Earliest Titles

151. A Thunder-Being Nation


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The journey of the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, from their origins through to their contemporary life.

Director: Steven Lewis Simpson | Stars: Russell Blacksmith, Larry Bodin, Floyd Hand, Barbara High Pine Lovelace

152. Dendro

35 min | Short

A dendrochronologist, a person who determines the age of trees by examining the rings, comes across a strange tree without any rings as well as a girl with a bionic arm who shares the same ... See full summary »

Director: James Honeycutt

154. Stand Off

Action, Horror

When a biochemical weapon goes wrong and leaks into the local water systems, four strangers must work together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. As they begin to uncover new ... See full summary »

Director: Joey Springer | Stars: Bill Kennedy, Erika Frase, David Clemons, Jason John Beebe

155. The Mystery of the Secret Room

Animation, Short

Mystery of the Secret Room takes viewers on a spellbinding voyage between the real and the imaginary. An inspiring portrait of family, adversity, and resilience, this richly hued animated short tells the tale of 10-year-old Grace, who uses her creative superpowers to navigate the emotional landscape of her mother's depression.

Director: Wanda Nolan

159. A Dimly Lit Room


Asher meets Persephone in a gloomy room where he learns that what surrounds him will directly affect his future. A simple conversation with Persephone teaches Asher that his existence is in... See full summary »

Director: Thad Nurski | Stars: Benjamin Hjelm, Jamie VanDyke

160. Finding Alyce


A young woman discovers a note from her long-dead mother to the father she never knew she had and goes on a journey to find him, but the journey is really to find out about her mother, about Alyce.

Director: Bobby Mercer | Stars: Timothy Brooks, Caitlyn Conley, Christine Anne Hawthorne, Kyle McGruther

161. Taking Stock


Taking Stock is a documentary which explores the conflicted connections between business and family, community, and country. The film will follow the filmmaker's father, Clive Stillerman, a... See full summary »

Director: Ben Stillerman

163. Eye IWatch

Horror, Thriller

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Beverly Shaw decides to move into the Ritz Manor with her daughter Mary after leaving her ex-boyfriend Conrad. Her new neighbor Patty convinces her to get an alarm system with surveillance ... See full summary »

Director: Bobby Washington | Stars: Ken Anthony II, Lisa Arcaro, Carl Bradfield, Heather Diaz

164. Sophia (II)

97 min | Family

What would happen if the Greek Goddesses gave all their knowledge and power to one 13-year-old girl? She would become a Rock Star and take over the world! Starring young singer/actress, ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Valentino | Stars: Frances Martin, Edward Kasper, Peter Valentino, David Austin Veal

166. In My Life... Zsa Zsa Live (Video)

Documentary, Music

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Star: Zsa Zsa Padilla

167. A Broken Hart


Liquor, rifles and years of reclusion make up a recipe for tragedy when the affluent media psychopath, Arthur Hart is faced with ghostly visitors, hallucinations and heart break.

Directors: Jesse Young III, JaQuay Young | Stars: Cory Hart, Sheri Davis, Peter Malek, Ashley Maure

168. Trigger (II)

Short, Drama

Taking you first hand to show you what it is like to walk amongst Titans through one soldier's story.

Director: Zach Fritz | Stars: Angelo Isnardi, Holly Coleman, Benjamin Robert Bardy, Charles Kreider

170. Vernon Metzinger Presents: Presidents Day Massacre

67 min | Comedy, Horror

In the city of Little Jamestown, Presidents' Day is a joyous and celebratory occasion, unless you're the senior class who associate the once wonderful holiday with a traumatic event that ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Williams | Stars: Tyler Caldwell, Caleb Mosley, Cassidy Cornett, Cody Gay

171. The Wolf's Robe

103 min | Comedy, Drama

An atheistic magician runs from the F.B.I and hides out in a small town by pretending to be their new minister.

Director: A.J. Oetman | Stars: Stephanie Elrod, Kemaya Forte, Ben Gothier, Will Griffey

172. Creeps

Comedy, Horror

A group of teenagers discover a family of monsters living in their neighborhood. Enlisting the aid of a local vigilante group and a professional monster hunter, they decide to take them on.

Director: Brent Jones | Stars: Troy Dunkle, Sheri Lynn Baker, Teri Austin, Kolyn Marshall

175. The Coffee Table

48 min | Sci-Fi

A sci-fi comedy web series about a family who discovers that their new coffee table is actually an ancient alien artifact, which sends them and their house hurtling through the void.

