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1. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Yellow Fever (2008)
Well, Wizard of Oz was on TV the other night, right? He said that green bitch was totally out to get him.
2. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Dream a Little Dream of Me (2008)
Should we dim the lights and synch up Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon?
3. Family Guy (1999 TV Series)
Episode: The Story on Page One (2000)
I tell ya, Dark Side of The Moon totally syncs up with the Wizard of Oz.
4. Gilmore Girls (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Here Comes the Son (2003)
Hey, have you ever seen 'The Wizard of Oz'?
5. The Sopranos (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Big Girls Don't Cry (2000)
I'm there. I could observe everything. He's driving. He starts to hyperventilate. He grabs for a bottle of Prozac, but it's empty. And all the while this is happening that song from "The Wizard of Oz" is playing. He goes into a full-blown panic attack and he passes out. He crashes into this huge truck. The fact that he can't see the road ahead suggests my abandoning him.
The Wizard of Oz, what memories does it conjure up?
Who in Wizard would your patient be?
Given the fact that he's a powerful, dominating male, Oz himself.
6. Roseanne (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore (1989)
Well, remember that part in "Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy's house went flying and she went spinning around and round and round?
7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2000)
I have on cowboy boots. I work in a lab. What makes you think The Dark Side of the Moon synched to the Wizard of Oz is gonna warm my damn barn?
8. Charmed (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Déjà Vu All Over Again (1999)
A witch, huh? You wait here. I'll go warn the Wizard of Oz.
9. Charmed (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Charmed Noir (2004)
Even the Wizard of Oz?
10. Psych (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Let's Get Hairy (2009)
Imagine Robert Goulet dressed liked Mr. Bean playing the Scarecrow in a Summer Stock production of the Wizard of Oz dedicated to Tony Randall.
11. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: The House That Peg Lost (1989)
I had a dream, that I was Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." Peggy, you were the good witch. Al, you were looking for a brain.
12. Boardwalk Empire (2010 TV Series)
Episode: The Emerald City (2010)
"I built that palace and the Emerald City too," remarked the Wizard in a thoughtful tone, "and I'd like to see them again, for I was very happy amongst the Munchkins and Winkies and Quadlings and Gillikins." "Who are they?" asked the boy. "The four nations that inhabit the land of Oz," was the reply.
We're reading The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum.
"I wonder if they would treat me nicely if I went there again." "Of course they would," declared Dorothy. "They are still proud of their former Wizard and often speak of you kindly." "Do you happen to know whatever became of the Tin Woodsman and the Scarecrow?" he inquired. "They live in Oz yet," said the girl, "and are very important people."
Why, yes, dear, directly from Oz. And who better to have in our house than the mighty Tin Woodsman?
13. Full House (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Baby Love (1989)
So? I saw The Wizard of Oz and I wasn't scared of the Wicked Witch.
14. The Golden Girls (1985 TV Series)
Rose, you need the Wizard of Oz.
15. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Future Tense (2000)
Wizard of Oz.
Exactly. It's what everybody remembers about the movie, but it doesn't resonate with the rest of the story. Think about it. You know home is this desolate, gray, dust bowl of a place where some nasty old lady is trying to kill your dog. And Oz is...
16. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
The Wizard? But nobody can see the Great Oz! Nobody's ever seen the Great Oz! Even I've never seen him!
... Wizard of Oz.
We want to see the Wizard!
Oh, please! Please, sir! I've got to see the Wizard! The Good Witch of the North sent me!
Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Oz. I said come back tomorrow.
Orders are nobody can see the Great Oz! Not nobody, not nohow!
Do you presume to criticize the Great Oz? You ungrateful creatures. Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you an audience tomorrow, instead of 20 years from now.
I'm not afraid of her! I'll see you get safely to the Wizard now, whether I get a brain or not. Stuff a mattress with me. Ha!
I'll see you reach the Wizard, whether I get a heart or not. Beehive, bah! Let her try and make a beehive out of me!
To Oz?
To Oz.
