Latest Thriller Feature Films

301. High on the Hog

Approved | 85 min | Action, Crime, Drama | Completed

With a potent strain of pot sweeping the City, DTA agents attempt to infiltrate a small town farming operation that has a strong leader and interesting family members.

Director: Tony Wash | Stars: Sid Haig, Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar, Fiona Domenica

303. All Good Things

Thriller | Announced

As Adam rises through the ranks in his career, a woman promises even more than he could imagine. But is she what she seems?

Director: Craig Ross Jr. | Star: Laura Wiggins

304. AST - A Sexual Thriller

Action, Adventure, Thriller | Pre-production

A brave, sexy young operative for a secret, Black Bag operation run by the CIA tires of killing for her superiors and goes into business for herself, exacting revenge on the parties responsible for the death of her fiancé.

Director: Joël Colburn | Stars: Jesper Christensen, Robert Maillet, Jemma Dallender, Luna Rioumina

305. Timecrimes

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A thriller centered on a man who is accidentally sent one hour backwards in time, only to discover he now has the opportunity to prevent a serious crime.

306. Amicus

Crime, Thriller | Announced

A former record executive hires a hitman to kill his family in an attempt to gain his son's inheritance from a medical malpractice suit.

Director: Richard Kelly

307. Witchboard

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Pre-production

A re-imagining of the 1986 Horror Classic

Director: Chuck Russell

308. Act of Valor 2

Action, Thriller, War | Announced

Follow-up to the 2012 film, 'Act of Valor'.

Directors: Scott Wiper, Jacob Rosenberg

309. Soulmates (II)

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | Filming

Two young singer-songwriters have been metaphysically dreaming about each other, since they were children.

Director: Jim Fitzpatrick | Stars: Kevin Pollak, Bill Goldberg, Daniel Baldwin, Lisa London

310. The Black Pearl

Action, Thriller | Announced

Luther Drake is an utterly unremarkable fellow. One night, he prevents the abduction of a woman and the experience awakens him to the need for vigilante justice. He dons a costume to become... See full summary »

Director: Mark Hamill

311. Doctors

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A doctor's medical breakthrough grants him access to a dead person's memory where he can bring them back to life.

Director: Mike Cahill

312. The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag

Thriller | Announced

A survivor of a Communist re-education camp in North Korea tells his story of the brutal and extreme conditions he suffered from living in a gulag for ten years.

Star: Steven Yeun

313. Intuition

Drama, Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

A man trapped in a hallucinogenic state investigates his own wife's brutal murder while a detective suspects him.

Director: Kent Harper | Stars: Lydia Hearst, Brea Grant, John Robinson, Kent Harper

314. To Kill For

Thriller | Announced

After failing to save the life of his wife from a serial killer, Detective Rivers searches for the identity of the killer and the reason for her murder.

315. One Night Alone

Drama, Thriller | Filming

After a failed online dating experience, Britney Cyrus is faced with a depressing blow and a long night alone - or so she thinks.

Director: David Allen Hewitt | Stars: Seri DeYoung, Abe Larkin, Jessica Leonard, Christijana York

316. Cubed

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A group of strangers are trapped inside a massive labyrinth cube and struggle to find their way out. A remake of the 1997 film, 'Cube'.

Director: Saman Kesh

317. Who Is Jake Ellis?

Thriller | Announced

A former spy on the run is kept safe by a mysterious man known as "Jake Ellis".

Directors: Josh Mond, David Yates

318. Little Bee

Drama, Thriller | Announced

The lives of a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan and a British couple on vacation collide one fateful day on an African Beach, when one of them has to make a terrible choice. Two years later, they meet again.

319. Run (VII)

Thriller | Announced

The wife of man with a top-secret job is given a cryptic text, telling her to "run".

Star: Kerry Washington

320. Brilliance

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A federal agent with a unique set of skills is drafted to hunt down a terrorist who is out to start a civil war.

321. Headhunters

Thriller | Announced

A corporate headhunter who steals artwork from his clients finds himself immersed in a murder plot.

322. Batavia

Thriller | Announced

Three characters, three different points of view, in a film noir set in post war Jakarta.

Director: Martin Koolhoven

323. The Bird Catcher

Drama, Thriller, War | Pre-production

After being torn away from her family, 14-year-old Esther must assume a new identity in order to navigate her survival under the hostility of Nazi-occupied Norway.

Director: Ross Clarke

324. Aksar 2

Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan | Stars: Zarine Khan, Mukesh Hariawala, Denzil Smith

325. Missing Daughter

Thriller | Post-production

A recently adopted child has gone missing and it's up to her parents to find her.

Director: Emily Moss Wilson | Stars: Erin Cahill, Wes Brown, Valerie Azlynn, Austin Highsmith

326. A Girl and a Gun

Drama, Romance, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Filip Jan Rymsza | Stars: Christopher Plummer, Anthony Mackie

327. Weaponized

Thriller | Announced

In an attempt to avoid charges for crimes committed in the U.S., a man flees to Southeast Asia and swaps passports with an American tourist.

