Latest Sci-Fi Feature Films

851. The Company

Sci-Fi | Announced

Gregoire, who has just been fired by his company, spend a week end with his wife Ilse in Bretagne. There he starts suspecting her of spying on him.

Director: Paul Doucet | Stars: Arben Bajraktaraj, James Gerard, Sebastien Vandenberghe, Sophie Meister

852. War on Earth

Sci-Fi, War | Announced

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Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Tim Man, David Bowles

853. Sanctum Deep

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Filming

In the near future after mankind had poisoned the earth with pollution and wars. The earth is frozen and has changed climate into a mini ice age. The government is run by ruthless thugs ... See full summary »

Director: Geraldine Winters | Stars: Keith Collins, Bradley Creanzo, Genoveva Rossi, Bobby Max

854. Significance

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

Sent to upgrade the telescope at a remote mountain Observatory, a young astronomer must battle the psychological effects of the extreme isolation, only to find herself at the mercy of stars - with no escape.

Director: Dan Clifton

855. As She Climbed Across the Table

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi | Announced

A scientist couple's relationship is threatened by the woman's obsession with a lab experiment.

856. Crypt

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

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Director: Eitan Arrusi

857. Rift

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A former special forces op with access to a top secret teleportation device goes rogue in order to save his family.

858. Untitled Laeta Kalogridis/Patrick Lussier Sci-Fi Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot being kept under wraps.

859. Unity, Guardians Versus Corruption: Fall of Andromeda

Animation, Action, Adventure | Announced

100 years of war, on Earth it is 1997, and the Andromeda Galaxy is almost completely consumed by Corruption, there is one chance to save the Galaxy however, and its fate all depends on the ... See full summary »

Director: Zack Akerman | Stars: Zack Akerman, Tyler Adornato, Brianna Bills

860. Remastered

73 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

Wild Goose II Qigong (also Chi Kung or Chi Gong), through its lovely and expressive movements, develops both out upper and lower dan-tian ("third eye"). It trains our ability to not only ... See full summary »

861. Vector

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

A washed up space shuttle pilot has to save the world on the international space station.

862. Q: A Love Story

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi | Announced

A writer in New York begins to receive cryptic messages from his future self.

863. Solar Synth Pop

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | Announced

Several people awake in a luxurious contemporary ocean side house not knowing how they got there. Their memories of their past are foggy forcing them to rediscover themselves in an unknown enchanted land.

Director: Steven Richter

864. The Seed

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A mysterious killer returns from the past, forcing a young detective to return to a case that took her mother's life years before.

Director: Rock Shaink Jr.

865. Outside

Sci-Fi | Announced

You can only escape if you know you're trapped.

Director: Julian Kemp

866. Sanador: The Healer STH

Adventure, Sci-Fi | Filming

A young psychiatrist is haunted by voices and dreams from a suppressed past. He must reconnect with who and what he is to be freed from that which haunts him.

Director: Michael Marcel | Stars: Robert Dowdy, Luba Chan, David Solesbee, Tania Aleman

867. Day One (II)

Sci-Fi | Announced

A journalist tries to escape New York to save his wife and kid after catastrophic event occurs.

868. DMC

Sci-Fi | Announced

A crew of superheros keep the tough streets of New York City safe in the year 1985. Based on graphic novel from Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels.

869. Kolachi

Sci-Fi | Announced

'Kolachi' deals with different demographics of people from Pakistan's largest city Karachi who are forced to come to terms with the end of civilization.

Stars: Behroze Sabzwari, Shehroz Sabzwari, Nathaniel Antonio Lloyd

870. Broken Balance

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi | Filming

A young boy discovers he is a reincarnation of a prince from another world.

Director: Nathaniel Nuon | Stars: Jack Teague, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Gelin DiGennaro, Steven Marlow

871. Paranormalists

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi | Announced

Two stoners and their techie encounter paranormal activity for the first time.

872. Expulsion

Sci-Fi | Announced

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873. Virgo

Sci-Fi | Announced

In an attempt to survive into the aftermath of an apocalypse, the Omni-Tech Corporation engages in an experiment that imbues a young girl with the power and responsibility to carry on the human existence...VIRGO.

Director: Gil Luna

874. Prism (II)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot details are being kept under wraps.

875. Super Rad

Sci-Fi | Announced

Teenage outcast Charlotte Taft uses her newly bestowed psychic powers for revenge in a dystopian suburban society.

