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1. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)
We know you're all robots and we don't care! Tenacious D! We reign! Supreme, Oh, God! Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme, and a cutlass supreme.
Let's go in there and show'em what Tenacious D is all about.
In Venice Beach, there was a man named Kage When he was buskin he was all the rage. He met Jables and he taught him well, all the techniques that were developed in hell. Cock pushups and the power slide, gig simulation now theres nowhere to hide. They formed a band they named Tenacious D, and then they got the Pick of Destiny.
2. The Nostalgia Critic (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The NeverEnding Story III (2011)
In the first film, the Nothing was an abstract entity. In the second film, the Emptiness was the human form of dying imagination. In this film, it's literally just a bunch of bullies called the Nasties? How fucking uninspiring is that? To go from complex ideals destroying worlds to one half of Tenacious D acting like a dick-mule. Wow, they keep upping the ante, don't they?
3. Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works (1997 TV Series)
Ok, up next, these two guys have been here for the last couple weeks. They asked me to read this: "Warning. If you want your asses blown out, stay in the room." Ladies and gentlemen, Tenacious D.
Ok, this next act asked me to read this. "Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Molly Hatchet could not be here tonight, but they all had sex and are proud to announce the birth of their two-headed baby, Tenacious D."
Ok, the next band asked me to read this. "Caution: The surgeon general of rock warns that viewing this band is equal to 29 orgasms." Here they are, Tenacious D.
If was gonna say just one thing to y'all tonight, I'd say set the artist free. I'm talking about this artist in here, set it free. I'm saying quit yo' day job. Now I know a lot of you here are saying, 'I can't quit my day job, I got kids to feed Jack'. Quit ya day job, focus on your craft one time. Before it's all over, you've died, you've squandered it, YOU FUCKIN' ROBOTS.
My guitar's on fire, I'd been up all night shooting cheese balls, that's cocaine and cheese.
No, you'd actually have to pay the cover to get in.
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