328. The Associate

Drama, Thriller | Announced

As he faces graduation, a top Yale Law School student is coerced into taking a job with a prestige firm after he's given privileged information concerning a multi billion dollar case.

329. Section 6

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A British war vet is tasked with a secret mission in 1919 to prevent a diplomatic catastrophe by recovering a coded assassination order in Russia.

Director: Joe Cornish

330. I Came By

Thriller | Announced

Plot currently under wraps.

Director: Babak Anvari

331. Snowdrops

Thriller | Announced

A British lawyer working in Moscow becomes ensnared in the lives of two sisters after he saves them from a purse snatcher.

Director: Ariel Vromen

332. The Shadow People

Thriller | Completed

Newlyweds Megan (Kat Steffans, Parkland) and Andrew (Bug Hall, Castle) have just moved into their dream home with aspirations to start a family. But soon strange events start happening. ... See full summary »

Director: Brian T. Jaynes | Stars: C. Thomas Howell, Bug Hall, Juli Erickson, Grant James

333. Pure (III)

Drama, Thriller | Announced

In 1785, a young and naive engineer is given the task of demolishing the Les Innocents cemetery which has been swallowing the corpses of Paris for hundreds of years.

334. Moving Targets

Thriller | Announced

A private eye and his sidekick go undercover into the LA underworld to find a missing girl and stop a crime boss who's dealing chemical weapons to the Korean mob.

Director: Chris Tasara | Stars: Korrina Rico, Gary Hudson, Mark Rhino Smith, Kristen DeLuca

335. She: The Movie

108 min | Thriller | Post-production

Sundari, a prostitute living in Sundarbans, West Bengal kills her costumers for money and satisfaction. She calls in love with a wildlife photographer. The fight of love, lust, satisfaction and scarification is shown.

Director: Viplab Majumder | Stars: Ravi Bhushan Bhartiya, Priya Mitra, Anirban Ghosh, Deepak Halder

336. Day Six

Drama, Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Hunter, a 17-year-old dealing with the death of his father, creates comic book art to avoid his harmful compulsions. When the creatures in his comic seem to be more than simple drawings, ... See full summary »

Director: Kristen Briggs | Stars: Alexander Le Bas, Deanna Russo, Jonathan Bennett, Rob Mayes

337. A Deadly Affair

Thriller | Post-production

Suspecting her husband of having an affair, a woman trails him to the house he's been renovating only to discover he's dead. As the investigation unfolds, things are not always as they seem.

Director: David Bush | Stars: Alan Powell, Luke Edwards, Valerie Azlynn, Austin Highsmith

338. The Robber

Action, Crime, Thriller | Announced

A marathon runner turns to robbing banks as a hobby.

Director: J.C. Chandor

339. Whistle

120 min | Action, Crime, Thriller | Announced

Story based on "Nationalism"as never been screened before.

Director: Ammad Azhar | Stars: Tatmain Ul Qulb, Farhan Ally Agha, Ehsan Khan, Imran Ali Mani

340. White Devil (I)

Crime, Thriller | Announced

A narrative about John Willis, the first white man to become a crime boss in the Chinese mafia. Based on the book WHITE DEVIL by Bob Halloran.

Director: James Gray

342. Sins of the Father

Horror, Thriller | Announced

A "fight to survive" thriller about a couple and their teenage children who live reasonably well on a desolate island, until they are haunted by a serial killer ...

Director: Mark Roper | Stars: Tobin Bell, Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Ben Cross, Michael Byrne

343. Men with No Fear

Crime, Thriller | Announced

An ex-felon plots his revenge against the gang lord who had him sent to prison.

Director: Paco Cabezas

344. Hamilton 3: I hennes majestäts tjänst

Action, Crime, Thriller | Announced

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345. Boston Strangler

Thriller | Announced

A detective tries to solve the case of a notorious serial killer in Boston during the early 1960s.

Director: Mark Romanek

346. Dangerous Words from the Fearless

90 min | Thriller | Completed

Two arsonists caught in a mysteriously savage series of events are joined by an unexpected passenger as they take to the open road.

Directors: David DeLaurier, Sam Maxwell | Stars: James C. Burns, Fiona Dourif, Seth Duerr, Gregory Scott Cummins

347. Imprisoned

Thriller | Pre-production

Diego Blanco has made many mistakes in his life, but he put his dark past behind him when he found the love of his life, Maria. Diego works as an open water fisherman, while Maria runs a ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Kampf

348. The Lion's Share

Thriller | Announced

When a journalist desperate for a game-changing break travels to Somalia to secure an interview with a notorious pirate, the danger escalates for both men and the interview takes on new ... See full summary »

Director: Nathan Morlando | Stars: Jim Sturgess, Djimon Hounsou

349. She, Who Killed Us All

Crime, Horror, Mystery | Announced

10 beautiful actresses arrive on a luxury yacht for a mysterious and potentially lucrative audition - only to discover that the director is hiding amongst them, and has murder on her mind.

Directors: Levan Bakhia, Beka Jguburia

350. Lockwood & Co.: The Screaming Staircase

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | Announced

Follows three young operatives of a Psychic Detection Agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts in London.