Wait a minute, Fellows. I was just thinking. I really don't want to see the Wizard this much. I'd better wait for you outside.
Don't you know the Wizard's going to give you some courage?
If the Wizard is a wizard who will serve.
To confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with my brother wizards.
I'm here in Oz, Auntie Em! I'm locked in the witch's castle, and I'm trying to get home to you, Auntie Em!
Oh, thank you so much! Now we can go back to the Wizard, and tell him the Wicked Witch is dead!
17. The King of Queens (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Food Fight (2002)
I can't believe he's never seen 'The Wizard of Oz'.
18. Step Brothers (2008)
You know that one scene in The Wizard Of Oz... when the flying monkeys pull apart the scarecrow? That's what it was like.
19. Emerald City (2016 TV Series)
Episode: The Beast Forever (2017)
To Emerald City. To the Wizard of Oz.
20. Code Black (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Buen Árbol (2015)
Wizard of Oz. I'm not Dorothy by accident. It was my mother's favorite book, too. She always felt that the witch of the East died too young. She was right, of course. We all die too young.
21. Field of Dreams (1989)
They're talking about banning books again! Really subversive books, like "The Wizard of Oz"... "The Diary of Anne Frank"...
22. The NeverEnding Story (1984)
No, I've read Treasure Island, The Last of the Mohicans, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tarzan.
23. JAG (1995 TV Series)
Episode: The Killer (2002)
Uh, we were just watching the Wizard of Oz.
24. Wild at Heart (1990)
My dog barks, some. Mentally you picture my dog, but I have not told you the type o' dog which I have. Perhaps you might even picture Toto... from "The Wizard of Oz." But I can tell you, my dog is all ways with me. ARF!
Too bad he couldn't visit that old Wizard of Oz, and get some good advice.
25. Gilligan's Island (1964 TV Series)
Oh for goodness' sakes, that's just what we needed. The tin fugitive from the Wizard of Oz.
The 'Wizard of Wall Street' strikes again!
26. A League of Their Own (1992)
By the way, I loved you in the Wizard of Oz.
27. Red Dwarf (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Parallel Universe (1988)
I'm off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of Oz.
28. The Boy Next Door (2015)
Hey, Peterson! Your movie was on Turner Classics last night. The Wiz. It's like the black version of The Wizard of Oz. The Wizards of Waverly Place are on tomorrow.
29. Queer as Folk (2000 TV Series)
Now it's like watching the Wizard of Oz in reverse.
30. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Gnothi Seauton (2008)
I know what the Tin Man is. He needed a heart. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in nineteen hundred, first published -
I know all about The Wizard Of Oz. When John was little I -
31. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Gamera (1988)
Anyway, a lot of people have recognized that this first Gameron film is in black and white and since there's been so much controversy over Ted Turner colorizing all those classic MGM movies, I thought it'd be time to do a popular opinion survey. Use your phones: call us at 623-7655. And now, Cambot, could you put the messages up on the screen? Or the quiz questions? First quiz question is: Is Ted Turner dumb enough to colorize the beginning of "The Wizard of Oz"?
32. Sanford and Son (1972 TV Series)
Weren't they in The Wizard of Oz?
33. Sanford and Son (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Fred's Treasure Garden (1974)
Weren't they in "The Wizard of Oz"?
34. Zardoz (1974)
It was I who led you to the 'Wizard of Oz' book! Ha-hah, it was I who gave you access to the Stone! It was I!
35. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
What's the demilitarized zone? It sounds like something from the Wizard of Oz "Oh no don't go in there!" "Ohhh wee ohh. Ho Chi Minh." "Oh look you've landed in Saigon. You're amongst the little people now." "We represent the ARVN army, the ARVN army. Oh no! Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail! Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail!"
