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501. 9Realms: An Evident Ambush

Short, Action, Fantasy

Thomas and Edward, two skillful warriors of the Red Specters, are handed a mission to murder the leader of a pagan tribe. However, as the long days of this journey progress, Edward begins to question the true purpose of this mission.

Director: Ty Yachaina | Stars: Jeffery Allen Evans, Sean Gilmore, Frank Perrin, Gary Ploski

504. Jersey Cupid

Short, Comedy

A woman is about to give up on love, until she meets the greatest romantic advisor in the world....Cupid from New Jersey!

Director: Dexter Gareau | Stars: Dexter Gareau, Ryan C. Williams, Austin Oducayen, Charles Gladish

505. Recon

15 min | Short, Horror

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Director: Rico Montanez | Stars: Danny DeAnda, Dalila Lutz, Leland Chad Williams, Eric Davis

506. We Have to Kill Bob

Short, Comedy

Two mob hit-men are sent to take out a target, who just happens to be a very polite friend of theirs.

Stars: Mark Anthony Petrucelli, Patrick Roe

508. Mirrors

Short, Drama

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Director: Tiffany Castro | Star: Erin Geivett

510. Gas Leak (Video)

Short, Drama

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Director: Tyler Reeves

511. Halloween Jesus

Short, Drama

Halloween Jesus is a short dramatic film about a boy's struggle to convince his mother, Mary, and his step-father Joseph, that he is the second coming of Christ despite their disbelief.

Director: Tanner Sawatzky | Stars: Krystina Ali, Nick Biskupek, Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt, Ali Kavanaght

512. Earworm (II)

Short, Horror

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Director: Dylan Cook | Stars: Andrei Preda, Elizabeth Tanner

515. Broadcasting Neverland

16 min | Short, Drama

Jane battles inner demons and past memories in her new claustrophobic environment and isolation of never ending daylight.

Director: Rachelle Hunt | Star: Meriel Malone

516. The Cowboy (TV Movie)


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Director: Simon Camp | Stars: Michael Boaks, Emily Botje, David Dundas, Bobby Patel

517. The Story of Dave's Marketplace

Documentary, Short

From a fruit stand to the heart of Rhode Island.

Directors: Justin Andrews, Susan Budlong, Arty Goldstein

520. I Need a Ride to California

83 min | Drama

Follows a group of hippies in Greenwich Village during the 60's revolution, centering on the story of a girl in the East Village neighborhood, exploring her various relationships with men, and her search for values of the time.

Director: Morris Engel

522. Siempre

Short, Thriller

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Director: Sky Gaven | Stars: Ivet Corvea, Marisilda Garcia, Maricela Guardado, Carlos Higuera

524. Destination Beer (TV Movie)

22 min | Reality-TV

Destination Beer is a new travel and cooking reality show with great beer as the main ingredient! Our host, Chris Spradley will take viewers on a trip around the U.S. starring chefs, ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Powers | Star: Chris Spradley

526. Lost Love (II)

15 min | Short, Romance

Marcus comes to grips with reality when he tries to re-ignite his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Director: Chris Colon | Stars: Dylan Bowers, Kilsa Baldera, Emalie Noel, Ron Fiore

528. Shell House

Animation, Short

A huntsman goes through a strange experience in the woods.

Director: Artiom Barkun | Stars: Sylvie England, Simon Jones, Eifion Melnyk-Jones

529. Sam (II)

Short, Action

Samuel is a guy that has nothing to lose, in his world there's only one law..and that's the right of the strongest. More and more he's losing his hope in humanity, until he meets Bo..

Director: Klaas Witters | Stars: Ignace Paepe, Marjolein Van Panhuys, Emin Mektepli

532. The Artifact

Short, Comedy

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Director: Michael Finton | Stars: Sam Higgins, Matthew Percival

534. Nameless: On the Bus

Short, Comedy

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Director: Fernando Sur

536. MechRunner (Video Game)


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Star: Tamara Ryan

537. Imperceptible (II)

Short, Drama

Imperceptible is a short film about a woman realizing her place in the world after a night out on the town.

Director: Rachel Leigh

538. The Pine Street Swordsman

Short, Drama

Detective Walter Mercer has been tracking The Pine Street Swordsman for years now. The Pine Street Swordsman has done him wrong. Now it's time for revenge.

Director: Koltyn Copenace | Stars: Justyn Cadamuro, Charlie Jones, Jordan Kelly

539. Uróboros

Short, Thriller

Yago, a police officer in his 60s, is investigating a case in an abandoned factory. He never imagined being involved in such as inexplicable and personal way.

Director: Mercedes González | Stars: Albert Boira, Ángela Monge, Edgar Moreno, Valentina Moreno

540. At the Kickback

Short, Comedy

Any thing can happen at the kickback

Director: Rodney Davis | Stars: Gerren Hall, Geronica Lee Moffett, Tammie Sellers

542. Family Business (III)

Short, Crime, Drama

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Director: Sebastian Sdaigui | Stars: Christian Grier, Wozz Lozowski, Carly Rutizer

544. It's Time

3 min | Short, Horror

An average girl finds out she's not so average when two ghosts haunt her. Startled by their message, and frightened by their appearance, the girl tries to ignore their presence. But she ... See full summary »

Director: Kayla Joy Cochran | Stars: Tim Ahn, Jenny Mitchell, Cory Pennington, Brock Roach

549. Cleaning

8 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Jack Carrivick | Stars: Abbie Murphy, David Wayman, Nick Mercer, Jo Winter

550. Unreal

5 min | Short, Horror

A man, spooked by a face in his dreams, is forced to confront the nightmare of his reality.

Director: Guy Balotine | Star: Guy Balotine