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1. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things (2011)
I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki! I am the wife of the great Khal and I carry his son inside me! The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands.
You would turn me into one of them, wouldn't you! Next you'll want to braid my hair!
Do you remember Thoros of Myr charging through the breach?
You've no right to a braid! You've won no victories yet!
You look cold, boys.
Bit nippy, yeah. By the fire, indoors... it's still summer. Do you boys even remember the last winter? How long has it been now? What, ten years?
Was it uncomfortable at Winterfell? Were there days when you just couldn't get warm, never mind how many fires your servants built?
That's admirable. I spent six months out there, beyond the Wall, during the last winter. Supposed to be a two-week mission. We heard a rumor Mance Rayder was planning to attack Eastwatch, so we went out to look for some of his men, capture them, gather some knowledge. The Wildlings who fight for Mance Rayder are hard men... harder than you'll ever be. They know their country better than we do. They knew there was a storm coming in. So they hid in their caves and waited for it to pass... and we got caught in the open. Wind so strong, it yanked hundred-foot trees straight from the ground, roots and all. If you took your gloves off to find your cock to have a piss, you lost a finger to the frost. And all in darkness.
You don't know cold. Neither of you do. The horses died first. Didn't have enough to feed them, to keep them warm. Eating the horses was easy... but later, when we started to fall... that wasn't easy.
We should've had a couple of boys like you along, shouldn't we? Soft, fat boys like you. We'd have lasted a fortnight on you, and still have bones left over for soup. Soon we'll have new recruits, and you lot will be passed along to the Lord Commander for assignment. And they will call you "men of the Night's Watch," but you'd be fools to believe it. You're boys, still. And come the winter, you will die... like flies.
Can't resist some northern ass? If you like redheads, ask for Ros.
Come to see me off, Greyjoy? Kind of you. Your master doesn't seem to like Lannisters.
"Milady?" Your loyalty to your captors is touching. Tell me, how do you think Balon Greyjoy would feel if he could see his only surviving son has turned lackey? I still remember my father's fleet burn in Lannisport. I believe your uncles were responsible.
A stupid rebellion, then. I suppose your father realized that when your brothers died in battle. Now here you are, your enemy's squire.
I've offended you. Forgive me. It's been a rough morning. Anyway, don't despair. I'm a constant disappointment to my own father and I've learned to live with it.
Your next tumble with Ros is on me. I'll try not to wear her out.
Syrio says every hurt is a lesson, and every lesson makes you better.
He says every swordsman should study cats. They're as quiet as shadows and as light as feathers. You have to be quick to catch them.
You will marry a high lord and rule his castle, and your sons shall be knights and princes and lords.
Where have you been?
You ARE in love, Lord Snow. You girls can do as you please. But if Thorne puts me up against Lady Piggy, I'm gonna slice me off a side of bacon.
Hello. Ser Alliser said I'm to be your new watch partner. I should warn you, I don't see all that well.
You're not. You're freezing.
You can't fight... you can't see... you're afraid of heights and almost everything else, probably.
What are you doing here, Sam?
On the morning of my eighteenth nameday, my father came to me. "You're almost a man now," he said, "but you are not worthy of my land and title. Tomorrow you're going to take the black, forsake all claim to your inheritance, and start north. If you do not," he said, "then we'll have a hunt, and somewhere in these woods your horse will stumble, and you'll be thrown from your saddle to die. Or so I'll tell your mother. Nothing would please me more."
I'm not going to get any better, you know.
Well, you can't get any worse.
I hear you're reading a boring book.
Oh, he never stops. Do you know Ser Hugh of the Vale?
Why are you telling me this?
I promised Cat that I'd help you.
A singularly bad idea. Do you see that boy, there?
That one belongs to the queen. And do you see that septa pretending to read her book?
No, she's one of mine. Is there someone in your service whom you trust completely?
The wiser answer was no, my lord. Get a message to this paragon of yours, discreetly. Send him to question Ser Hugh. After that, you might want him to visit a certain armorer in the city. He lives in a large house at the top of the Street of Steel.
Lord Baelish, perhaps I was wrong to distrust you.
Distrusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed off your horse.
Don't you think it's a little bit unfair? Making us take our vows while they sneak off for a little Sally on the side?
I didn't think you'd be so upset about it.
But I like girls just as much as you do. They might not like me as much. I've never... been with one. You've probably had hundreds.
No. As a matter of fact, I'm the same as you.
You don't want to know.
So why exactly did you not make love to Ros with the perfect...?
Because... you're a bastard from the North.
So... you *didn't* know where to put it?
You will. On horseback you will be as tall as any of them.
Is this some kind of trick? Why do you want to help him?
You are boys still. When the winter comes, you will die like so many flies.
What do you pray for, Ser Jorah?
You think this funny, do you?
When you're out there beyond the Wall with the sun going down, do you want a man at your back? Or a sniveling boy?
Well, after 15 years in a pleasure house, I imagine just seeing the sky makes you happy.
What have you seen?
I've seen a man who could change his face the way that other men change their clothes. And I've seen a pirate who wore his weight in gold and whose ship had sails of colored silk. So... have you seen one?
No. No, the last one died many years before I was born. I'll tell you what I have seen-their skulls. They used to decorate the throne room in the Red Keep. When I was very young, just three or four, my father used to walk me down the rows and I'd recite their names for him. When I got them all right, he'd give me a sweet. The ones closest to the door were the last ones they were able to hatch and they were all stunted and wrong with skulls no bigger than dog skulls. But... but as you got closer to the Iron Throne... they got bigger and bigger and bigger. There was Ghiscar and Valryon, Vermithrax, Essovius... Archonei, Meraxes, Vhagar... and Balerion the Dread... whose fire forged the Seven Kingdoms into one.
Why do they call you Littlefinger?
No, it's quite all right. When I was a child, I was very small and I come from a little spit of land called "The Fingers", so you see, it's an exceedingly clever nickname.
Has anyone ever told you the story of the Mountain and the Hound?
No, please don't. If the Hound so much as heard you mention it, I'm afraid all the knights in King's Landing would not be able to save you.
2. Bloodline (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Part 13 (2015)
Maybe not. Maybe I'm just puking every morning 'cause I'm waking up next to you.
Sometimes - you know something's coming. You feel it - in the air. In your gut. You don't sleep at night. A voice in your head's telling you, something is gonna go terribly wrong, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's how it felt when my brother came home.
I always thought the greatest thing happened to me was being born a Rayburn. Now I'm not so sure. I'm going to tell you everything. It's not very pleasant, but it's the truth.
I need to talk to you.
Well, what is it you want to talk about?
3. Person of Interest (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Devil's Share (2013)
Just when I think life with you people couldn't get any weirder, one of you takes it to the next level.
Well, then you're also familiar with what I'm about to say next - that you think your friend's death was your fault. Otherwise, you'd have to face a very painful truth.
In your right pocket, you have eight-five cents. The change from your morning coffee run. In your apartment there's an old photo of your father at the Franklin Park Zoo taken when he was a child. He's feeding a lion cub. Do you know what that cub's name was?
Loyalty. That's why Simmons came after you and Carter. Loyalty. That's how we built this whole damn thing. I'll be damned if I repay that loyalty by breaking it now. Even if you threaten to kill me.
You see? That's why you and I understand each other. Now, everything you do is an abomination. But your word Your word is your bond. To your godson. To Carter. You do what you say. So do I. I'm not gonna threaten to kill you. I'm going to kill you... whether you tell me or not. No bargaining. In three minutes... you're dead. I've killed many people. Never bothered me much. That's why I was good at it. I didn't like them suffering, though. Took me years to figure out how to do it quickly, painlessly. But if you don't tell me, I'm gonna forget all of that. Understand? And I'll make the last three minutes of your life last forever.
Elias. What do you want? Quinn and I are bust. HR is dead. Nothin' else to do but to rub my face in it.
Then why the hell are you here?
But you and I are outliers; we're not really a part of civilization. We're something... older. Which means, of course, that we can do the things that civilized people can't. I offered to kill you for Detective Carter many times, and she always said no. She was civilized to the very end. I don't think she liked me. But I liked her very much. You killed her. So now I consider it my responsibility to fix the particular problem that is you, Officer Simmons.
You really think you're gonna be the one to kill me?
No. No, my friend is going to kill you. I'm just gonna watch.
Yeah, well, part of my job, Lionel, is dealing with cops who act tough and end up eating a bullet because of a cascade of untreated post traumatic symptoms. Now, you can hide your real feelings from everyone else, but with me, you need to get real.
Yes. Everything you say here is completely protected. Use this time to unburden yourself.
Well, I'm sure you might feel that way, but...
it ain't got anything to do with feelings. You see, Jules shot an off duty rookie last year. Twenty four years old. Kid had a baby on the way. But good drug dealers can afford good lawyers, so Jules walked. I had been tracking him for weeks, just waiting to get the guy alone. And there he was, walking out of a bodega with not a care in the world. No protection either. He saw me. He knew why I was there. I could see it in his eyes. So I smiled at him... just before I put two in his chest.
You killed a man...
That's what we call it when a guy like Jules gets his. it's the way the world evens things out. Guy got what he deserved. And you wanna know how I've been sleeping? Like a baby. But thanks for letting me unburden myself.
That's just it. I could've been just like you, a bottom-feeder who turns on his own kind. For what? Money, power? I got lucky. I had a partner. She was good for me. For a lot of reasons. She reminded me that I could be good again too. i could be a good father, a good friend. A good cop. I'm not gonna let you undo all the good she did. Carter saved my life. She - she saved me from myself. Because she believed in me. And I'm not gonna throw that away on a piece of crap like you. Patrick Simmons, you're under arrest.
Sorry... but I need a word with the man you're protecting.
You just attacked a dozen marshals. Sorry's not going to cut it.
You mean both your stray dogs are off the leash? This was the handiwork of tall, dark and deranged. And I shudder to think what the other one's up to.
That you are not God. You don't control who lives or dies. That powerlessness also means that your friend's death is not your fault. I assure you, Mr. Wren, in time, the guilt you feel will pass.