Good morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the DMZ! Is that me, or does that sound like an Elvis Presley movie? Viva Da Nang. Oh, viva, Da Nang. Da Nang me, Da Nang me. Why don't they get a rope and hang me? Hey, is it a little too early for being that loud? Hey, too late. It's 0600 What's the "0" stand for? Oh, my God, it's early. Speaking of early, how about that Cro-Magnon, Marty Dreiwitz? Thank you, Marty, for "silky-smooth sound." Make me sound like Peggy Lee. Freddy and the Dreamers! Wrong speed. We've got it on the wrong speed. For those of you recovering from a hangover, that's gonna sound just right. Let's put her right back down. Let's try it a little faster, see if that picks it up a little bit. Those pilots are going, "I really like the music. I really like the music. I really like the music." Oh, it's still a bad song. Hey, wait a minute. Let's try something. Let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better. Freddy is a devil. Freddy is a devil. Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound. He's left Crete. He's entered the demilitarized zone. All right. Hey, what is this "demilitarized zone"? What do they mean, "police action"? Sounds like a couple of cops in Brooklyn going, "You know, she looks pretty to me." Hey, whatever it is, I like it because it gets you on your toes better than a strong cup of cappuccino. What is a demilitarized zone? Sounds like something out of The Wizard of Oz, Oh, no, don't go in there. Oh-we-oh Ho Chi'Minh Oh, look, you've landed in Saigon. You're among the little people now. We represent the ARVN Army The ARVN Army Oh, no! Follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail. "Oh, I'll get you, my pretty!" Oh, my God. It's the wicked witch of the north. It's Hanoi Hanna! "Now, little GI, you and your little 'tune-ooh' too!" "Oh, Adrian. Adrian. What are you doing, Adrian?" Oh, Hanna, you slut. You've been down on everything but the Titanic. Stop it right now. Hey, uh, hi. Can you help me? What's your name? "My name's Roosevelt E. Roosevelt." Roosevelt, what town are you stationed in?. "I'm stationed in Poontang." Well, thank you, Roosevelt. What's the weather like out there? "It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking." Well, can you tell me what it feels like. "Fool, it's hot! I told you again! Were you born on the sun? It's damn hot! I saw - It's so damn hot, I saw little guys, their orange robes burst into flames. It's that hot! Do you know what I'm talking about." What do you think it's going to be like tonight? "It's gonna be hot and wet! That's nice if you're with a lady, but it ain't no good if you're in the jungle." Thank you, Roosevelt. Here's a song coming your way right now. "Nowhere To Run To" by Martha and the Vandellas. Yes! Hey, you know what I mean! Too much?
36. A Christmas Story (1983)
I like The Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man.
37. L.A. Law (1986 TV Series)
Episode: Blood, Sweat and Fears (1990)
The Wizard of Oz. He's playing the Cowardly Lion. And Alice has been cast as Dorothy.
38. After Hours (1985)
My husband was a movie freak. Actually, he was particularly obsessed with one movie, "The Wizard of Oz." He talked about it constantly. I thought it was cute at first. On our wedding night, I was a virgin. When we made love - you've seen the movie, haven't you?
"The Wizard of Oz"? Yeah.
39. NewsRadio (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Daydream (1996)
Yeah. My parents let me watch the Wizard of Oz when I was six and it gave me nightmares for years.
40. Bad Santa (2003)
Why don't you get going? You'll be late for your... Wizard of Oz Candy Bar Guild.
41. Clueless (1996 TV Series)
Episode: To Party or Not to Party (1996)
Oh, I was Glinda in Wizard of Oz once.
42. The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
I got an idea, how about the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy is laying there in Kansas, there's the Tin Man, the scarecrow, and the lion and their all gang banging her? I was thinking maybe even Toto?
43. Better Than Chocolate (1999)
You're not bi-sexual, Carla - you're omni-sexual! You're like that tornado in the Wizard of Oz, sweeping up everything in your path.
44. Old Dogs (2009)
He's kidding. He's a kidder. He was scared of The Wizard of Oz. He's kidding. The monkeys got him nuts.
45. The Nostalgia Critic (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Alice in Wonderland (2014)
Oh, goddamn it, Burton, you're not even ripping off the right source material! You're destroying "The Wizard of Oz"! You don't need to do that! Sam Raimi already did that!
