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1. The X-Files (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Christmas Carol (1997)
This is Roberta Sim. Age 40, suicide. She's been dead at least 3 hours. You got a call from her, she must have dialed 1-800-THE-GREAT-BEYOND.
2. The X-Files (1993 TV Series)
Episode: One Breath (1994)
This high-capacity compact Sig Sauer .40 caliber weapon is pointed at your head to stress my insistence that your search for who put your partner on that respirator desist immediately!
3. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Wolf and the Lion (2011)
Let's say Viserys Targaryen lands with 40,000 Dothraki screamers at his back. We hole up in our castles. A wise move. Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field. They leave us in our castles. They go from town to town, looting and burning, killing every man who can't hide behind a stone wall, stealing all our crops and livestock, enslaving all our women and children. How long do the people of the Seven Kingdoms stand behind their absentee king, their cowardly king hiding behind high walls? When do the people decide that Viserys Targaryen is the rightful monarch after all?
4. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Mockingbird (2014)
Falyse is 40 and barren.
5. The Big Short (2015)
If we're right, people lose homes. People lose jobs. People lose retirement savings, people lose pensions. You know what I hate about fucking banking? It reduces people to numbers. Here's a number - every 1% unemployment goes up, 40,000 people die, did you know that?
6. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2012)
You're gonna transfer $40 million dollars into Starling City bank account number 1141 by 10 pm tomorrow night.
What the hell are you talking about? $40 million doesn't just up and vanish. Untraceable? IT IS $40 MILLION! FIND IT!
7. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Dark Waters (2015)
If we can reduce just 40% of the toxicity that's produced by the bacterial micro-organisms that have just sprung up here...
8. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: This Is Your Sword (2015)
Well, at least you're getting your cardio workout in. I still have 40 minutes on an elliptical in my immediate future.
9. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Yellow Fever (2008)
You do remember. Four months is like 40 years in Hell. Like doggy years.
10. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Fearful Pranks Ensue (2013)
Madison wasn't the next Supreme. The hallmark of any rising Supreme is glowing, radiant health. Madison had a heart murmur. She kept it monitored, she kept it secret. So I'm sorry, Myrtle. For 40 years, you've been barking up the wrong tree. My mother is the Supreme for a reason.
11. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Euclid Alternative (2008)
Yeah, but Albert Einstein didn't make me wet myself at 40 miles an hour.
12. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Agreement Dissection (2011)
All right. Last night, you gave me some excellent advice regarding my problem here at home. You kissed me, and then vomited on and off for 40 minutes, following which you passed out on your bathroom floor. I then folded a towel under your head as a pillow, set your oven clock to the correct time because it was driving me crazy, and I left.
13. The Blacklist (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Madeline Pratt (No. 73) (2014)
She's breathtakingly unattractive but she's worth over $40 million. The only Vermeer in private hands.
14. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Gray Matter (2008)
Of course I do, Skyler. You've read the statistics sheet, these doctors talking about surviving, one year, two years, like it's the only thing that matters. But what good is it to survive if I'm too sick to work, to enjoy a meal, to make love. For what time I have left, I want to live in my own house, I want to sleep in my own bed. I don't want to choke down 40 or 50 pills every single day, and lose my hair, lie around, too tired to get up, and so nauseated that I can't even move my head. You cleaning up after me. Me... me some um... some dead man, some artifically alive, just marking time... No. And that's how you would remember me. That's the worst part. So... that is my thought process, Skyler... I'm sorry, it's just I choose not to do it.
15. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Seven Thirty-Seven (2009)
I need support. Me! The almost 40-year old pregnant woman with the surprise baby on the way and the husband with lung cancer who disappears for hours on end and I don't know where he goes and he barely even speaks to me anymore with the moody son who does the same thing and the overdrawn checking account and the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty looking crap and, and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet and we can't even afford to fix it but OHH, I see, now I am supposed to go 'Hank, please what can I possibly do to further benefit my spoiled, kleptomaniac, bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the center of attention, cuz God knows, she is the one with the really important problems.
16. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Longest Night (2010)
Okay, let me preface this by saying that a 40-year-old murder in a suburb of Los Angeles is an absurdly impossible request. Having said that, yours truly happens to know that the Pollak Library at Cal State...
17. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: L.D.S.K. (2005)
We're looking for a 30 to 40 year old male veteran, driving a car large enough to shoot from, but not so large it was noticed. Like the Beltway Shooter, it's probably a Sedan, customized to conceal the shooter, his weapon, and the sound of his shot. The unsub suffers from both narcissistic and paranoid personality disorders. He works out obsessively and is never without a weapon. He's completely self-centered and cannot empathize with others. Incapable of admitting fault, he blames his shortcomings on those around him. He has no friends, and his career history has been marked by frequent job changes. He's drawn to high-stakes jobs by a need to prove his superiority to a world he perceives has undervalued him, and these shootings are the ultimate expression of that need. We believe he changes jurisdictions intentionally and strikes during the first/second shift change, indicating an intimate knowledge of law enforcement.
18. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Aftermath (2006)
Let's narrow it down. The guy we're look for is male, white, between the ages of 20 and 40, socially awkward and unable to make connections easily
19. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: In the Blood (2013)
How about a toast to the 30 or 40 of us?
20. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Slave of Duty (2009)
We believe our unsub is already with his next victim. If he matches pattern, she'll be a successful woman, probably brunette, early 30s to mid-40s. She'll be at home in Nashville's upper echelon.
21. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Public Enemy (2010)
All anyone can agree on is that it's a white male between 25 and 40.
22. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: True Genius (2012)
Happy birthday, old man. Happy birthday. Almost 40 now.
23. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Out of the Light (2011)
I'm thinking 30, 40.
24. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Profiling 101 (2012)
Surprise. Those are some of the girls I took. The ones you didn't find. There's 40 there.
25. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: A Family Affair (2012)
So, then, why take the time to drive the extra 40 miles outside the city?
26. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: I Love You, Tommy Brown (2012)
We believe the unsub we're looking for is a white female who, based upon the organizational level of the crimes, is in her late 30s to early 40s.
27. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with the Birth (1995)
Seriously! Hypothetically, why won't I have a baby by the time I'm 40?
28. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Weaponized (2014)
It's a variant of canine distemper. A few years ago, an outbreak in Yellowstone killed 40% of the wolf population.
29. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Orphaned (2014)
But I make $40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself.
30. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Venomous (2012)
Because I looked into the eyes of that thing, OK? And what I saw was pure evil. When I look into Lydia's eyes, I only see 50 percent evil. Alright, maybe 60. But no more than 40 on a good day!
31. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: 117 (2014)
To be honest, I have a 4.0 in AP Biology and there are parts of the human anatomy I have never seen before on these walls.
32. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Omega (2012)
There's a sick girl, roaming around, totally naked. Now, it's supposed to get below 40 degrees tonight. I don't know about you, but the last time it was that cold and I was totally naked, I lost a testicle to exposure! Now I don't want the same thing happening to some innocent girl!
33. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Perishable (2014)
What? I don't know what you're talking about. Haigh, listen... I mean, I barely make $40,000 a year.
34. Sons of Anarchy (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2008)
Dear God... Thank you for saving this boy... From his murderous, junkie mom. Who cared more about a $40 dollar fix than she did her own flesh and blood.
35. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Army of Ghosts (2006)
I'm 40!
36. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Rebel Flesh (2011)
Circuit probe. Fires about, ooh, 40,000 volts? Would kill any one of us so I guess she'll work on gangers just the same.
37. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Aliens of London (2005)
Then what is it? Because *you*, you waltz in here all charm and smiles, and the next thing I know she vanishes off the face of the earth! How old are you then? 40? 45? What, did you find her on the Internet? Did you go online and pretend you're *a doctor*?
Then what is it? Because *you*, you waltz in here all charm and smiles, and the next thing I know she vanishes off the face of the earth! How old are you then? 40? 45? What, did you find her on the Internet? Did you go online and pretend you're a doctor?
38. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Doctor's Wife (2011)
Yes, that's me. A type 40 TARDIS. I was already a museum piece when you were young. And the first time you touched my console, you said...
39. The Office (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Coup (2006)
We just need a strategy, okay? We're gonna set up a trap in the gunroom. All right? Jim, are you using the MP40 or .44?
40. The Office (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Beach Games (2007)
About 40 times a year, Michael gets sick but has no symptoms. Dwight is always gravely concerned.
41. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Moonlighting (2010)
You know what my problem is? My only suspect makes 30 grand a year, and he just spent $40,000 on damn new fishing boat!
42. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Borderland (2010)
Rule 40?
43. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: The Penelope Papers (2011)
And I was the wife of an admiral for 40 years. Our pillow talk was enlightening.
44. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Rule Fifty-One (2010)
The 40's. The 40's are for emergency use only!
If the 40's are in play, something unspeakably bad is going down.
45. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Light Sleeper (2006)
Um, cross-point .40-caliber Smith & Wesson, also called a "Short and Wimpy," although I do not know why.
46. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Dead Man Walking (2007)
Well, I've always weighed the same. People told me at 40, my body would change. Guess I might not have to worry about that.
47. Person of Interest (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Fix (2011)
Evidence was stolen from a 40-year-old cold case?
This is all $40,000?
48. Person of Interest (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Liberty (2013)
...40 cents on the dollar?
49. Person of Interest (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Endgame (2013)
And how exactly can we be 40 places at once?
50. Person of Interest (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Aletheia (2014)
You're too late. The machine's already talking. You're too old, older than 40. You can't hear a sound above 15 kilohertz. But I can... with the ear I've got left. My friend's been beeping morse code at that frequency since you brought your phone in here. She's been talking to me the whole time, telling me about you. You're scared of me, even with all these guards watching. By the way, that one has a bum knee. You're so scared of me that you hid a knife in your pocket. I couldn't reach it till you got close enough to cut me.
1-50 of 851 titles.