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1. Rick and Morty (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Auto Erotic Assimilation (2015)
We are, Morty! Alright, Beta-Shit-7! You just got saved by the bell, bitch!
Um, first of all, hello. Uh, my name is Blim Blam the Korblok. Second of all, cards on the table, I'm a murderer that eats babies, and I came to this planet to eat babies. However, I am also carrying a highly infectious disease that I suppose you could call "Space-AIDS" as you put it. And Rick did chain me up so that he could attempt to cure it. At the same time, Rick's motivation to cure my disease was not to save my life or anyone else's, but to patent and sell the cure for billions of Blemflarcks. But you know the reason why I ripped my chains out of the wall? And do you know why I'm never coming back to this planet? Because the two of you are the FUCKING WORST! You both hate yourselves and each other, and the idea that it has anything to do with Rick is laughable. I'd laugh, but I'm biologically incapable - that's how alien I am. And even I'm sitting here listening to the two of you and being like, "What the fuck?" So, good luck with your shitty marriage, and tell Rick I'm sorry he has to deal with either of you. Blim Blam out!
2. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Green Arrow (2015)
Well, diet saved by the bell.
3. Gilmore Girls (2000 TV Series)
Episode: The Deer Hunters (2000)
Honey, you once told me you loved _Saved By the Bell_. What could be more humiliating than that?
4. Entourage (2004 TV Series)
Any relation to Kelly Kapowski? You know, "Saved by the Bell"?
5. Entourage (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Scared Straight (2009)
Any relation to Kelly Kapowski? You know, "Saved by the Bell"?
6. Die Another Day (2002)
Saved by the bell.
Well, he's not coming back for you. He just died running, trying to save his own skin. Yeah.
7. Andromeda (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Time Out of Mind (2004)
Saved by the bell.
Beka? We figured out what Wezlow wanted you to find. It was some kind of bell.
If that's supposed to ring a bell, it doesn't. Sorry.
8. Scream 2 (1997)
I'm gonna get some donuts, some Prozac; see if I can find some crack, Special K, X... not Malcom, and I'll be back when y'all start talking about somethin a little more "Saved By The Bell"-ish!
9. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 TV Series)
Episode: It May Look Like a Walnut (1963)
That's right. If Kolak and his activated walnuts are gonna come after me in my dreams, I'll be saved by the bell.
10. Justice League Unlimited (2004 TV Series)
Episode: This Little Piggy (2004)
Saved by the bell.
11. Unhappily Ever After (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Driving Me Crazy (1995)
The girl from Saved By The Bell.
12. WWE Smackdown! (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #2.38 (2001)
What is this; "Saved by the Bell?"
13. The Nostalgia Critic (2007 TV Series)
Episode: A Troll in Central Park (2010)
Yes, we all have to learn to appreciate what we have. For example, I could have been the star of Saved by the Bell. I was the star of Saved by the Bell, yet for some reason I'm not the star of Saved by the Bell. Good Morning, Miss Bliss my fucking ass!
14. The Nostalgia Critic (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Sailor Moon (2013)
Yeah, unbelievably natural, if you were going less for action-packed adventure and more for "Saved By the Bell" credits.
Most of the fight scenes require her being trapped or stuck in something for probably longer than is needed. But hey, anything to save on that action-packed, detailed animation that we're just going to repeat anyway! In fact, the one you'll see most often next to the transformation sequence is her using a magic tiara which turns her enemies to dust. Or, in this case, the guy doing the magic act next door comes to save her, THEN allowing her to throw her goddamn tiara.
... we've went out much worse. Unlike a lot of pop stars and teen magazines where the artificiality is all that's there, this at least allows girls the fantasy of being the hero and actually doing something, even if it is mixed in with that artificiality as well. But I don't know if Serena's dummy reaction to it all always shows it in such a good light. But the moments where she fights back and saves the day is always shown in a good light. So have fun with your little show. Just keep it as far away as you can from me.
15. The Long Good Friday (1980)
Saved by the bell. Goodnight.
16. Spider-Woman (1979 TV Series)
Episode: The Amazon Adventure (1979)
Saved... by the bell.
17. The Weird Al Show (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Time Machine (1997)
Wait a minute, that's not the future. That's "Saved by the Bell."
18. Tender Comrade (1943)
Saved by the bell!
19. Appointment with Danger (1951)
Saved by the bell!
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