46. Nashville (1975)
Thank you. I wanna tell you all a little secret which you might not know, and that is that last night I thanked my lucky stars that I could be here at all to sing for ya. I heard on the radio this little boy, nine years old. Sometimes a deejay'll play a tune and ask everybody to phone in and say how they like it. I was listenin', and this little nine-year-old called in. The song had voices in the background, like the way they use backup voices these days, soundin' like little munchkins. He called up, the deejay said, "How old are you, son?" The boy said, "I'm nine, and I think it's gonna be a hit. " The deejay said, "Why?" "Because it had those chipmunks in it. " And I thought that was so cute, because, well, I can sing like a munchkin myself. I'm real fond of The Wizard of Oz. Plus, I live out, you know, just a ways off of Interstate on the road to Chattanooga. So you can see why I kinda related to that. I think me and the boys are gonna strike up another tune for you now. Let's go, boys. I think there's a storm... seems like it's a-brewin'. That's what my grandaddy used to say before he lost his hearin'. Once he got deaf, he never talked much no more. 'Cept sometimes he'd say "Oh, gosh" or "Durn it" or "My word!" My granny'd go around clickin' her teeth to the radio all day. Boy, was she a lot of fun, and cooked my favorite, roast beef. She was a sweetheart. She raised chickens too. She, um... Did you ever hear a chicken sound? You know how chickens go? Here, chick, chick, chick. Here, chick, chick, chick. Anyway, I guess we'd better strike up this tune before it's too late. Okay, boys. The first job I ever really got... Grandma... She's the one who clacked her false teeth to the radio. She taught my mama how to sing, and my mama taught me. One time she took me, 'cause we was gonna get a new Frigidaire. She took me to the Frigidaire store where the man was advertisin'. This record was goin' 'round, and Mama told him I knew how to sing. He said, "If she learns this tune, I'll give y'all a quarter. " So Mama and I went home... And then what happened? Let's see, I think... Uh, yeah. We went home and I learned both sides of the record in half an hour. We went back and told him that I'd learned 'em, and he said, "Let me hear," so I sang both sides of the record instead of just one. So he gave us cents, and we went across the street and had us a soda. Ever since then I been workin'. I don't... I think ever since then I been workin' and doin' my... - Come on, come on. - Supportin'myself. Anyway...
47. Chapter 27 (2007)
No, some I like. Some are okay. The Wizard of Oz is wonderful. Rosemary's Baby is pretty good, I guess. It's not too phony.
48. The Wiz Live! (2015 TV Movie)
Oh, girl. The places you wind up when you don't look where you're going. Back in Omaha, I had me a job as a magician's assistant. The Amazing Alfred and Company. I was the "and Company". At night, we'd do magic shows, but during the day, we'd give folks rides in a hot air balloon. That was the part I liked. I loved flying, but unfortunately I hated Alfred. One day, he just pushed me too far. I hopped into that hot air balloon and I took off for the sky. And I wasn't planning to disappear, I just wanted to teach mean old Alfred a lesson. Next thing I know, came a storm with winds and rains so strong it was all I could do to stay inside that thing. I hunkered down and I hid my eyes for what felt like forever, and when I landed, here I was. Folks came running from every which way to find out what had blown in on the wind. I didn't wanna disappoint nobody. I quickly threw ole Alfred's black top and cape and did my best to give the folks a magic show. Next thing I know, they slap fancy threads on me and set me up in these digs and proclaim me the all-powerful Wizard of Oz.
49. The Goodbye Girl (1977)
"It never occurred to us that William Shakespeare wrote the 'Wizard of Oz'. However, Elliot Garfield makes a splendid Wicked Witch of the North." Tacky. Tacky. Well, if they're gonna kill me, let 'em kill me with panache.
50. The Mighty (1998)
Think of it as a business partnership: you need brains, and I need legs - and the Wizard of Oz doesn't live in South Cincinnati.
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