876. R'ha

Sci-Fi | Announced

A machine interrogating a captured alien pilot during a war between the two rival forces.

877. Untitled Resurrecting Grace Kelly Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

A Nasa scientist, John Skye tries to resurrect Grace Kelly by using an alien power source.

878. Incarnations

Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

A successful biologist unable to come to terms with the death of his four-year-old son makes a startling discovery about the afterlife.

879. Ascension (I)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Astronaut on routine mission to test a propulsion system gets into life or death struggle when his ship, due to an explosion is propelled away from earth at an ever accelerating pace with no hope of return.

880. ARES

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot is unknown.

881. Rosa (II)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared -- from the destruction awakes Rosa, a cyborg deployed from the Kernel project, mankind's last attempt to restore the earth's ecosystem and save humanity.

Director: Jesus Orellana

882. Wayfarers

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

A sci-fi Exodus in a Mad Max setting - a post-Apocalyptic journey of physical and cultural survival. A Jewish fugitive joins a band of refugees on a perilous journey to the coast, where a freighter waits to ferry them to safety.

Director: Arnon Z. Shorr

883. Hiding in Time

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

The story is set in a not-too-distant future in which the Witness Protection Program uses time travel to relocate high-value witnesses into the past for safe keeping. When the program is ... See full summary »

884. Survivor(s)

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Announced

In a post apocalyptic world, a group of sentenced to death prisoners serve as prey in a gruesome reality show.

Director: Vincent Lecrocq

885. Alien on Earth

Sci-Fi | Announced

Five friends experience the horror of an alien abduction during a mass invasion of the planet earth.

Director: Mauro Borrelli

886. Apokalypsis

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Story line is under wraps.

Director: Ricardo de Montreuil

887. Beyond Earth (II)

Sci-Fi | Announced

A sci-fi epic detailing first contact with aliens to the certain destruction of planet Earth. The Human Race, the underdogs, must come together as a species to save the world against all odds.

Director: Chandler Kravitz

888. The Last Day of Creation

Sci-Fi | Announced

Steve travels Millions of years into the past to change the history of man in favour of the USA. Not only does the trip turn out to be a oneway ticket, the very nature of the mission ... See full summary »

889. The Grey

Sci-Fi | Announced

A gifted young woman crosses paths with a crashed alien.

890. Unearth (I)

Horror, Sci-Fi | Announced

When five elite Urban Explorers accidentally stumble upon an ancient government conspiracy, it leads them on an epic journey, which unbeknown to everyone unleashes a lethal terror that is unlike anyone has ever seen before.

Director: Dale Resteghini

891. The Experimentals

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

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Stars: Mark Hanson, Brandon Slagle

892. The Pretenders: Linked

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

An elite group of highly skilled Teenagers band together to overthrow an insidious conspiracy that rules the world in an effort to prevent the Apocalypse.

893. Praetorian

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

When a U.S. Military cloaking experiment accidentally folds space-time instead of light, it creates a new world parallel to ours in which the Roman Empire never fell. As this ... See full summary »

894. The Boy from Another World

Drama, Family, Sci-Fi | Announced

David is different to all the other children. A lonely and odd boy who belongs somewhere else...

Director: Dan Turner

895. Viewfinder

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | Announced

A young milquetoast is bequeathed a still camera from the 1960s. Upon developing the film for the camera, he realizes it possesses a strange power one has to see to believe.

896. Fate of the Universe

Sci-Fi | Announced

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Director: D.R. Beam | Star: Stephen Hawking

897. Richter Asylum

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

Dr. Jessica Miller, the nation's leading authority in Recovered Memory Therapy, uses time-travel experiences as a way for her patients to overcome life's challenges, until she is left ... See full summary »

Star: Glenn Morshower

898. The Triangle Effect

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | Announced

A man tries to figure out his hazy past in time to prevent a dark future

Director: Jimmy Janecky | Star: Seamus Byrne

899. Unforsaken

Sci-Fi | Announced

A Chinese female astronaut must survive alone in a terrifying new world when her spacecraft is pulled into another universe.

900. F.I.S.T.

Sci-Fi | Announced

A war-torn Marine and his legendary platoon fight for our existence against a galactic evil the government has covered up since WWII.