Let me ask you a question then. Does survivor's guilt pass when everything that has happened actually is, in fact, your fault?
You sure the big guy's here?
Take me down, you bitch! I told you everything I know.
You wanna take a crack at him? My gun hand's cramping.
Guy's not looking so good. Did you break his legs?
Did you see Reese?
Setting aside your somewhat binary moral compass, Ms. Shaw, you should know that Mr. Reese's injuries are life-threatening.
You couldn't find Mr. Ransone?
I know the case, Dr. Shaw. I also know about your interaction with the Loftin family. You walked into the waiting room eating an energy bar and proceeded to tell the Loftin family that their father was dead.
And, presumably, you were hungry. You managed to revive Mr. Loftin four times. You went to truly heroic measures to save their father, and yet, all the Loftin family will remember is the doctor who gave them the worst possible news while she was eating a candy bar.
Let me ask you this Do you care if your patients live or die?
But does it hurt you? I've been watching you for some time, and it doesn't seem to bother you.
No, this place is filled with doctors who pretend they don't care. But you're different. Aren't you? Your attendings all say the same thing about you - technically brilliant. Remarkably calm. They can't spot what you really are.
You know the DSM backwards and forwards, Doctor. You probably diagnosed yourself in your first year. A diagnosis which meant that you never should have been accepted into this program.
I watch the others. I watch the fear creep into them. I watch them make mistakes, and you think these feelings that I'm lacking make them better? You'd really rather have one of them working on you instead of me?
Yes. Because if If the only thing motivating you is technical mastery, when one of your patients needs you the most, then this job just might start to bore you. That's the difference between fixing and healing. You have a brilliant mind, Sameen. And you're very gifted. But you'll never be a doctor.
Sometimes you have to make choices, Ms. Shaw. We've already lost a friend. I don't intend to lose another - not tonight.
4. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Killer Within (2012)
Are you serious? You want them living in a cell next to you? They'll just be waiting for a chance to grab our weapons. You want to go back to sleeping with one eye open?
You called me a whore and a rugmuncher.
You brought us in.
Yeah, but you turned out with a shot boy in your arms. Didn't give us a choice.
I get guys like this. Hell, I grew up with them. They're degenerates, but they ain't psychos. I could have been in there with them just as easy I'm out here with you guys.
So are you with me?
I'll do what I have to. You're not becoming one of those things.
This is God's plan. He'll take care of me. Always has. He's gonna help me lead you out of these tunnels.
Remember, if it gets tough out there, you're always welcome here.
That's very kind. Thank you, Governor.
I thought you never told anyone your name.
Hey, whose blood would you rather have on your hands? Glenn's? Maggie's? Or theirs?
You coming?
You comin'?
Carl? Baby, I don't want you to be scared, okay? This is what I want. This is right. Now you... you take care of your daddy for me, all right? And your little brother or sister, you take care...
You don't have to do this.
You're gonna be fine. You are gonna beat this world. I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave, and I love you.
I love you too.
You gotta do what's right, baby. You promise me, you'll always do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So don't... so if it feels wrong, don't do it, all right? If it feels easy, don't do it. Don't let the world spoil you. You're so good. You're my sweet boy. You're the best thing I ever did. And I love you.
I love you. You're my sweet, sweet boy. I love you.
Okay... okay, now. Okay. Maggie, when this is over, you're gonna have to...
You have to do it! It can't be Rick! All right... all right. It's all right. It's all right.
5. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: #thinman (2014)
Yeah. I mean- no. You roll with a guy so many years you start to think he's always going to be next to you. Like when you're old, drinking on the porch, there'll be another rocking chair. Then something happens, and you realize that other chair is... gone. Empty. You know what I mean?
I will shoot you... bitches.
You know what video would have gone viral, if we still had it? When you were five and got dressed up as Batman and jumped off the shed 'cause you thought you could fly.
After you jumped first.
I know you did. Man, I drove you to the E.R. on my handlebars.
So, you're Thinman, huh? That would make sense if it didn't look like you just ate a fat camp.
So. How did you two meet? Whackjob.com?
Harry, you okay?
6. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Legends of Yesterday (2015)
The sky rocks have come to do their work. And my hatred will be everlasting. My enmity will never die. And I'll follow you from this life to the next, and to the next and to the next.
Your hate will be everlasting. Your enmity will never die. It will follow them from this life into the next, and the next... and the next. You owe me one, buddy.
Priestess. You spoke with quite the tongue in there.
Well, I mean, absolutely nothing if you forget about the revolving doors you installed so the bad guys to come and go as they please.
Thank you for coming. I know this is more than a little crazy.
Yeah, well, your friend with the creepy ring asked so nicely. Please tell me we're not going to negotiate with terrorists. Or, you know, 4,000 year old bad guys.
Thea said you were being a little more humorous lately.
I'm sorry, how do you know so much about Savage, anyway?
That's not the only reason to be afraid of me. I assure you.
Why would you risk the lives of your friends and family for two strangers? 206 times I have killed them. What hubris possesses you that makes you think that you can prevent me from doing so again?
I came to this meeting out of curiosity. It is now sated. Bring Khufu and Chay-Ara to Jurgens Industrial in twenty-four hours or I will see you dead and buried under the bodies of your loved ones.
Barry, you're late.
The only way for you and yours to live through this is to render onto me what is mine. Turn over Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-ara within 24 hours or I will lay waste to this city, killing everyone that you hold dear.
All right, I'm just curious: did you rehearse that speech in a mirror this morning, or is this all just off the cuff?
No, but he's the next best thing.
Everyone in there is willing to die to protect us. You don't think that's a little bit insane?
Oliver, you are the only person on this planet who considers the truth complicated.
7. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Eleven-Fifty-Nine (2016)
So what next? You gonna make a coin appear from behind my ear?
You know why we're here. Hand over the idol, and there won't be any trouble.
I never thought I'd say this, but I am glad that you are the Black Canary. I'm glad for all the good you're doing, and I'm glad for the good it's done you, but you got to know that taking this job, that means taking off that mask forever.
One of these days, you're gonna tell me how you get in and out of here.
You know, you're lucky I'm not the man that you think I am, Miss Lance. If I were the man that your father so vehemently claims, you'd be in a lot of trouble right now, wouldn't you?
Are you threatening an assistant district attorney?
Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Just merely trying to figure out where your father gets these vicious ideas from. Ooh! Oh. I hope his mind isn't starting to go. You know, dementia is sometimes an aftereffect of long-term alcoholism.
You're a son of a bitch.
John, you are the one who always tells me do not have a blind spot when it comes to your family.
And you're the one who told me to give Andy a second chance. You're the one who wanted to extract him from HIVE. You're the one who said he could come back from the darkness the same way you did.
So what, Oliver, just because Felicity left you, I'm supposed to believe that all men are incapable of redemption? Not all men are like you, Oliver. Some of us change, some of us grow, some of us evolve. You are stuck, man, stuck in your self-pity and your self-righteousness, and that is why Felicity left you. My brother is my business. You have no idea what he's been through, and you sure as hell had no right right to judge him.
I've been tracking your movements for months. All I needed to hear was that it was you that hid the stone.
Was there ever a chance with you?
You took the words right of my mouth!
Oh, yeah. I wanted to give your father a message from me. I wanted you to tell him...
I'm really glad that you found Felicity, and I hope you find your way back to her. And Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine.
Why are you telling me this? Why now?
Because tonight it was just a reminder that anything can happen, which is why I need you to promise me something.
Andy here might have mentioned that his brother, John, worked for the Green Arrow or should I say, Oliver Queen. Oh, oh, oh, see, I know what you're all thinking, but no, he didn't tell me. It was really just a hop, skip and a jump from the whole Diggle connection to you, to your little sister, to your ex-girlfriend, but when you came to rescue that boy William, that look on your face, that was a father's look. I should have recognized it there and then.
8. The Martian (2015)
At some point, everything's gonna go south on you... everything's going to go south and you're going to say, this is it. This is how I end. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. That's all it is. You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem... and you solve the next one... and then the next. And If you solve enough problems, you get to come home. All right, questions?
Fuck you Mars.
They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonized it. So, technically, I colonized Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!
I've got to make a lot more water. The good thing is, I know the recipe: You take hydrogen, you add oxygen, and you burn. Now, I have hundreds of liters of unused hydrazine at the MDV. If I run the hydrazine over an iridium catalyst, it'll separate into N2 and H2. And then if I just direct the hydrogen into a small area and burn it. Luckily, in the history of humanity, nothing bad has ever happened from lighting hydrogen on fire.
Did you say 312? Yeah, I'll just wave to you guys as I go by.
I've been thinking about laws on Mars. There's an international treaty saying that no country can lay claim to anything that's not on Earth. By another treaty if you're not in any country's territory, maritime law aplies. So Mars is international waters. Now, NASA is an American non-military organization, it owns the Hab. But the second I walk outside I'm in international waters. So Here's the cool part. I'm about to leave for the Schiaparelli Crater where I'm going to commandeer the Ares IV lander. Nobody explicitly gave me permission to do this, and they can't until I'm on board the Ares IV. So I'm going to be taking a craft over in international waters without permission, which by definition... makes me a pirate. Mark Watney: Space Pirate.
I mean, what are we gonna say, "Dear America, remember that astronaut we killed and had a really nice funeral for? Turns out he's alive and we left him on Mars. Our bad. Sincerely, NASA". I mean, do you realize the shit storm that is about to hit us?
The other question I get most frequently is. When I was up there stranded by myself, did I think I was gonna die? Yes, absolutely. And that's one you need to know, going in, because it's gonna happen to you. This is space. It does not cooperate.
Mark, please watch your language. Everything you type is being broadcast live all over the world.
I know what they're doing. I know exactly what they're doing. They just keep repeating "go faster than any man in the history of space travel", like that's a good thing. Like it'll distract me from how insane their plan is. Yeah, I get to go faster than any man in the history of space travel, because you're launching me in a convertible. Actually it's worse than that, because I won't even be able to control the thing. And by the way, physicists, when describing things like acceleration do not use the word "fast". So they're only doing that in the hopes that I won't raise any objections to this lunacy, because I like the way "fastest man in the history of space travel" sounds. I do like the way it sounds... I mean, I like it a lot.
