loves.

Director: Margaret McGoldrick | Stars: Shaun Blaney, Gary Crossan, Diona Doherty, Naseen Morgan

67. Paging Dr. Freed (TV Movie)

30 min | Comedy

Centers on gynecologist brothers David and Jonathan who inherit their father's thriving medical practice after he suffers a heart attack during an attempt at playing doctor with his young ... See full summary »

Director: Marc Buckland | Stars: Annie Potts, Joel David Moore, Kyle Howard, Leslie Grossman

68. Unlimited

Short, Drama

The incredible story of Wilma Rudolph, who was crippled after contracting Polio as a child yet defied the doctors to become "the fastest woman in the world" and the first American athlete to win three Gold medals in one Olympic Games.

Directors: Dominic Higgins, Ian Higgins | Stars: Sophie Delora Jones, Karlina Grace, Nicholas A. Newman, Robyn Mckinson

70. Wight Space

Horror, Sci-Fi

The near future. Science has proven the existence of ghosts. We are now aware of them. They are now more aware of us. And they are everywhere. As the world searches for a way to deal with the specters, a far more dangerous threat looms.

Stars: Elysha Jackson, Stevie Jackson, Kristopher Steven Jantz, Arpad Balogh

71. Red Lotus


Based upon the true events of Japan's Shimabara Rebellion -- After witnessing his master brutally murder a young rebel and priest, a Samurai named Shintaro must decide whether to maintain ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriel Gonzales | Stars: Toshiya Agata, Joey Hoppe, Naoyuki Ikeda, Masa Kanome

72. Passion

Short, Drama, Romance

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A beautiful girl is visited by the twin brother of her beloved: love turns into chaos, sin and atonement.

Director: Slavik Bihun | Stars: Vladyslava Gavryliuk, Borys Ukrainskiy, Lidia Golovataja, Alexandr Domowoy

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73. Stand Off

Action, Horror

When a biochemical weapon goes wrong and leaks into the local water systems, four strangers must work together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. As they begin to uncover new ... See full summary »

Director: Joey Springer | Stars: Bill Kennedy, Erika Frase, David Clemons, Jason John Beebe

75. The Anchorite

93 min | Drama

After getting kicked out of his band, Aaron hits the road alone to prove a point. His life changes when he gets paired up with Chelsea, an up-and-coming singer and the two force each other to grow up.

Director: Aviv Rubinstien | Stars: Aviv Rubinstien, Chelsea Mitchell, Daniel Ramspacher, Vincent Anderson

77. Helsing

30 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

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In the midst of the neverending hunt for Dracula, the vengeful Dr. Van Helsing must encounter all of his blood thirsty minions along the way, with only the help of a young admiring priest.

Director: Ryan Henry Johnston | Stars: Liz Garcia, Patrick Morrison, Anthony Napodano, Liana O'Boyle

82. Born with a Defect (TV Movie)

TV-MA | Comedy

Stand-up comic Christopher Titus takes the audience on a wild ride through his personal life, and proves why he isn't qualified to be a father, and why childless couples win.

Star: Christopher Titus

83. The Final Girl

Short, Horror

Like the forgotten reel of an 80's slasher, Olivia sprints through the woods, axe in hand on Halloween night. Running from two masked killers (Babyface and Baghead) she is finally ... See full summary »

Director: Liam Banks | Stars: Jessica Messenger, Phill Martin, Charlie Clarke, Chloë Crump

84. Spotlight


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Star: Say Alonzo

85. Moving Mountains

Documentary, Short

Moving Mountains draws on experiences of Kathmandu's catastrophic 1934 quake to highlight the seismic threat to the city and explain what people can do to prepare.

Director: Terence D'Costa | Stars: Sanu Maya Awale, Sulakshyan Bharati, Bagh Maya Dangol, Suman Sagar Jung Kc

86. Arias

29 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A high school student and a hostage from another world must find a way to stop a war for another universe before it tears ours apart.

Director: Drew Viehmann | Stars: Malcolm Matthews, Sallieu Sesay, Jeff Rolle Jr., Takaaki Hirakawa

89. Even the Devil Swiped Right

8 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

Soulless creatures. Questionable motives. Terrible people. Who knew online dating and Hell had so many things in common?

Director: Jessica Cole | Stars: Brandon Jason Miller, Andrea Bang, Serena Bickerstaff, Brittany Charlston

90. Harriet: The Musical

Short, Musical

Director and off-off-off Broadway pioneer Harriet is working on her latest, and last, theatrical enterprise, scripted for her by her lifelong friend and strictly professional partner Colin.... See full summary »

Director: Marta Savina | Stars: Judith Scarpone, Frank Birney, Joseph Callari, Jewel Greenberg

91. Deep Inner Stillness

Short, Drama

When the sun goes down, its time to get up. Walking the dark city streets and reliving a damaging memories past is what this insomniac has come to in his quest for something to soothe his ... See full summary »

Director: Casey Bond | Stars: James Asdell, Pfeifer Brown

93. Pilot Season (TV Movie)


Three friends who try to survive through the most treacherous time of the year...pilot season.

Director: Alain Vo | Stars: Alain Vo, Ryan Casanova, Jon Aranda, Nicole Zyana

94. Cafeteria Aroma


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Stars: Apeng Daldal, Roody Manlapaz

95. Kode Orange (TV Movie)


After the brutal death of his fiancé, Houston Police Officer Sean Johnson seeks revenge and joins friend and fellow Police Officer Nate Lewis in Kode Orange, a special investigations unit in the LAPD.

Director: Noah Scott | Stars: Simona Roman, Chalet Lizette Brannan, Johnny Rey Diaz, Art Kulik

96. Alcyon


In the year 2145 the world is under corporate control. Wealth, happiness and the chance to live in Alcyon are all determined by which division wins The Game each quarter.

97. My Fight

54 min | Documentary

My Fight tells the story of Stephanie Ramirez, a young Youtube personality who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer. This documentary brings attention to a difficult decision-making ... See full summary »

Directors: Daniel Montoya, Elizabeth Hong | Stars: Mark Ashford, Jeffrey Long, Marting Ramirez, Stephanie Ramirez

99. The Pig Theory

Short, Romance

A successful blogger who champions women to break up with men after six months to avoid cheating falls in love with a man who challenges her to a competition to prove her theory wrong.

Director: Robin Vada | Stars: Brian Sutherland, Tim Harrold, Kelsey Tucker, Isaac Frank

100. The Message (TV Movie)

84 min | Action

When a video promising the nuclear destruction of Soweto is discovered by the National Intelligence Agency, a super-elite team of Special Forces Operators is thrust into a race against time to neutralize the threat at any cost.

Director: David Golden | Stars: Brandon Auret, Carl Beukes, Francis Chouler, Tom Fairfoot