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1. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Al Bundy, Shoe Dick (1991)
Do you also call yourself street rapper Grandmaster B, or was that all just a dream?
Grandmaster what?
Wait a minute! Grandmaster B? That sounds like a great idea! I could make up that I come from the south side. I could wear my baseball cap backwards. Oh man, I'm gonna go to my room right now and write my first rap song.
2. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: If Al Had a Hammer (1991)
Goodbye, Bud Bundy; hello Grandmaster B.
3. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Cheese, Cues, and Blood (1991)
I'm not Bud! How many times do I have to tell you? When the hat is on, I'm Streetrapper Grandmaster B! When it's off, I'm Bud. Got it? Now, the hat is on. Who am I?
The Grandmaster is not amused. Now listen, Dad, I need twenty bucks for a pizza. But I need you to leave it on the coffee table so I can pretend to steal it in front of the girl. 'Cause, after all, I am an outlaw.
That's Grandmaster, you fool!
The Grandmaster will not forget this.
4. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: The Mystery of Skull Island (1992)
You're so brave Grandmaster B. You're all I ever wanted in a man. My last boyfriend was so boring. All we did was make love.
5. Leverage (2008 TV Series)
Episode: The Queen's Gambit Job (2011)
Yeah, now, these are the grandmasters, Nate. Okay, you're good but not that good.
6. Almost Christmas (2016)
Is this Grandmaster Munchie Mega Mellow Mix, volume seven?
7. Samurai Jack (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Episode XXXVI (2003)
Grandmaster, I am the pupil of Master Chu.
I remember the day that you arrived at our temple. I was but a boy then. An emperor's son had come to learn our ways. You were training for your eventual battle with the ultimate evil. Eventually, Aku came for us and the temple was destroyed. But the survivors and I rebuilt the temple in secret. Over time, I became the grandmaster. The years passed and my chi grew more powerful. I became one with nature and received energy and nourishment from the earth itself. I have attained the highest levels of awareness and wisdom.
8. Red Sonja (1985)
I don't hate ALL men, Grandmaster.
9. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Contest of Champions (2007)
Grandmaster, stop this, please! Let me take Ben's place!... Ben! BEN! Yield! Whatever happens, we'll deal with it! Just stop this, stay down!
10. Tapeheads (1988)
Yo, friends, check this out. Roscoe's the name and they call me the king Grandmaster of the chicken and the waffle thing. I said 'read my lips', and friends, don't miss a word 'cause the Grandmaster's gonna give you the bird!
11. Going Back (2001)
The colonel declared the village guilty of aiding and abetting the VC, without a shred of evidence. He ordered forty VC bodies dropped on the village. I filed a report, but the colonel had ties to the Grandmaster of Destruction himself, LBJ. Those bodies became bombs, and bombs kill.
12. Being Cyrus (2005)
Used to. I wasn't a Grandmaster or anything. But saala my father told me one thing about life from this game. He used to say, "Always remember, son. Once the game is over, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box."
13. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006 Video Game)
Lieutenant Sonya Blade, this is grandmaster Sektor of the Tekunin clan. Our consciousness is no longer bound to flesh.
14. Life on a String (1991)
Shitou. Listen, we have our banjoes, they are better than women. When a string breaks, it breaks. It doesn't fool you. Grandmaster used to say: life is like a string.
15. 1998 MTV Video Music Awards (1998 TV Special)
In the early 1980's, the infectious styles of rhythm and rhyme brought fever to the boogie-down Bronx, to the New York metropolitan area, across the country, and to the world. At the tail-end of disco and punk, as we knew it, were hybrid along with other sounds into the absorbing style of hip-hop. Picture 1983, and the onslaught of rappers, MCs, DJs and new recording artists: Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Treacherous Three, Sugarhill Gang, and Run-D.M.C. In those days, hip-hoppers were truly from the streets and everybody rapping was black. All of a sudden, these three punk-rock white kids, there was no politically correct term for them back in the day, transcended their style and crossed it into hip-hop with the shock of Jackie Robinson in reverse. MCA, Mike D, and the King Ad-Rock ventured into a brand new world, a dark continent of this thing called rap music. Fighting for THEIR right and YOUR right to party, and ryhming across America and the world. Accused of illin', stealin', and being wannabes... but eventually gaining respect in the school of hardknocks and, at the same time, expanding and giving the music the diversity it claims today. I'm proof of that. They helped me get put on, and I was on their first tour: Licensed to Ill Tour 1987. Well, it's 15 years later, and the Beastie Boys, in the long run, have proved they made the music grow and music grow... and they've grown as well. Putting humanitarian words and actions together that make us all grow as well. I could go on and on till the break of dawn about the Beastie Boys... and tellin' you to visit Paul's Boutique while giving you a License to Ill Communication and telling you to Check Your Head until you say Hello Nasty.
16. Pets (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Manumission Impossible (2001)
I've had another letter from my boyfriend Vince. At least... I think it's Vince, because the stupid *fucker* appears to have changed his name, to "DJ Hip-Hop Cowboy Grandmaster Mix Man Iced Tea Cube M&S. Wanker! Apparently, he's bought a field, in the middle of absolutely nowhere... Not far from Cardiff... And a lorry-load of cut-price, slightly contaminated bottled water. He says he's going to start a "really wicked club" for hard-core music fans and it's going to be really "word"! Big respect! When he gets back, I'm going to remix his 12-inch once and for all! The drugs don't work, you know... They just make you fucking *cranky*!
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