Well, you will be happy to hear that in Grid Section 14-28, the particles were predominately coarse but in 29, they're much finer and they should be ideal for chem analysis.
You want to send him into space under a tarp?
I'm sorry, Martinez, but if you didn't want me to go through your stuff, you shouldn't have left me for dead on a desolate planet.
I figured one of you guys kept an ASCII table lying around. And I was right. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you super-nerd Beth Johanssen, who also had copies of "Zork II" and "Leather Goddesses of Phobos" on her personal laptop. Seriously, Johanssen... it's like the Smithsonian of loneliness on there.
You're saying this now while Vincent is in Pacidena so he can't argue the other side.
I am seriously gonna die up here if I have to listen to any more of Commander Lewis' god-awful disco music. My god commander could you have not brought something from this century. No I won't "turn the beat around, I refuse to.
He says "They don't know I'm alive? What the F word, F word in gerund form, F word again is wrong with you?"
9. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with Rachel's Going Away Party (2004)
So, I guess you're next. You ready?
Oh, you're definitely not. I haven't cried like that in years.
You cried yesterday at the six-o'clock news.
Everyone gets a good-bye, but me? What do I got to do to get a good-bye? Huh? Uh, be best friends with you? Uh, go out with you? Have - have a baby with you? Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! I *did* all those things!
Or no, maybe, maybe I'm just not giving you enough credit! Uh, I mean it *is* difficult to say "good-bye" to five people. Uh, "good-bye", "good-bye", "good-bye", "good-bye", "goo - guh - guh", it's physically impossible!
You know, after all we've been through, I can't believe *this* is how you want to leave things between us. Have a, have a good time in Paris.
You really think I didn't say "good-bye" because I don't care?
I cannot believe that after ten years, you do not know *one* thing about me!
Fine! That why didn't you say something?
Because it is too damn hard, Ross! I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I am going to miss you! When I think about not seeing you everyday, it makes me not want to go! Okay? So if you think that, that I didn't say "good-bye" to you because you don't mean as much to me as everyone else, you're wrong. It's because you mean *more* to me. So there! All right? *There's* your good-bye!
You ca - ! You keep - ! You can't - !
Let's play one more time, okay? And remember if I win, you do not move to Paris.
Okay, can't believe I'm risking this again, but you are on! Alright Joey you remember the rules, heads I win tails you lose!
Oh wow, can you believe you are like three weeks away!
You don't mind me touching you belly, do you?
No, I don't mind you touching my belly, but right now your hands kinda blocking the part the baby's gonna come out!
Rachel, I know this may not be the best time, but um... Joey's going over the balcony again, could you just come talk to him?
Where you think you're going?
Now, I need you to be careful and efficient. And remember: if I am harsh with you, it's only because you're doing it wrong.
10. House of Cards (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Chapter 46 (2016)
I imagine the men hanging on these walls wished they'd had a gun like that available to them. Your phone, the phone of the person sitting next to you, your neighbor's phone and everyone you know and the 300 million Americans you don't know. I can see you, and I can use what I see to rig this election.
Imagine a duel. Me and Conway. Now, Conway has a powerful gun, a search engine. And it's powerful because with it, he can tell what you think, what you want, where you are and who you are. He can turn all those searches into votes, and that's enough bullets to kill my chances of winning. But I have an even bigger gun. It's called the NSA. It's one of the perks of being president. That is, if the courts allow my surveillance request.
Now, of course, a weapon like that, well, you can imagine how risky it is. Huh, it might have even given pause to an old crook like him.
Francis, are you there?
When the Roman general Sulla - who was about the same age as I am now - marched on Rome to purge the city of usurpers, it was a bloodbath. His greatest rival was a young man named Marius - who was just twenty-six years old - and after Sulla had him killed, he held up his head in the Forum and looked into the boy's dead eyes and said "First, you must learn to pull an oar. Only then can you take the helm."
11. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Daredevil in the Mold (2011)
I mean you like evidence. All right, Bones. Well, here's the evidence. The evidence is that there's something wrong here. Now, I - I fell in love with a woman. I had a kid. She doesn't want to marry me. And - the next woman, she's...
No. Just, you know what - drink. Drink. I'm just really- I'm just mad. I'm just really mad at all of you. I'm just mad, okay? So you want to know how this is going to work? Okay, this is how this is going to work. Me and you are partners that's what we do. Me and you we're partners. And I love that. I think that's great. And we're good people that catch bad people, right? And - and we argue. We go back-and-forth. We're partners and sometimes after we solve the case, we come here and celebrate. That's what we do, we celebrate. So as far as I can see, that's what happens next. Are you okay with that?... Great caus you know, if you are, you stay here and you have a drink with me, all right? Maybe we have a little small talk, a little chit chat. If not, well, you can leave, there's the door. And tomorrow, uh, I'll find you another FBI guy.
I don't want to be your age and wind up like you.
What'd you say?
I don't! You've never been married and that -that's sad to me
Ugh. I know that. And you've got one of the good ones.
"A little bit?" Does your mother know what you're doing?
You're getting that mad scientist look in your eyes
Tell you what. How about we just drop the charges for whatever it is you stole?
I don't know. But you stole something, right?
Whoa! Did you ever get it back?
Yeah. Yeah. It just doesn't seem that romantic to propose with a ring that had to be fished out of a toilet, you know?
Can we just go back? I'll walk in here. You tell me how good I look. I say "Thank you." We kiss. We'll have a nice dinner like - like this never happened. We - we can go back.
How much time do you need?
To get out of your place or to get over you?
Yeah. Those are you only choices.
I'm listening to mold steaks and you're listening to... you can't hear me anymore.
Have you identified the mold?
You can't hear me, so I can say whatever I want you morose bastard.
12. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Critic in the Cabernet (2009)
Listen, you said you wanted to do this alone because feelings are ephemeral. So is life, Brennan. We're here one minute and then we're gone the next. You should know that better than anybody! If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you.
Well I'm not asking for you to be involved. All I want is your sperm.
Yes. I know I've had no interest in the past. Bu neither did you and you seem to find parenthood very fulfilling.
You do know how this is supposed to work, right?... You get naked together, and you devour each other in a passionate frenzy.
I knew you would understand.
You and Brennan, you're going to have a baby?
She told you?
I know *you* Seeley. You're gonna do it. You wanna do it without really doing it. But it's still doing it even if you're not doing it the way it should be done.
And what'll you get out of it?
A piece of you.
Why are you in the bank Booth?
You've got a hot doctor friend. Go to her and make a direct deposit like a man!
I thought these sessions were meant for you to see how we interact as partners. How does this relate?
You're using Agent Booth to have a child. You don't see how that might relate to your partnership?
How can you two not see what's going on?
Sweets, what's the big deal? She was going to have a baby anyway, with Fisher. Fisher! Okay? What would you have done?
Again, what I would have done is irrelevant. You. *You* admitted to feeling anxiety.
So are you going to let her have this baby alone?
You are! You're going to abandon your child! Oh night's deepest gloom washes over my tiny frame.
No. No. No. I can't walk away. I never said that! Okay? Do you understand? I can't walk away! This is my kid! If I can't be involved I don't want her to have the baby!
But you're a genius. That's good enough for me... Plus you'll know if they're screwing up.
Booth, you're going to be fine.
But if I'm not, I want you to have my stuff. You know, for a kid.
I want you to... You're going to be a really good mom.
You're going to be fine, Booth. I'll be right here.
You really liked holding that kid didn't you?
You know they like singing and uh, when you make funny faces at 'em too.
Then why use Booth at all? Why don't you use Fisher... and his discount sperm?
Booth. What do you know?
You and Brennan, you're gonna have a baby?
She told you?
So, you decided?
I know you, Seeley. You're gonna do it. You wanna do it without really doing it, but it's still doing it even if you're not... doing it the way it should be done.
And what will it do for you?
A piece of you?
You were seeing something in there, what were you seeing?
You saw Stewie in there, in the interrogation room?
What do you say, about the kid?
No, it is. Booth, you thought you saw Luc Robitaille and then the ghost of a dead friend and now a cartoon baby. Trust me, something is wrong. Trust me.
13. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Baby in the Bough (2008)
First the key, now jewelry! What's next? You gonna let him play with a bowling ball?
I'm serious, Bone. *Next* time, *you're* changing the diaper!
Tax shelter? Exactly how loaded are you?
Well *that* is an offensive way to phrase the question, but... quite loaded. I'm betting a seven figure advance for my next book.
A prime number. What do you do with your money?
Oh look at him, Bones. He looks a little fussy there. Why don't you pick him up and give him a cuddle.
Just because I have breasts doesn't mean I have magical powers over infants. You're the one with a son.
All right. Fine. I'll take him. Here you go.
You have fun with the diaper bag. You look good.
Okay here you go. Get used to him.
What do you mean?
That key was evidence. You know how chain of custody works. The kid stays with us until we get the key back.
What do you think she meant by a million? Two?
Okay you two better get your act together or I'm suing for custody.
Yeah, well you are.
Front door is open, you stay here.
Bones, there's a *baby* involved. You hear gunfire, anything like that, drive away!
I'm not leaving you!
Yes you will! Because this is about the *baby*, *not* me. Promise me!
You don't by any chance, live in a shoe, do you?
You don't want kids?
You have no idea what that place is like, Booth. Med students, under funded, under staffed.
Thank you.
"Dear Carol, if anything happens to me, take care of my Andy. I know you don't have much, none of us do, but you have love. And I know Andy would be lucky to be part of your family. "
14. Daredevil (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Stick (2015)
Kid, in war, people die. If it's not you, it's the guy next to you. How many men have you killed protecting this city? You're still afraid to cross that line. Someday, it's gonna come down to you or the other guy. If it's not Fisk, somebody else. What're you gonna do then?
