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1. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Lord Snow (2011)
Mine was some Tarly boy at the battle of Summerhall. My horse took an arrow, so I was on foot slogging through the mud. He came running at me, this dumb highborn lad, thinking he could end the rebellion with a single swing of his sword. I knocked him down with the hammer. Gods, I was strong then! Caved in his breastplate, probably shattered every rib he had, stood over him, hammer in the air. Right before I brought it down, he shouted "Wait, wait".
Quick one. Lucky for you. Mine was some Tarly boy at the Battle of Summerhall. My horse took an arrow so I was on foot, slogging through the mud. He came running at me, the dumb high-born lad, thinking he could end the rebellion with a single swing of his sword. I knocked him down with the hammer. Gods, I was strong then. Caved in his breastplate. Probably shattered every rib he had. Stood over him, hammer in the air. Right before I brought it down he shouted, "Wait! Wait." They never tell you how they all shit themselves. They don't put that part in the songs. Stupid boy. Now the Tarly's bend the knee like everyone else. He could have lingered on the edge of the battle with the smart boys, and today his wife would be making him miserable, his sons would be ingrates, and he'd be waking three times in the night to piss into a bowl.
2. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Route 666 (2006)
He sold cars. Always drove a new one. There wasn't a scratch on that thing. It had rained hard that night, there was mud everywhere. There was a distinct set of muddy tracks from Dad's car, leading right to the edge, where he went over. One set of tracks. His!
3. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Point of No Return (2010)
That's all they care about upstairs, ain't it? Results, results, results. They don't know. They're not down on the ground, in the mud, nose to nose with all you pig-filthy humans, am I right?
4. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Lost in the Flood (2016)
Let them try. You're always such a stick in the mud.
5. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Gone (2014)
Harvey, that's enough. Louis. the problem with that is that we're innocent. Cahill's plan is to throw mud against the wall and see what sticks. You tell him about what you did, and all of a sudden, everything sticks.
6. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Unfinished Business (2013)
Yeah, but Harvey, I don't just want a superficial relationship, you know? I want a true mentee. Someone I can take to the gun club or mudding or to the origami festival.
7. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Cooper Extraction (2013)
Penny, for the thousandth time. I'm saving myself for someone special. Perhaps a cute bespectacled neuroscientist with hair the color of mud.
8. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Codpiece Topology (2008)
9. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Head (2013)
You look younger than ever. We-we've got to hear all about this Misty Day and her magical mud. Should we be looking into it? Selling it, perhaps?
You miss the point, darling. The swamp mud is a metaphor, her metaphor. She's a sophisticated witch with extraordinary gifts, hiding out as a hippie swamp rat. From humble hillbilly stock, she's been a witch since birth, her power and humanity separating her from everyone around her. In fact, those around her have tried endlessly to destroy her, in order to mask their own evil purposes. Yet she rose from the ashes, stronger than ever, more fully realized. A living testament to the greater ideals of our coven. Power, compassion, and uniqueness... We are lucky to have found her, and she us. It resonates with my own story, doesn't it?
10. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Man in the Mud (2008)
Is she serious about the mud?
11. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Girl with the Curl (2006)
It's the "evening wear" category that gets me. My evening wear is a ratty T-shirt and a mud mask.
12. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Me? Jealous? (2012)
Well, one's a bottom-feeding mud dweller. The other's a fish.
13. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Swan Song (2011)
Think that's typical of most... bottom feeding mud suckers. Out of curiosity, your eyeball, we're holding on to it for you by the way, how come it opens up restricted areas at NCIS?
14. Sherlock (2010 TV Series)
Episode: The Blind Banker (2010)
Or it was the mud on my shoes?
15. Hell on Wheels (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Chicken Hill (2014)
Cullen Bohannan, late of the Union Pacific, is more gunman than suit. His return to Cheyenne, these days referred to as the Magic City of the Plains, after months lost to the prairie and presumed dead, with a Mormon wife and child in tow, might be just the grease we need to turn the wheels of our national obsession. Buried these long winter months in snow, and now up to his wheel wells in mud. Or, might he be the match-strike of self-emolation, for Mr. Bohannan has always worn his integrity like a millstone around his neck.
16. Hell on Wheels (2011 TV Series)
Episode: False Prophets (2015)
You've been an advocate of mine, Doc, but if you aim to beat me, you should've ended this race where you stood a chance of winning it... Right here in this room. The race we start tomorrow will be decided in the mud. Hell, I've... I was born in the mud. Tore a farm out of that mud. Built an army out of more mud.
17. Hell on Wheels (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Slaughterhouse (2012)
You keep agitating trouble on this railroad, and you're goin' to a deep sleep at the bottom of your mud pile. And they'll be no one to mourn or miss you, either.
18. The Office (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Gay Witch Hunt (2006)
I'm not offended by homosexuality. In the '60s, I made love to many, many women, often outdoors, in the mud and the rain, and it's possible a man slipped in. There would be no way of knowing.
19. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Victory of the Daleks (2010)
I can remember things. So many things. The last war, the squalor and the mud, and the awful, awful misery of it all. What about that? What am I?
20. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Family of Blood (2007)
War is coming. In foreign fields, war of the whole wide world, with all your boys falling down in the mud. Do you think they will thank the man who taught them it was glorious?
21. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Guardian Angels (2007)
The Doctors' lounge is covered in mud.
22. Downton Abbey (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #6.8 (2015)
You have no qualms about dragging the family we serve into the mud?
23. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Til Death Do Us Part (2012)
Yeah, she's goin' from mud wrap to murder rap. Exfoliation to interrogation. Manicure to manacles. Shiatsu to...
24. Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Lekio (2012)
BR: What, are you kidding me? I want to help the helpless, I don't want to help the clueless, and you have officially lapsed over into clueless, my friend. Listen: you're looking back on times that weren't even hip when they were hip. Woodstock was a mud hole with no cell coverage, all right, my man? You're a dreamer, you are a rebel without a clue, and I'm sorry to blow your mind, little Silver Surfer but guess what? It's a time in history when your mind deserves to be blown!
25. Family Guy (1999 TV Series)
Episode: The Thin White Line (2001)
Where's the line anymore? Well I got news for you... It's, it's not even on the radar screen! The days of decency and virtue are gone honey, BAM! It freaking evaporated like a dingy, stinky mud puddle! One day you... you see your reflection in it, and the next day it's a... it's a damn oil spot on your cracked driveway staring back at you, mocking you... Blah Blah Blah! Knowing the perverted truth will rot in the pit of your soul! That's how my freaking day was!
26. iZombie (2015 TV Series)
Episode: The Whopper (2016)
And why not? She only starved your son to punish him for tracking in mud. Gave away his dog when he was caught shoplifting bubblegum.
27. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV Series)
Episode: The I in Team (2000)
Oh, yes. Careless of me. Tracking mud all over your, uh, mud.
28. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: The Secret War of Lisa Simpson (1997)
What's the matter? Don't girls like doing push-ups in the mud?
29. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Margical History Tour (2004)
That's a mud puddle.
30. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Legion (2009)
Kal, I may have the smoldering good looks of a human, but I'm actually from a hunk of mud called Winath. Rokk and Imra are from different planets too.
31. Seinfeld (1989 TV Series)
I was returning some pants. I took a short cut in a subway tunnel and fell in some mud, ruining my pants. The very pants I was returning.
32. American Dad! (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Merlot Down Dirty Shame (2010)
Stick in the mud bitch
33. The West Wing (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Internal Displacement (2006)
How dirty do my feet have to get without disappearing into the mud in order to get an inch of what I really want done.
34. Scrubs (2001 TV Series)
Episode: My Faith in Humanity (2005)
-including the ones in the little mud huts, let me be the first to say thanks and yalleluah!
35. Scrubs (2001 TV Series)
Episode: My Friend the Doctor (2003)
Carla, I have a six-month-old child. I'm going to be one of those weird old guys who brings my son down to the park where everybody is like, "Hmm, is he the dad, is he the granddad, is he the granddad's granddad...? And oh my God, why is he pushing a traffic cone on the swing while his five-year-old little boy is in the mud, crying? Is... is he taunting the little boy? No, he can't even see the little boy. And now look - he's actually taking the traffic cone, putting it in the minivan, and driving away while the little boy cries, and the traffic cone sits quietly and watches Finding Nemo on DVD."
36. Charmed (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Day the Magic Died (2003)
It's not me. it's the sulphur in the mud. It has healing properties. You know, people come from all over the world just to get this stuff.
37. Gladiator (2000)
Five thousand of my men are out there in the freezing mud. Three thousand of them are bloodied and cleaved. Two thousand will never leave this place. I will not believe that they fought and died for nothing.
Five thousand of my men are out there in the freezing mud. Three thousand of them are bloodied and cleaved. Two thousand will never leave this place. I will not believe they fought and died for nothing.
38. The Goonies (1985)
Look at this. They've got Misissippi Mud and they've got Chocolate Eruption and they've got what?
39. Django Unchained (2012)
Just who the hell you callin' 'Snowball,' hoss boy? I'll snatch yo black ass off dat nag down here in the mud so fast make yo head spin!
40. The Mentalist (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Red Sauce (2009)
Bye. Teenagers. I hate questioning teenagers. It's like talking to mud.
41. Rome (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Pharsalus (2005)
We are old men with mud on our shoes!
42. Sex and the City (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Sex and the Country (2001)
If by "going," you mean being taken against my will and kidnapped, then yes I'm going. So, enjoy me now, ladies, because this weekend I am Patty Hearst in a mud puddy. I'm a hick town hostage.
43. Batman Begins (2005)
You look very fashionable. Apart from the mud.
You look very fashionable. Apart from the mud.
44. Avatar (2009)
You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact every second of every day. If there is a Hell, you might wanna go there for some R & R after a tour on Pandora. Out there beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies, or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes. We have an indigenous population of humanoids called the Na'vi. They're fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin that will stop your heart in one minute - and they have bones reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber. They are very hard to kill. As head of security, it is my job to keep you alive. I will not succeed. Not with all of you. If you wish to survive, you need to cultivate a strong, mental aptitude. You got to obey the rules: Pandora rules. Rule number one...
45. Frasier (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Dinner at Eight (1993)
Dad! The mud pies are coming!
46. Frasier (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Decoys (1999)
Yes, you know, I saw some boxs of ammo in the mud room, Dad, through the kitchen.
47. Frasier (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Hot Pursuit (2000)
As I understand it, they attach a large weight to a tractor and see how far they can pull it through the mud.
48. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: The Legend of Ironhead Haynes (1994)
Rule number one: it's okay to all hooters knockers and sometimes snack trays. Rule Two: it is wrong to be French. Rule Three: it is okay to put all bad people into a giant meat grinder. Rule Four: lawyers... see Rule Three. It is okay to drive a gas guzzler if it helps you get babes. Everyone should car pool except me. Bring back the word 'stewardesses'. Synchronized swimming for women is not a sport. Mud wrestling for women is a sport. Those are your Ten Commandments.
49. High-Rise (2015)
You know, Toby, when I was your age, I was always covered in something. Mud, jam, failure... My father never associated himself with anything dirty. Or real.
50. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
My goodness, did you see her hem? Six inches deep in mud. She looked positively mediaeval.
1-50 of 489 titles.