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1. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Wolf and the Lion (2011)
... one. One army, a real army, united behind one leader with one purpose. Our purpose died with the Mad King.
2. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Dark Wings, Dark Words (2013)
Do you know what it takes to unite ninety clans, half of whom want to massacre the other half for one insult or another? They speak seven different languages in my army. The Thenns hate the Hornfoots. The Hornfoots hate the ice-river clans. Everyone hates the cave people. So, you know how I got moon-worshippers and cannibals and giants to march together in the same army?
3. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Watchers on the Wall (2014)
Who's left to give orders? The Wildling army's only an army because of Mance. He united 100 warring tribes. Without Mance, they lose their leader. They lose their purpose. They go back to fighting each other. Scatter back to their home.
4. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Replacements (2013)
That magic box lies. Somebody... somebody in there... they just said that... that-that... Negro... is the President of the United States.
5. Star Trek: Discovery (2017 TV Series)
Episode: Context is for Kings (2017)
I'm not who you think I am. Before I was a mutineer, I was a first officer in Starfleet. I'll never bear that rank or any other again. But it is who I am and who I will always be. It is by the principles of the United Federation of Planets that I live. And by them, I will most certainly die.
6. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Tricksters (2015)
I want all units, every uniform, every detective searching that area right now. Somehow we need to alert The Flash.
7. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Invincible (2016)
Mercury Labs does have a crash-survivable memory unit.
8. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Suicide Squad (2014)
So this is your unit, huh, Waller? What, O.J. and Charles Manson weren't available?
9. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Al Sah-Him (2015)
I can see now, you do not require a culling to solidify your reign. You have broken your rival, Al Sah-Him. Something I wasn't able to do as an heir. Spilling her blood will only serve as gluttony. Now, perhaps... her blood could be of another purpose. As a means to unite our families. You as husband... and you as wife.
10. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Schism (2016)
I just can't believe that I thought that I'd be the one to unite the city while Damien Darhk was trying to kill it. That was arrogant. It was the same arrogance that made me feel that I could be the Green Arrow without descending into darkness. Bottom line, it was foolish.
Please. I know what you're feeling right now, I'm feeling it too, the sense of - of helplessness, of hopelessness. I don't know how we even begin to process what might happen to us right now, but there a few things that I do know, I know that this city has been through tough times before and we have pulled through. We survived the Undertaking. We survived the Siege. We survived the outbreak, and somehow, someway, we will survive this. A friend of mine told me that living in Star City takes a special kind of tenacity, but we do live here, because this is our home. This is our home! It is our friend, our family, our lives. And we will not - we will not throw those precious gifts away by descending into chaos. We will look to each other for hope. We will cling to each other for strength, and it we do that, no matter what happens, that we all can stand here united.
11. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Seed (2012)
Yeah, remember the storage units?
12. Grey's Anatomy (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Invasion (2009)
Most people think I was named for the state, but it's not true. I was named for a battle ship. The U.S.S. Arizona. My grandfather was serving on the Arizona when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and he saved 19 men before he drowned. Pretty much everything my father did his whole life was about honoring that sacrifice. I was raised to be a good man in a storm. Raised me to love my country. To love my family. To protect the things I love. When my father - Colonel Daniel Robbins, the United States Marine Corp - heard that I was a lesbian, he said he had only one question. I was prepared for, "How fast can you get the hell out of my house?" But instead, it was, "Are you still who I raised you to be?" My father believed in country the way that you believe in God. And my father is not a man who bends, but he bent for me because I'm his daughter. I'm a good man in a storm. I love your daughter. And I protect the things that I love. Not that I need to. She doesn't need it. She's strong, and caring, and honorable. She's who you raised her to be.
13. Grey's Anatomy (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Winning a Battle, Losing the War (2005)
We live out our lives on the surgical unit. Seven days a week, fourteen hours a day. We're together more than we're apart. After a while, the ways of residency become the ways of life. Number 1: Always keep score. Number 2: Do whatever you can to outsmart the other guy. Number 3: Don't make friends with the enemy. Oh yea, and number 4: Everything... *Everything* is a competition. Whoever said winning wasn't everything never held a scalpel. There's another way to survive this competition. A way that no one ever seems to tell you about. One you have to learn for yourself. Number 5: It's not about the race at all. There are no winners or losers. Victories are counted by the number of lives saved. And once in a while, if you're smart, the life you save could be your own.