You lived? Praise God, it's a miracle. So you survive the truck and get this chemical shit in your eyes. What next?
You wanted a father and I wanted a soldier.
But he didn't and he never will. We all pay for our choices kid. Maybe your old man fought for you, maybe he did it for himself. The only thing you know for sure is he's gone now. But I'm here. Now, get up. Time to stop taking a beating and start giving one.
Ah, screw it. Ride with me tonight... help me destroy Black Sky, keep it off the streets, and I promise you this... Wilson Fisk will know the taste of fear the day he faces you 'cause he'll know that you kicked the guy he's afraid of right in the nuts
What, you think I'm a doddering pencil pusher who moves enormous amounts of money with no clue as to what it's connected to? The numbers are like tea leaves. Nobody reads them like I can.
Big world, not all of it flowers and sunshine. And the only way guys like you and me can survive is to grab it by the throat and never let go.
Smart don't come out of books, kid. Smart is making the right decision at the right time. Like now. What's it gonna be, Matty? You gonna spend your life crying and rocking yourself to sleep at night? Or are you gonna dig deep and find out what it takes to reshuffle those cards life dealt you? Your call.
You promised me you weren't gonna kill anyone.
He's getting worse. When we first took him in, Matthew's problems seemed less severe. Now he's in so much pain. Doctors, clergy, no one has any idea what's wrong with him. We heard about your work with special children and thought maybe you could help.
They think you're getting worse. But... you're not, are you, kid?
You're getting stronger.
You know what they call stuff like that? Gifts. The special kind. The kind that very few people have. Or deserve.
Well, that's because you're stupid.
Because you taught yourself how to run your little fingers over the bumps and read Braille? Smart don't come out of books, kid. Smart is making the right decision at the right time. Like now. What's it going to be, Matty? You going to spend your life crying and rocking yourself to sleep at night? Or are you gonna dig deep, and find out what it takes to reshuffle those cards life dealt you? Your Call.
You like ice cream?
Then shut up and eat it. I'll ask the questions. First thing you gotta understand is nobody feels sorry for you and nobody ever will. Cause when it comes to being born lucky... you won the friggin' lottery.
We need to be careful, all of us. I look out for you... you look out for me.
How old were you when you got blinded?
Nine? So you had nine whole years of looking at movies, blue skies, up girlies' skirts that I never had, I was born blind. You don't hear me whining about it, do you?
So, you're nine years old, walking along, minding your own business and whammo! Get hit by a truck, killed dead on the spot.
Oh, God! What do you want? My wallet?
You know what I want. Tell me about the man you work for.
I'm gonna ask you again. Think about your answer. Who do you work for?
I told you, I work for Silver and...
You work for Wilson Fisk... moving his money around. Which means you have records, proof of who-
Everybody can taste vanilla. Pay a little more attention, use those gifts. You know what you got?
dirt off the guy's hand that served it to you. He spent his morning gardening. Whole world around you, Matty, and it is friggin' huge. And all you need... are the guts to let it in. Try. That dog, what's his story?
And there's nothing you can do about it. Big world... not all of it flowers and sunshine. And the only way guys like you and me can survive is to grab it by the throat and never let go.
If I ask you a question, will you hit me?
How did you find me? How did you know?
Maybe it's one of my gifts. Or you just got lucky.
You catch on quick.
You're going to help me?
No, I'm going to train you. How to control your gift, make it work for you... use it, and how to fight.
Your dad ain't here. You'll need skills for the war.
We'll get to that part... when you're ready.
I don't even know your name. What do I call you?
You just gonna lie there all night?
Are you gonna lie there all night or get up off your ass?
15. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Replicator (2013)
But they'll remember me now. You know, I admired you back then, leading the charge on the day it all changed, the day Erin Strauss ruined us. I sat next to you. Borrowed your pen to sign my transfer. They put me in Kansas. Me. You know what I've been wondering? Why did Strauss change her mind about you?
That's what it look like. I just sent you all a picture
You gonna need another tie!
What do you want?
You're the profiler, you tell me!
Do you really think your team is going to save you?
Did you get everything you wanted?
In life. Did you?
You know my husband?
I can't see. Oh, thank God, David. He was here. You have to find him.
Thank you.
All the love in the world won't save you.
Closer than you think. But she's not doing well. She looks a bit pale. Remember the last time you got a call like this? Remember? George Foyet, right? You were too late.
You know him?
What else do you have on Curtis?
Just like you thought. John Curtis was demoted in the FBI after the Amerithrax case. He was slated to take over the coveted New York field office, but then was shipped to the not coveted Kansas City one. He worked there for many years quietly before he was able to weasel his way back into the nation's capital. On paper, he is a rock star. He immediately transferred to the Department of Justice, the Intelligence Oversight section. He's a genius on multiple levels.
You don't want to know.
You don't have to beg. I already know how desperate you are for it.
I didn't remember you being so skittish.
No, you've never seen me in chains before.
I've seen you with your hands tied, so to speak. Erin Strauss and the Bureau discarded us. We were the forgotten ones
They forgot you. I did all right.
We all did. But you got my chance.
You'd really die for them?
That's the oath we all took. To protect our country from people like you, no matter what.
You never appreciated me, none of you. I gave you my life, and you rejected me.
You can tell me your sob story while walking.
You all right?
She smells of booze, Aaron. You and I know it's because that bastard took away her dignity. But her children might not believe that. It's hard for them to trust anything to do with her drinking. She struggled with it all her life, and she was finally beating it.
Do you guys remember that one time that she called me, but I thought that it was somebody else?
Oh, maybe to you. I was mortified.
What did you say?
Are you kidding?
16. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Strange Fruit (2013)
Maybe some colored folks sit next to you at Stango's back in the day, and, you know, you get pissed off, you start throwing punches at 'em.
Where are you going?
I love you very much, but you need to read more than just the first sentence! The case is like 5 miles away
"The universe doesn't like secrets. It conspires to reveal the truth, to lead you to it" - Lisa Unger
Are you sure you shouldn't say anything?
No one can know. What are you afraid of?
Thank you.
So, why did you mutilate Mary Ann's genitalia?
And you cut the other girl, too. And the guy. Sexual punishment across gender lines is... pretty different. I think that somewhere down the line, a man and a woman each made you question your sexuality. You despise both sexes.
Brown sugar... I'll be damned... I bet you phone-banked for Obama.
No, I was too busy putting guys like you away.
Where you from, Dave?
You know, an I-talian from Long Island can be as cold-blooded as a... a Klansman... from Virginia... You ever used the n-word, Dave?
Maybe one day some black people sit in the front of the bus in Floral Park and you start throwing some punches.
You're evading, Charles, and that suggests guilt.
You go by that logic, you ain't too innocent your damn self.
He was the runt and I was the second-smallest. You get the picture?
Did you do it?
You peed on him?
You don't have to explain, man.
No, you don't understand.
A locker? Really? You took a leak on the guy?
I was working him, Derek... But I'd like you to do something for me.
You finished?
But then again... You're not fully black... are you? Well, that's okay. They say even one drop counts.
...Where did they cut you?
...Where do you think?
17. The Vampire Diaries (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take (2015)
One day, you're helping Lily, the next you're here being nice. Just pick a side, Enzo... Us or them.
Oh, God. You sound just like her.
That's because she doesn't trust you, and honestly, neither do I.
18. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Aliyah (2009)
I was betrayed by Mossad, by my father, by Tony. Who's next? You?
I can't believe I'm telling you this. Tony's going to kill me.
Well, you don't think the Director's going to just hand him over?
You mean apart from Tony killing Ziva's friend and Ziva's apartment blowing up? No. No problem at all.
Ah, I thought you'd never ask.
With traffic, I wasn't expecting you for another hour.
You should've checked his bags.
Rivkin was in chaos. You knew. And yet you decided not to tell your father. You tried to protect Rivkin. But in truth, you are the reason he is dead.
You jeopardized your entire career and for what?
For you... He was playing you, Ziva.
I guess you read my report.
I memorized it! You could have left it at that! You could have walked away, but no. You let him up! You put a bullet in his chest.
You weren't there.
You could have put one in his leg.
You... weren't... there.
You loved him.
I need to be able to trust the people that I work with. I know you more than anyone understand that.
How did you possibly manage to -?
Aw geez, Duck. You gonna ask me that every time?
But you took to Ziva more quickly than to any other agent before her. Timothy, Caitlin, even DiNozzo. I've always sensed there's a strong bond between the two of you. Something shared perhaps.
Let me make it easy for you, Gibbs. You made the right call.
Just who the Hell do you think you're talking to?
You know you spend half your time second guessing me, studying me, testing me.
It'd help if you ask the damn questions!... There's the rub. You don't have a clue what to ask. You don't trust me but you don't know why.
I know you don't want to hear this, Gibbs. But now, you have to trust me. And if you're right about Ziva's alligence to you, she'll serve us well in Mossad.
Yeah, and if you're right about her father... we'll never see her again.
Okay, why don't you just get this out? You want to take a punch? Take a swing? Get it out of your system!
And that's what you're really angry about, isn't it? That's what's bothering you. It's not that he's dead. It's that your Mossad boyfriend got his ass kicked by a chump like me.
19. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Illuminated (2014)
You want to throw a Halloween party? What's next? You gonna join the Yearbook Club?
Sweetheart, since this is my first class and I haven't taught in five years, I just want to remind you of one thing. Try not to embarrass me.
You should've thought about that before wearing those shoes.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Uh, I thought you liked girls.
I do like girls. Do you?
So you also like boys?
Absolutely. Do you?
Okay, this one will get you into all of the perimeter doors, this one into the evidence room, and this one's for my father's office.
You didn't steal these, did you?
That was awesome! I mean, terrifying, completely terrifying... but kind of awesome. I've never done anything like that before. Have you?
That girl walked through 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. She's not like you.
What were the two of you doing?
You believe this?
So when did you get there?
What do you mean coincidence?
That's what I'm asking you. The two of you arrived at the same time. Was that coincidence?
Are you asking me?
I think he's asking the both of you.
How did you know he'd take her to a power station?