Director: Scotto Moore | Star: Daniel Christensen

177. Deep Inner Stillness

Short, Drama

When the sun goes down, its time to get up. Walking the dark city streets and reliving a damaging memories past is what this insomniac has come to in his quest for something to soothe his ... See full summary »

Director: Casey Bond | Stars: James Asdell, Pfeifer Brown

178. Inferno (I)

Short, Drama

A young black man, abused by his mother and the streets where he grew up, must find a way turn his demons into muses.

Director: Alcee H. Walker | Stars: Eric Perez, Candice McKoy, Faye Yvette McQueen, Gene Mack Daniels

181. The Perseids


When their car breaks down on the way to a family reunion, a genderqueer person is forced to camp out with their macho older brother during the Perseid meteor shower.

Director: Asher Jelinsky | Stars: Kay Groft III, Nicole Weber

183. Sociopathia

88 min | Horror, Thriller

SOCIOPATHIA tells the story of Mara, a new breed of psychopath: one who on the outside appears to be an introverted girl next door, but secretly harbors a violent rage that threatens all ... See full summary »

184. Project D: Classified

127 min | Action, Drama, Horror

PROJECT D: CLASSIFIED concerns a top secret retrieval mission to the Moon which ends with the spacecraft crashing back to Earth. At that point, the search for the classified contents from ... See full summary »

Director: Joe Bagnardi | Stars: Bruce G. Hallenbeck, Sean Bagnardi, Jeff Kirkendall, Gary Secor

185. Streets of Fury

Short, Action

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Director: Gary Hymes | Star: Leon Lee

186. Cilada.com 2


Follow up comedy to Cilada.com.

Director: José Alvarenga Jr. | Stars: Bruno Mazzeo, Fernanda Paes Leme, Alex Cortez, Mauro Mendonça

188. The Call (II)

Short, Drama

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Director: Alice Bonifacio | Stars: Tim Barlow, Alice Bonifacio, Jo Tyabji

189. The Cure

Short, Comedy

A group of unlikely survivors thrust into a zombie apocalypse find themselves fighting for their lives after one of them is bitten. With the survival skills that frappé sipping social media... See full summary »

Director: Nick Kelly | Stars: Jacques Jordaans, Jack Kelly, Jade Prechelt, Kylie Stephenson

190. The Chinese Providence (TV Movie)


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Director: William Hoehne Jr. | Star: Joyce Chow

191. Cat Astrophe


Smokey Tiddi is a drunken drug and sex addict who lives with an old couple called Mr. and Mrs. Tiddi. The old couple are unaware of Smokey's human-like and sleazy, unorthodox ways until one... See full summary »

Directors: Shawn Anthony, William James Campbell III | Stars: William James Campbell III, Lien Mya Nguyen, Jessica Felice, Shawn Anthony

193. Dawson

5 min | Short, Drama

A harmless creature is hunted by a group of young boys after a misunderstanding.

Director: Harrison Allen | Stars: Connor Allen, Wesley Allen, Gabriel Feeney, C.J. Mather

195. The Young Ones: Safe Haven


After a life of seclusion, The Young Ones follows the hardships befallen the character of Jo and how she comes to terms with life in a world she was not prepared for.

Director: Stuart Gilmartin | Stars: Gary Lind, Chris Capaldi, Callum Mitchell, Michael Mcleod

196. She Walks in Beauty (II)

4 min | Short, Romance

A woman, who is a stranger in her own world, meets a mysterious man who offers her a window into another existence.

Director: Joshua Caldwell | Stars: Karl E. Landler, Koko Laimana, Andrea Lauren Goldman, Danny Goler

197. Black Ops (TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary

Black Ops pulls back the curtain shrouding the top secret world of successful special ops missions. Whether taking out fanatical terrorists or halting implacable enemies, in the words of ... See full summary »

Stars: Gordon Bibby, Mark Ivan Benfield

198. Faceless Paintings

Short, Horror

A journey into the dark psyche of a troubled woman whose violent fantasies are intertwined with her paintings.

Director: Charley Sherman | Stars: Anne Adams, Paddy Glynn, Alison Halstead, Helen Simmons

199. Ashes

Short, Drama

Ashes is a short film about a group of friends trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world against a rival gang.

Director: Isaiah Espinosa | Stars: Isaiah Furrow, Rashad Smith, Benjamin Fookes, Henry Hamilton

200. Mayflies

49 min | Drama, Sci-Fi

In a society where humans are born, reproduce, and die in 24 hours, a man named Harvey inexplicably lives day after day, amidst this endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. These are ... See full summary »

Director: Zane Cooper | Stars: Kelli Breslin, Kimberly Gikas, Graham High, Molly Israel