14. Gotham (2014 TV Series)
Episode: The Anvil or the Hammer (2015)
Everybody listen up! Just got wind of three separate attacks on Falcone businesses in different parts of town. Word is it's Maroni. As of right now all leaves are canceled, and all units are called in for active duty. We're in a shooting war, people.
15. Gotham (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Rise of the Villains: Strike Force (2015)
Welcome to my unit, you sad-ass Army hump. Tough is what we eat for breakfast.
16. Mindhunter (2017 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.1 (2017)
What do we have in common? What unites us? What keeps us all awake at night?
17. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Fan Fiction (2014)
The two of them. Alone. But together. Bonded. United. The power of their...
18. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (2010)
Our jurisdiction is wherever the United States government sends us.
19. Fear the Walking Dead (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Not Fade Away (2015)
My house is a refugee camp, my daughter's room is an ICU unit for strangers. Someone has to cook, someone has to clean...
20. Fear the Walking Dead (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Cobalt (2015)
No, I said you couldn't do that. I can do anything I want. I got guns. I mean, Christ, man. The dead may be walking among us, still United States of America.
21. Fear the Walking Dead (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Sicut Cervus (2016)
Our daughter, Maddie, come on. The whole way here, all I heard from you is I need you with me, we need to be a united front. Well, I need you now, Maddie. Where are you?
22. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: The Storm (2016)
Old Navy buddy of mine, Big Jake, died today. Guys in my unit have a tradition whereas, if one of us goes, the rest of us, no matter where we are, find the nearest Irish pub and at 7:00 silently toast the fallen. Started with ten guys. Four of us left. Probably should have told Gloria about it, but I don't know... We... We all went through some rough stuff together... Hard to talk about.
23. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Egg Drop (2012)
Yes! Auntie! Yes! You're 73 years old, not 20! Of course, but I'm in the United States so kill yourself! Kill yourself, because I don't care!
24. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: You Will Cry Tears of Blood (2015)
Well... your government's research says... 660 tons of cocaine were consumed in the United States last year. Perhaps if your resources were focused at home, we'd all be better off.
25. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Nuestra Finca (2016)
Is that what he thinks? That everyone wants to go to the United States? I don't want anything. All I want is for this to end soon and you to understand the family is in pain. Find him and kill him.
You know the President of the United States knows who I am?
The United States? Disgusting.
26. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Cambalache (2016)
It turns out that my problem turned into a political problem. It appears that I am very important to the re-election of the President of the United States.
27. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: The Palace in Flames (2015)
Well... in my opinion, a jail in the United States is worse than death.
Financed by Escobar, the M-19 guerrillas stormed the Palace of Justice and occupied the supreme court. They took over 100 hostages and made a bunch of demands about the redistribution of wealth and an end to injustice and tyranny... but it was all bullshit. The military attacked. Dozens of lives were lost in the carnage, including half of Colombia's supreme court justices. Most of the M-19 were killed. Some escaped... but not before accomplishing their true goal: setting fire to the room that contained 600,000 pages of evidence against Escobar. The entire case against him turned to ash. In the United States, the Mafia makes witnesses disappear so they can't testify in court. In Columbia, Pablo Escobar made the whole court disappear.
28. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Convivir (2017)
War make for strange alliances, putting you into business with people that, under other circumstances, you wouldn't even shake hands with. The same is true of your enemies. They *will* unite when they need to.
29. Narcos (2015 TV Series)
Episode: The Sword of Simón Bolivar (2015)
What do you do at the United States Embassy, Mr. Murphy?
30. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Resist (2017)
"Good Evening National City, its Cat Grant. Yes, I've been away for a while but I'm back. Now I can imagine that you're feeling afraid and feeling like your world is spinning out of control but, believe me, you have power and right now you have a job to do. Resist. Resist these invaders with everything you've got. They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again and yet they know nothing about the people that make this world great. They think they can con us and if that doesn't work, what, they're going to beat us into submission? They have no idea what they're up against. Aliens and Humans, we need to band together and we need to stand up and fight back. Everyone needs to be a superhero. Everyone needs to get up and say: Not in my house. Lets prove to these thugs that we're strong and we're united and we're not going to be conquered. And Tiara Woman, if you and your thugs happen to be listening, you have come to the wrong town. Yeah, I'm Cat Grant, not going anywhere." "Classic."
31. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Solitude (2016)
Oh, thank God we have our own personal black ops unit.
32. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Fight or Flight (2015)
Krull's chest unit is powered by a demon core, a subcritical mass of plutonium.
33. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Distant Sun (2017)
I cannot disobey the President of the United States. I know it's easy to let emotions get involved, but there's a protocol. I am not the one calling the shots right now.
34. The Blacklist (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2013)
Then a dead man just stepped off United 283 from Munich to Dulles.
35. The Blacklist (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Eli Matchett (No. 72) (2015)
And killed the Attorney General of the United States.
36. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Capitol's been attacked. Congress, Cabinet... Eagle is gone. Sir, you are now the President of the United States.
37. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2016)
I'm as mad as hell, but at the end of the day, I'm not the President of the United States. We should remember that.
38. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: The First Day (2016)
My name is Tom Kirkman. Last night at approximately 10:30 p.m., I was sworn in as president of the United States. I've come down here because I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the work that you're doing here and let you know that America mourns. This... this was an act of madness. This was an act of terror. Yesterday, we saw the worst in humanity. Today, I see its best.
39. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: The Enemy (2016)
You may not. Governor, you violated the rights of the citizens of Michigan, and today you conspired with the National Guard to defy a direct order from the president. James Royce, I am placing you under arrest for treason against the United States of America.
40. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: The Confession (2016)
...that President Richmond fired you from his Cabinet on the day of the attack in the Capitol? Mr. President, were you fired? And... and if you were, can you understand why some may say you have no business being the President of the United States?
Nobody is talking about the wrong designated survivor anymore. They're rallying against a common enemy, and soon they'll unite behind their Commander in Chief.
41. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: Outbreak (2017)
Did you and Damian break into a storage unit?
You recognize this? It's a bill of lading from the United States Postal Service for the shipment of 30,000 doses of Extasis to a warehouse in Jacksonville. You're in violation of a court order.
Yeah. But we've also come a long way. My great-grandfather was a sharecropper, and my dad was an auto mechanic. And I'm in the Oval Office talking to the President of the United States.
42. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Work Song Nanocluster (2009)
When I signed for the package, I was deputized by the United Parcel Service and entrusted with its final delivery. I now need you to acknowledge receipt of the package so that I am fully indemnified and no longer liable.
43. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Gyroscopic Collapse (2017)
I'm sorry to hear that. As you know, the primary focus of the United States Military is people's feelings.
44. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The 43 Peculiarity (2012)
A containment unit for a frisbee-sized wormhole that could serve as a portal to a parallel universe.
45. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Codpiece Topology (2008)
Ooh, rush me to the burn unit.
46. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Spencer (2017)
Because it takes years to pass the FDA guidelines, a lot of holistic medicine is practiced outside the United States.
Well, because in 2015, sixty holistic doctors across the United States died mysteriously. And some were accidents, others violent attacks, others were deemed suicide. Conspiracy theorists believe these doctors were targeted fatally by pharmaceutical companies for their belief in holistic practice.
My old unit chief at B.A.P. has a call in to the best legal counsel the Bureau has to offer.
47. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Extreme Aggressor (2005)
Reid, are you good with this? We've got a woman who's only got a few hours left to live, an incomplete profile and a Unit Chief on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
48. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: A Higher Power (2008)
There was a GFI unit installed in the kitchen. I put them in all my properties, especially bathroom and kitchen. Any surge of electric current shuts power down the source.
49. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Outfoxed (2009)
Some of it. He was on patrol. Took his unit a couple of days to reach him. He arrives today.
50. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Compulsion (2005)
Hi, hi guys, uh, my name is, eh, Dr. Spencer Reid. I'm a, uh, agent with the... the BAU, Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI, which, uhm, it... itused to be called BSU, Behavior Science Unit, but not anymore. They changed it to BAU. Uhm, it's part of the NCAVC, National Centre for the Analsysis of Violent Crime, which is also part of this thing called the CIRG, Critical Incident Response Group. And...
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