You didn't tell him anything, did you? About the pictures?
Oh, no, I just said that you have some pictures of you on your phone that you didn't want anyone to see.
You don't get it, do you? Scott doesn't care about power. He cares about people. You want to be a wolf in his pack? Try being a human in high school.
What do you want, Stiles?
I was just... I was thinking on the case. I was thinking I should clue you in on my thinking. Here's my thinking. I was thinking this... I was thinking that Barrow, right... I was thinking that Barrow received the information about who to kill at the school, right, you know that? So I was thinking maybe the person who gave him that information, check this out, might actually be someone at the school. And that's, uh, my thinking.
Hmm. You're right.
You want to leave so we can figure it out?
20. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: As Fast as She Can (2009)
A check so fat, when it sits next to you on an airplane, you ask yourself if it should have bought two seats.
Give it a week. You'll get her back. And her front. Oh! Did you feel that? It felt like a what-up quake.
He's rich? Please tell me he wrote you a big, fat check. A check so fat, it doesn't take its shirt off when it goes swimming.
That is a big, fat check. A check so fat, after you have sex with it, you don't tell your buddies about it.
Are you kidding me? Robin is a pretty girl. Pretty girls don't get tickets. Bet Robin been pulled over thousand of times and not once getting a ticket.
When will you learn that the only difference between my life and porno is that my life has better lighting?
Okay, I'm gonna say something out loud that I've been doing a pretty good job not saying out loud lately. What you and Tony have... What I thought for a second you and I had... What I know that Marshall and Lily have... I want that. I do. I keep waiting for it to happen, I wait for it to happen and... I guess I'm just... I'm tired of waiting. And that is all I'm going to say on that subject.
You know that once I talked my way out of a speeding ticket?
I was heading upstate to my parents' house and was doing, like, 90 on this country road and got pulled over. So this cop gets out of his car and he kinda swaggers all over and he's all, like: "Young lady, I have been waiting for you all day." So I looked up at him and I said: "I'm so sorry, officer. I got here as fast as I could."
Nah. It's an old joke. I know that you are tired of waiting, and you may have to wait a little while more, but she's on her way, Ted. And she's getting here as fast as she can.
21. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Rebound Bro (2008)
I know, I was in the top bunk. I also sat next to you guys at football games.
I'm sorry, it's just that this is a big deal for you. It's like Virginity: The Sequel.
I'm making you my new masterpiece. When I first met Ted, he was a bigger loser than you.
And that's why tonight, I will make you the greatest wingman in the history of wingmen.
Well, it's gonna be easier than you think. I have been reading your blog for years. You are like a god to me. That is why tonight is going to be legendary... wait for it... dary.
So you had a drink thrown in your face. Happens to me all the time. Pretty soon you will be able to anticipate it, and when you do... free drink.
No offense, Randy, but there's a long list of candidates for this slot. This slot is "Vice-President of Awesome", and you're like, Assistant Under-Secretary of Only Okay".
Ted, you're staring at my boobs.
I don't see why you're mad at Barney and not at me.
You know what, I'm not sure that's true...
You haven't had sex since Thanksgiving. Do you know how many federal holidays have passed since then?
Dude, seriously you need to stop calling me.
Yeah I never called you, you called me fifteen times and my parents twice.
Notable deaths in 2003... Oh my God... Nell Carter. Did you guys know that Nell Carter had died?
22. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Providence (2014)
And when I see you next, who you gonna be? You got a clean slate. You can be anyone you want.
Find everything you can on our team - all personal records, photos, anything that proves we exist - then erase it.
And date supermodels. You are so predictable.
Tom Brady? You hate the Patriots.
All right, all right, put your arms down, Kaminsky. You look like a West Texas cheerleader at a pep rally.
You. You have to be kidding me. I've been in a cell smaller than my shoe closet. I wasn't allowed to eat with a fork, which would have been worse if I'd been allowed to eat anything but meatloaf!
So you're a liar. You're a fraud.
Supposed to make the isolation more bearable. Every day of the week, different view. Wednesday's pretty terrific if you like topless beaches.
There's got to be something here! This means something! This has to mean something. The world needs us! HYDRA is out there. We cannot let them win! We cannot let them define us! Do you understand that? We are not agents of nothing, we are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that still carries weight! It has to carry weight. After everything we've been through, that carries weight!
Very soon you're going to be issued your very own lanyard. Lanyards for others will be distributed on a case by case basis.
You okay?
Tell you what - let's skip the part where you act concerned about my well-being. What is it you want?
He saved our asses back at the Hub, but I'm telling you he's chasing the white whale.
Have you even read Moby Dick?
Yeah, have you?
This means something. This has to mean something. The world need needs us. Hydra is out there. We cannot let them win, we cannot let them define us. Do you understand that. We are not Agents of Nothing, we are Agents of Shield, and that still carries weight!
Do you know what my life was like before I met you? It was really *nice*. But because of you, I've had my assets frozen, I've been beaten. You almost ripped my tongue out of my mouth!
I'm not going to hand over my weapon. You wanna try to take it from me?... Good. Now get out of my office.
23. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Entitled: Part 1 (2000)
One minute you're getting your doorknob polished, the next you're sweet talking St. Peter.
Will you ever have dinner with me?
It's frailty, not vanity, you misogynist.
Nah, the real reason was, it was instantly recognizable. Bullet makers want anonymity. If you can't prove where the bullet was made, you can't sue the manufacturer. Where would we be without lawyers?
You're enjoying this, these little guys trying to sweet-talk you into giving us a little crumb of information.
Better than shooting those people in cold blood, you little reptilian geek?
You bet your ass.
You did it, you piece of crap. I know it, you know it.
I'm gonna Mike Tyson you, you bastard!
I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you.
24. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Numbers (2005)
What do I want? I want to know what we're doing in the middle of nowhere! And don't tell me it's because of some stinking batteries. One minute you're happy-go-lucky, good-time Hurley, the next you're Colonel bloody Kurtz!
Hi. You awake?
Hurley! What the hell happened to you?
Dude, what d'you want from me?
I just told you the biggest secret in my life. I thought you'd wanna reciprocate.
25. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Fidelis Ad Mortem (2016)
First of all, let me assure you that I have the *best* NYPD detectives looking into Officer Bardot's murder. That being said, this is not going to be the last time that you lose one of your co-workers. That is a reality of this job. The temptation is going to be to remain stoic in the face of adversity, to lock up your emotions so as not to appear weak. That is a mistake. Avoid that temptation at all costs. Trust me. I have been at the edge of that map and monsters lie there. Now look around. This is your team. No one is gonna understand what you are feeling better than the woman or man sitting next to you, so use them.
I am guessing that you found out something about your missing time, and that's what you want to catch up with me on.
Hey. Where are you?
The thing about interviewing a suspect is you have to find what works for you; your own personal style. Now, some people like good cop/bad cop, others like bad cop/worse cop. But choosing just one method is a mistake. Every suspect is different, and sometimes you don't know how you're gonna go at them until they start talking, because you only get one shot in interrogation, and if you screw it up, a killer might walk free.
Ms. Lopez, thank you coming in.
Uh, so a crime was committed last night, and your name was mentioned. I was wondering if you could tell me where you were.
Mm-hmm. You go alone?
You have anything to drink?
I don't know. You put it on the table. It must mean something.
Yeah, well, you better get a good one. Juries don't like cop killers.
Wait. You think I popped Bardot?
You sent that to Bardot because he found out that you were dealing drugs.
Fine. You want in on a bet?
On you. You're not cooperating, so I'm taking protective custody off the table, and a bunch of us are wagering on how long you're gonna last once the inmates find out that you're a cop. I'm guessing under twelve hours, and I'm feeling real lucky right now.
You were right. I uncovered the real reason I had my memories erased, and it's bad. I knew about LokSat a year and a half ago, before your A.G. team was murdered, before Vikram sought you out and the hit squads came gunning. Beckett, this was on me before it was on you.
You knew about LokSat? Everything? Including their connection to Bracken? And you chose to forget this? Why?
For reasons you know all too well. I was trying to protect you.
How did we end up here again? You lie to protect me, I lie to protect you. I'm not gonna yell or throw around blame.
You know, the novelist George Sand, who was a woman, by the way, once wrote "Lying, like license, has its..."
Castle, can you do me a favor?
Wait, what are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
And I asked second. So you should answer first and I'll answer second.
O... okay. I can't sit on the sidelines anymore where LokSat is concerned. I... people have lost their lives, and in a way, I am culpable. And I know you are trying to protect me, but I'm begging you not to. I want in.
Good, because I need you in. This is our fight now.
Okay. Okay, then there's something you should know. That mystery bullet wound I got when I disappeared? I was shot in Los Angeles. Two hours before I took that bullet, LokSat came to town, arriving by plane.
We're looking for a needle in a stack of needles, but LokSat is one of those needles. What do you say, Beckett? It's a place to start.
Did you really come just to make me breakfast? Because that does not sound like you.
Oh, pish-posh. Actually, I got an advance copy of my book that I wanted you to see.
"Unsolicited Advice" by Martha Rodgers. Mother, I'm so proud of you!
Oh, thank you. Read the dedication.
Let's not make this about you.
Oh, come on, you guys. It wasn't all that bad here.
You didn't tell Kate what happened in Los Angeles? You chickened out.
What? The universe sent your mother to tell you what?
Lanie, you find anything in the autopsy?
Where you running to, recruit?
You don't want to miss the rest of the captain's lecture, do you? Turn over.
You are a hot mess. I take it your talk with Beckett last night went well?
So you just sat around drinking whiskey and avoiding the subject.
So what do you plan on doing about that?
Are you gonna have me booted?
No. But I... I need you to be on the up-and-up with me from now on.
Save you from what?
You're Flanagan's daughter.
You took his blood money.
Then why did Bardot need to save you?
You are not quitting.
I'm unfit to be a cop, captain. If you hadn't talked me down back there... I had every intention of pulling that trigger.
But you didn't. You regained your wits, you made the right decision, and that's what counts. There was a point in my career where I wanted to quit. I lost faith that I became a cop for the right reason.
How'd you get your faith back?
A man named Roy Montgomery helped me. He was my captain. He didn't give up on me, and I am not giving up on you.
How you holding up?
Yeah, well, his time will come. Stay with the NYPD, and you can help with that. But you can't do this if you go it alone.
Captain, nice to finally meet you. You're a bit of a legend around these parts. Recruits have been gunning for your records since I got here five years ago. So far, no one's gotten close.
You know Sergeant Ortiz.
So, what can you tell me about Daniel Bardot?
Not surprising when you grow up in Hunts Point.
Did you train alongside Officer Bardot?
So you forged a bond with him against the evil Sergeant Ortiz, which means you have information on Bardot that his higher-ups do not. Is that correct, recruit?
You're dismissed, recruit.
That was a little harsh, don't you think?
You know, if word gets out that these recruits are suspects, it'll haunt their careers. Even if proved innocent.
So what's the next move?
Hate to break it to you, but that's normal for Takata. Guy's got a hitch in his giddy-up I cannot cure.
Every recruit's got a problem with Decker. She's ultra-focused, competitive as hell, and walled off from everyone. Kind of like you were.
Twenty years you guys have been coming in here with all these accusations against old Lucky Jack. Your problem is that none of you ever follow it up with the proof. So unless you're here to buy a pair of crotchless panties for that special someone in your life, I suggest you grab your hat and your books and you get the hell out of my store.
See, that's how I know I'm gonna take you down. It's the cocky ones that are the easiest. You're so busy being clever, you don't see the matchstick falling out of your pocket. Well, I'm gonna find that matchstick, and then I'm gonna burn you with it.
Sarge, I thought we finally got rid of you.
26. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Hunt (2013)
I'm afraid not, Mr. Castle. But I am the one holding her. If you value her life, you will give the phone to the man standing next to you. The one responsible for all the bloodshed in the woods.
You're telling me you're a spy?
I understand there is a recording of a call she made to you.
How did you -
And who told you that?
And then you thank God I'm not the FBI.
Do you have any idea what this is all about? You think I'm some beat cop busting you on possession charges? My partner's daughter is missing and you...
... Are in my way. Now you don't talk to cops? I'm not a cop today, honey.
Where she's being held, there's a conduit supplying it that runs through the old sewer system. You cut those cables, you cut their power. Lights, alarm, security video. That conduit's the key. What do you say, kid? You've been playing cop for years. You ready to play spy?
Given your feelings about your two hundred buck phone, you might want to pick up that $3,000,000 suitcase... Take it with you.
Richard, where are you?
Don't lie to me, Richard. Beckett is here, your passport is gone. Now what the hell do you think you're doing?
Look, you guys, I don't know who Castle thinks he knows, but let's find his daughter before he does something stupid and gets himself killed.
We've met before. Yeah. When you were about ten years old, your mother took you to the library, and you were looking for a book and I gave you a copy of...
That was you? That book made me want to become a writer.
It's you. After all these years, it's finally you.
The way you let Anna go? No, it's time to end things. A life for a life. Tomorrow, six a.m., outside the Palais Bourbon. If you show, I'll spare her. But if you don't, I will put the bullet in her brain instead of yours, and we start again.
This is about you?
Because I was careless. Because somehow, he found out who she was. Who you were. And he knew I'd come for her.
Why? Why would you come for her?
You're selling me out? Why?
What are you doing? That was a $200 phone!
That's how they track you. Now get in the car.
Oh, you expect me to trust you?
Well, you're still alive, aren't you?
You are like your father, Mr. Castle. Getting involved where you don't belong. Did he really think I would not be prepared for an attack?
You have me now. She's of no use to you. Let her go.
And then run. His men will move to the front to respond to my attack. You move to the back, through these doors and right down this corridor.
Don't let them. Just keep moving until you hit the back door, 'cause I'll be coming in the front. Don't stop running, ever. Not until you reach the U.S. Embassy.
I know we're not supposed to talk about what really happened. Thank you, for everything.
I'm so glad you're okay. Please don't do anything like that again without me.
Oh, it came for you this morning. Why? Is it important?
Mom... there's something I want to tell you.
How will I know if you made it?
Oh, you won't. Not officially, at least. I know this has been tough for you, Richard, and... I just want you to know, son, I've always been proud of you. Always.
27. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Backstabber (2016)
Yes, you do. After years of floating from one place to the next, you've finally found a real home here.
Uh, I let you save my ass, old man, so that you could impress little miss naughty knickers who you had a crush on.
You know, for a couple of ex-spies, you sound a lot like sorority girls at spring break.
Hayley, this is Marcus. He's going in with you.
Bryce told me you were a badass, but he didn't say you were an X-rated fantasy.
It's very hard to focus on how charming you are when your breath smells like a festival toilet.
You're up early. Sleep okay?
You betrayed me.
You know what? Never mind. I... I don't even want to re-live it.
Well, technically, you didn't live it. You just dreamed it.
Okay, ladies, I have decided that I should change my autograph. So... what do you think?
...whereas the other conveys insight, wisdom. They're completely different. Can't you see that?
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a business to run, especially since you know who is completely useless.
You know, Rick, I have never seen you in action at an NYPD crime scene.
Well, perhaps you'd like to tag along and watch the crime scene Jedi master at work.
Please tell me you do not refer to yourself as that. Do you really?
Perhaps you should come watch another time.
No, no, no. Lead on, Castle-Wan Kenobi. You are my only hope.
What happened? Did you lose a bet and now Castle gets to drag you everywhere he goes?
You mean help solve. You help.
Yeah. Remember, bro, you cannot solve a homicide without us.
But we sure as hell can solve one without you.
Thank you for stabbing me in the back.
Whoa, wait. What? How did you know that?
Why are you acting surprised?
What? How could you be so...
Why? Who put you up to this?
It doesn't matter. Not anymore. All you need to know is Code 44. I'm sorry, Hayley. I'm so sorry.
Damn it, Alexis, what are you doing here?
Well, I needed some case files for work. But if this is how you get when people come over unannounced, I am happy to give you back your spare key.
I see what's going on. You've got your go bag, your guns. Is this why you wanted to go by that crime scene? Hayley, if you're in trouble, talk to me.
You can't do that.
And I might be putting you and it in danger by staying. I have to go, now.
No, you have to stay and fight. Figure out what's really going on and fix it. Please at least try.
Ooh. Castle, you shouldn't show your face around here right now.
Yeah. And what you did was just so... wrong.
She told you what I did? What did I do?
Well, dream or not, you did something in real life, and Beckett's subconscious is picking up on it.
You need to figure out what that was and come clean before it's too late.
Uh, excuse me, Hayley. Where are you going?
Why are you asking me?
Because clearly something is going on with you, Hayley. Something connected to this case. You know, you can tell us.
Really? You want to talk in here?
You think I killed Marcus.
I wish I remembered something about her. A tattoo, a scar. You want a laugh? The only thing I recall about this woman is poor Ned fumbling around with her fancy corset.
Hang on. I'm putting you on speaker. What was the last thing Hayley did before she disappeared?
You all right?
You don't have to mourn your friends alone, you know.
You don't have to do anything alone ever again.
You know, the French would say "je suis désolé". In Spanish, "Lo siento". In Latin, "mea culpa".
Okay, you're apologizing. I get it.
Yes. Because I have been keeping something from you that your subconscious mind picked up on and caused you to have a dream that I betrayed you in some way.
Kate... you've been going through a lot of changes these past few years. You gave up your place, you got married, and you became a captain. But some of the things that you love have fallen by the wayside, including one thing that's been gathering dust in your father's garage.
You didn't.
I think you should take the bike on a cross-country trip. It's something you've always wanted to do.
This is amazing. I love this. But I... I don't want to do this alone. Why don't you get some lessons?
I was hoping you'd say that...
I love you.
I love you.
Does this mean that you won't be having any more bad dreams about me tonight?
28. That '70s Show (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Who Needs You (2006)
You know I hate it when you read the paper while I'm sitting right here next to you!
You pushed it too far. I want you out!
Oh, how about this: why don't you go down to "I Don't Care" Street, make a left on "Get Out Of My Life" Boulevard, and take the express bus to downtown "Suck It"!
Why don't you read your horoscope? I bet it says you won't be getting ANY!
Oh, here's my horoscope: "You'll find yourself living with a BITCH!"
You have to shape up or put out.
29. That '70s Show (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Eric's Burger Job (1998)
Do you think you'd sleep easier if you had a scrawny little neighbour boy next to you?
Why do you want a career at Fatso Burger?
What do you consider to be your best quality?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hey would you guys respect me if I got a job at the town dump?
Town dump no? State dump? why are you getting a job anyway?
Dates are prostitution man , except you don't always get what you paid for
Hey you guys remember Andra the biker chick?
I don't care, so Eric will you be there?
You are both so stupid
she totally put on a full court press man and you dropped the ball
What are you talking about, all she said was she's going to be alone Saturday, order a pizza, oh my God, I'm so stupid
He's not scrawny, why am I even talking to you about this?
Because I'm all you've got
And how does that make you feel?
Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Welcome to fatso burger, how may I serve you?
Michael I'm so sick of hearing this, you've still got me
If you worked you wouldn't be able to see me whenever I wanted lover
Guys you can't go in the house
You know in my country
Maybe you could mention your Junior achievement experience
See that's a smart mouth comment; you're fired Mr Smart mouth! That's how that works
You're quitting?
It's a good thing too, it was cutting into your chores, you did a half assed job on that driveway
Ricky how did you start working here?
30. Titanic (1997)
Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count.
Ah, forget it, boyo. You're as like to have angels fly out your arse as get next to the likes of her.
You shine up like a new penny.
I am not a foreman in one of your mills that you can command. I am your fiancée.
My fian... my fiancée! Yes, you are, and my wife. My wife in practice if not yet by law, so you will honor me. You will honor me the way a wife is required to honor a husband. Because I will not be made a fool, Rose. Is this in any way unclear?
God! Look at that thing! You would've gone straight to the bottom.
Come on, just give me your hand. I'll pull you back over.
No, stay where you are! I mean it! I'll let go!
No, you won't.
What do you mean, "No, I won't"? Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do, you don't know me!
Well, you woulda done it already.
You're distracting me! Go away!
I can't. I'm involved now. You let go, and I'm, I'm 'onna have to jump in there after you.
Don't be absurd. You'd be killed!
The fall alone would kill you.
It would hurt. I'm not saying it wouldn't. Tell you the truth, I'm a lot more concerned about that water being so cold.
Freezing. Maybe a couple degrees over. You ever, uh, you ever been to Wisconsin?
Well, they have some of the coldest winters around. I grew up there, near Chippewa Falls. I remember when I was a kid, me and my father, we went ice fishing out on Lake Wissota. Ice fishing is, you know, where you...
Sorry. You just seem like, you know, kind of an indoor girl. Anyway, I, uh, I fell through some thin ice; and I'm telling you, water that cold, like right down there...
... it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body. You can't breathe. You can't think. At least, not about anything but the pain. Which is why I'm not looking forward to jumping in there after you.
Like I said, I don't have a choice. I guess I'm kinda hoping you'll come back over the railing, an' get me off the hook here.
You're crazy.
That's what everybody says but, with all due respect, Miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here. Come on. C'mon, give me your hand. You don't want to do this.
I'm gonna have to get you to write that one down.
Thirteen meters; you should see it.
You know somebody?
Of course not! That's not the point! Goodbye, I'll miss you!
Goodbye! I'm gonna never forget you!
You want to walk a little faster through that valley there?
You can be blasé about some things, Rose, but not about Titanic. It's over a hundred feet longer than the Mauritania and far more luxurious.
Rose, you're no picnic, all right? You're a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you're the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I've ever known...
No, let me try and get this out. You're ama- I'm not an idiot, I know how the world works. I've got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I'm too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right... That's all that I want.
Really? I don't think so. They've got you trapped, Rose. And you're gonna die if you don't break free. Maybe not right away because you're strong but... sooner or later that fire that I love about you, Rose... that fire's gonna burn out...
It's not up to you to save me, Jack.
You're right... only you can do that.
No, there wouldn't be, would there? And I've never spoken of him until now... Not to anyone... Not even your grandfather... A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson and that he saved me... in every way that a person can be saved. I don't even have a picture of him. He exists now... only in my memory.
You're right.
We are the luckiest sons of bitches in the world, you know that?
What, they didn't teach you that in finishing school?
Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?
I believe you are blushing, Mr. Big Artiste. I can't imagine Monsieur Monet blushing.
Hey, uh, who thought of the name Titanic? Was it you, Bruce?
Do you know of Dr. Freud, Mr. Ismay? His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you.
What's gotten into you?
She's a pistol, Cal! Hope you can handle her.
No, thank you. We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. But, we would like a brandy.
Oh mother, shut up! Don't you understand? The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats. Not enough by half. Half the people on this ship are going to die.
You know, it's a pity I didn't keep that drawing. It'll be worth a lot more by morning.
You unimaginable bastard!
You're a good liar.
Almost as good as you.
I know what you must be thinking. "Poor little rich girl, what does she know about misery?"
Hello, Jack. Are you of the Boston Dawsons?
I love you, Jack.
Don't you do that, don't say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me?
Listen, Rose. You're gonna get out of here, you're gonna go on and you're gonna make lots of babies, and you're gonna watch them grow. You're gonna die an old... an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Not like this, do you understand me?
Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me to you. And I'm thankful for that, Rose. I'm thankful. You must do me this honor. Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.
I don't know about you, but I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line about all of this.
I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose.
You're certain?
Please, tell only who you must. I don't want to be responsible for a panic. And get to a boat quickly, don't wait. You remember what I told you about the boats?
Mr. Andrews, forgive me. I did the sum in my head and with the number of lifeboats times the capacity you mentioned, forgive me, but it seems that there are not enough for everyone aboard.
'Bout half, actually. Rose, you miss nothing, do you?
Hello Jack. I changed my mind. They said you might be out here.
Step up on the railing. Hold on, hold on. Keep your eyes closed. Do you trust me?
I trust you.
Sleep soundly young Rose for I have built you a good ship, strong and true, she's all the lifeboats you need.
Pick up you bastards!
Yes, what do you see?
Thank you.
Good! Now try and hit the same mark again, Rose. You can do it!
You have a gift Jack, you do. You see people.
I see you.
You wouldn't have jumped.
You'll want to tie those.
It's interesting. The young lady slipped so suddenly and you still had time to remove your jacket and your shoes.
You're not to see that boy again. Do you understand me? Rose, I forbid it.
Oh stop it, mother. You'll give yourself a nose bleed.
Do you love him?
Do you love him?
Well, you're being very rude. You shouldn't be asking me this.
Well, it's a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?
Why can't you just answer the question?
This is absurd. I don't know you and you don't know me and we are not having this conversation at all. You are rude and uncouth, and presumptuous, and I am leaving now.
Jack... Mister Dawson, it's been a pleasure. I've sought you out to thank you, and now I have thanked you.
Well, you deserved it.
I thought you were leaving.
I am. You are so annoying.
Wait, I don't have to leave, this is my part of the ship. You leave.
Well, the boy's a hero then! Good for you, son. Well done.
So, you wanna go to a real party?
Brock! Brock! There's a satellite call for you.
Trust me, buddy, you wanna take this call.
This is Brock Lovett. How can I help you, Mrs...?
I was just wondering if you had found the "Heart of the Ocean" yet, Mr. Lovett.
All right, you have my attention, Rose. Can you tell us who the woman in the picture is?
Que sorry, mavafanculo! You bet all our money!
I'm sorry, you're not gonna see your mom again for a long time, 'cause we're going to America, full house boys! Wohoo!
Have you been through the inspection queue?
I shouldn't worry, madam. We've likely thrown a propeller blade, that's the shudder you felt. May I bring you anything?
No, thank you.
How do you take your caviar, sir?
You're still my best girl, Cora.
What? Do you think a first class girl can't drink?
Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this...
So what happened next?
You mean, did we "do it"? Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Bodine, but Jack was very professional.
Are you nervous?
Hey! What do you think you're doing? You'll have to pay for that, you know? That's White Star Line property.
Rose! You're so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You're so stupid, Rose. Why did you do that? Why?
You jump, I jump, right?
At least I'm with you.
One-hundred and one next month.
Get back, I say, or I'll shoot you all like dogs! Keep order here! Keep order I say. Mr. Lowe, man this boat.
You can't keep us locked up in here like animals - the ship's bloody sinking!
So you think you're big tough men?
Then let's see you do this. Hold this for me Jack.
Next it will be brandies in the smoking room.
Helga, you come with me now. I am very lucky is my destiny to go to America please.
I will never forget you.
Do you have the slightest comprehension of what you're getting into?
Well, you're about to fall into the snake pit... what are you planning to wear?
You know, my dream has always been to run away and become an artist, Living in a garrett poor but free!
You wouldn't last 2 days. Theres no hot water and hardly any caviar.
Ain't nothing to it, is there, Jack? Remember, they love money so pretend like you own a gold mine and you're in the club.
You gonna cut her meat for her too there, Cal?
You liked this woman. You used her several times.
I think you must have had a love affair with her.
No, there is. Not that you'll benefit much from it. I always win Jack, one way or another.
Rose! How did you find out I didn't do it?
Wait a second. You were going to kill youself by jumping off of the Titanic?
All you had to do was wait two days!
Not five. As she goes down by the head, the water will spill over the tops of the bulkheads at E deck from one to the next. Back and back. There's no stopping it.
The pumps buy you time, but minutes only. From this moment, no matter what we do, Titanic will founder.
She's made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can... and she will. It is a mathematical certainty.
Well, I believe you may get your headlines, Mr. Ismay.
So you've not yet lit the last four boilers?
Thank you for that fine forensic analysis, Mr. Bodine. Of course, the experience of it was... somewhat different.
Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?
Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.
When the ship docks, I'm getting off with you.
You don't understand. If we go back, they'll swamp the boat, they'll pull us right down, I'm tellin' you!
Knock it off. You're scaring me. C'mon girls! Grab an oar, let's go!
Are you out of your mind? We're in the middle of the North Atlantic! Now do you people want to live, or do you want to die?
I don't understand a one of you. What's the matter with ya? It's your men out there! There's plenty o' room for more!
And there'll be one less on this boat, if you don't shut that hole in your face!
Oh baby, baby, are you seein' this, boss?
Well, there's been a mistake. You're not one of them. You got mailed to the wrong address.
It was a long one. You know, my Pop's used to tell me, every time he saw one, it was a soul going to heaven.
Why? What would you wish for?
You're trembling.
I hope you enjoy your time together!
You are so full of shit, Boss!
Your money can't save you any more than it can save me.
Completely unacceptable! What made you think you could put your hands on my fiancée? Look at me, you filth!
What? You have to get to a lifeboat right away!
Take the elevator to the very bottom, then go to the left, down the crewman passage, then go right, then left again at the stairs and you'll come to a long corridor.
You like lamb, don't you sweet-pea?
You gonna cut her meat for her, too, Cal?
31. One Tree Hill (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Things I Forgot at Birth (2006)
All right, ummm, imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment in your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?
Listen to me, no matter what happened on that bridge, it was still my fault. I knew how old Rachel was, and I didn't walk away. That's not very heroic is it? Anyways, I wouldn't even be alive to say anything if it wasn't for you.
Okay, let me get this straight. You don't have feelings for Lucas anymore, Peyton does, but she's willing to hide those feelings if you asked her to. Sounds like a pretty great friend to me.
I'm actually just pretending to be looking so I can hear all your business. I'm just waitin to hear your plan of how you're going to get Brooke back for this cryin' little school girl.
Yeah, I'm fine. I was just scared that you...
Happy Birthday Brooke, welcome to 18. You've certainly made a mess of it.
There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. Afraid. Confused. Without a roadmap. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days. Of course, when faced with the unknown, most of us prefer to turn around and go back. But once in a while people push on to something better. Something found just beyond the pain of going it alone. And just beyond the bravery and courage it takes to let someone in. Or to give someone a second chance. Something beyond the quiet persistence of a dream. Because it's only when you're tested, that you truly discover who you are. And it's only when you're tested, that you discover who you can be. The person you want to be does exist. Somewhere on the otherside of hard work and faith and belief... and beyond the heartache and fear of what lies ahead.
You know I use to watch you?
What did you watch?
No I'm serious. You know from up close they're a little chickeny.
Well I have a question to ask you but before you give me an answer, I just want you to know there is a point to it okay?
I know you saved my life.
I'm going to find a way to thank you.
You don't have to do that.
You have Cooper's eyes.
I need you to talk to me.
Haley, I'm not trying to shut you out, ok? I just don't understand it enough to let you in yet.
32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
I just... uh, uh... If this our last moment together, I just want you guys to know I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was so hard on you! Ugh. Everytime I pushed you I... I threatened you, I yelled at you, I pushed you beyond your limits, it's because I believe in you! I believe in each one of you! I believe in you spirit and your intelligence and your potential! And every time I talked about walking away it was because I was scared! I just didn't think I was good enough to stand next to you and call you brothers, and say to you, I love you! I love you guys so much!
You live, you die, you fight as brothers. Remember, nothing is as strong as family...
You know we're not supposed to go above ground!
You mess with us, you steppin' to the Wu-TANG!
Did you see that guy's jaw connect with the concrete?
Do NOT say a word about this to anyone. If you do, we will find you. April O'Neil.
Yeeeaaah, we'll fiiiind yoooou! O'Neil!... I'm sorry, that came across super-creepy. We will find you, though!
We're taking your armour to the next level...
O'Neil, what are you doing?
Yeah, that's good. Make sure you're getting everything...
You're a talking turtle...
Yeah, and you're a human nerd. Now that we've got that out of the way, HIT IT!
What are you?
So, you're... Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers?
When you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous!
Why are you always telling me what to do?
My sons, your training is not yet complete. But you will become the warriors that legends are made of.
Hey, Mikey, remember that thing you used to say when we were kids?
You made me promise never to say it again...
Every time we're in the Hashi, it's because of YOU!
Well, bro, you don't have to worry about me dragging you down anymore!
How're we gonna finish our hip hop Christmas album, bro? You're the hype man!
You spit in my eye!
Guys, did you see? I totally talked to a girl!
Legend tells us they came at a time of great pestilence. Farms yielded no food, hearts no hope. Jealousy and spite lured them to us... the demons, the Yokai. Through fear, they enslaved the people. But a remnant of hope shined bright in the darkness... the kappa yokai. Summoned not from anger as the demons, but instead by their hogosha. Though powerful, they would require training from a master in the art of ninjutsu; one who could teach them the principles of honour, courage, wisdom and brotherhood; to become true heroes and defeat the warlord. With these newfound skills in ninjutsu, the kappa yokai were a deadly force. And for the first time in many years, darkness was banished from the land. One generation passed the legend on to the next, preserving their memory should they be needed once more...
Come with me, I gotta safe place for you to hide. And if you're thirsty I got a secret stash of orange crush behind the fridge. Don't tell Raph.
Raph... we made it. You crying?
Ma'am, can you hear me? Do you know what city you're in? Do you know where you are?
Have you seen that video where the cat is playing Chopsticks with chopsticks?
There are four six-foot talking turtles walking around New York City, and no one has seen them but you?
That's what I'm telling you.
All these years I've been trying to recreate the mutagen. And you... you just handed it to me.
You will not lay a hand on my sons!
Your sons? You think you're their father?
We can hear you!
This is history, repeating itself! Your father walked in on me, April, just like you did!
You killed my father...
You are extraordinary, my sons. Unlike anything the world has ever seen. Bowed in greatness, destined to protect the people of New York! A dark force is growing: a criminal organization known as the Foot Clan, so named because they step over the good people of this city with no regard. Their leader, Shredder, will come at you with ferocity. His Foot Clan will outnumber you! The people of New York will look upon you as their only hope. Eyes focused! Elbows locked! Stance lowered! Be one with the blades! I know you are eager to answer their calls. But your training is not yet complete. The world below must remain your home. As your father, you must trust me and be patient. You are not yet ready to go above ground, but I believe when that day comes, when you rise to the streets, you will be responsible for amazing things.
Where have you been?
Of course, you've all tasted the five-cheese pizza. But this... cheesemongers have speculated its existence for centuries. Da Vinci's original masterpiece. I submit to you... Novantanove Formaggio, The 99-cheese pizza!
Mikey, don't you do it!
All these years you told us we were rescued from the fire by a great guardian spirit, a hogosha.
Listen closely, April. I don't remember a time before living in that laboratory. That fateful night started like any other: Sachs gave us our injections, your father made sure our vital signs were strong, and you as always provided us with a special treat. After the brothers went to sleep, I heard loud voices... it was the smell of smoke. Alarms sounded. Your father had discovered the truth behind the man he was working for. He set fire to the lab; his last breath was taken trying to destroy Shredder's plan. I was terrified. But then you appeared, and ushered us to safety.
I never had a voice, then. But I thank you now, April.
I saw how your father loved you, and I knew I had to show that same love to the Turtles. I became their father, and they became my sons.
Everything they are, and everything they have become, was made possible by the bravery you displayed on that fateful night.
And you gave us freedom, where others would have kept us in cages.
Where're you going, Raph? I need all of you!
It's stupid - like you, Mikey!
Raphael, glad you could join us. The fourth cage is for you!
Wassup, bro? Oh, you want some of this? I'm a snapping turtle fool! Snap, snap, snap!
Mikey, was that you?
How many times do I have to tell you? We don't break things, we fix them. Donnie already wiped the pic, genius! Problem solved! Moving on!
Who made you boss?
You know who did.
Oooh, tension. It's been like thirty whole minutes since you had this conversation.
The rat did not teach you well!
Why are you here?
Inside those turtles is the most precious compound on earth - mutagen. I want you to drain every ounce of their blood, even if it kills them!
You two are adorable. I could just pinch your cheeks!
Wassup, bro? You want some of this? I'm like a ghost! I'm over here, then I'm over here bro! I'm a shadow! I'm a flying shadow fire dragon!
See, she's looking at us like we're freaks! I bet that's why you took our picture, wasn't it, to show to your friends?
We know you're out there! If you don't surrender, we start executing hostages!
You stupid little girl...
Three days ago, New York would have called Eric Sachs its hero. But today, we know he's one of the greatest villains this city has ever faced. How were we so easily fooled? And what can we learn from this tragedy? Maybe, it's that heroes aren't exactly who you might expect them to be. They're not wealthy billionaires, they're not square-jawed comic-book characters with flowing capes. Heroes can be anyone. Like the vigilantes that saved this city. They were born in shadow, they live in shadow, they fight in shadow, and they always will.
33. Band of Brothers (2001 Mini-Series)
Once we get into combat, they only people you can trust is yourself and the fella next to you.
You know why they volunteered? Because they knew that the man in the foxhole next to them would be the best, not some draftee who's going to get them killed.
Where you hit, Pop?
Looks like you guys are going to be surrounded.
I treasure my remark to my grandson who asked, "Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said, "No... but I served in a company of heroes".
The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it.
Hey, you! That's right, you stupid Kraut bastards! That's right! Say hello to Ford, and General fuckin' Motors! You stupid fascist pigs! Look at you! You have horses! What were you thinking? Dragging our asses half way around the world, interrupting our lives... For what, you ignorant, servile scum! What the fuck are we doing here?
Have a lot of you guys been injured?
It's called "wounded," Peanut. "Injured" is when you fall out of a tree or something.
Don't worry, there so much crap flying around, you're bound to get dinged sometime. Almost every one of these guys got hit at least once. Except for Ally, he's a two-timer. He landed on broken glass in Normandy, and got peppered by a potato masher. Now, Bull... he got a piece of exploding tank in Holland. Now George Luz here... has never been hit. You're one lucky bastard.
Huh, considered us blessed. Now Leibgott, the skinny little guy? He got pinged in the neck in Holland. And right next to him, the other skinny little guy, that's Popeye. He got shot in his scrawny little butt in Normandy. And, uh, Buck got shot in his rather large butt in Holland.
They're doing fine, Bill. Nice of you to ask.
You don't say! The Germans are bad, huh?
You people are at the position of attention!
Private Perconte, have you been blousing your trousers over your boots like a paratrooper?
Volunteering for the parachute infantry is one thing, Perconte, but you've got a *long* way to prove that you belong here. Your weekend pass is revoked.
When did you sew on these chevrons, Sergeant Lipton?
Rusty bayonet, Liebgott. You wanna kill Germans?
I wouldn't take this rusty piece of shit to war, and I will not take *you* to war in your condition!
Kind of remind you of Bastogne?
Yeah, now that you mention it. Except, of course, there's no snow, we got warm grub in our bellies, and the trees aren't fucking exploding from Kraut artillery, but yeah... Frank... other than that, it's a lot like Bastogne.
Thank you.
I swear I thought I could smell a fire... I DID smell a fire. Are you out of your mind?
You know a man in this company who wouldn't double-time Currahee with a full pack, just to piss in that man's morning coffee?
I don't know whether to slap you, kiss you, or salute you. I told these scallywags you was okay.
Lieutenant, are you going to shoot lefty all night?
To keep you on your toes.
Are you ticked because they like me? Because I'm spending time to get to know my soldiers? I mean, c'mon, you've been with them for two years? I've been here for six days.
You were gambling, Buck.
What if you'd won?
What if you'd won? Don't ever put yourself in the position where you can take from these men.
Well, I'd better get back to Battalion before they disappear. You want to ask me, don't you?
Ask you what, sir?
You want to know if they're true or not... the stories about me. Did you ever notice with stories like that, everyone says they heard it from someone who was there. But then when you ask *that* person, they say *they* heard it from someone who was there. It's nothing new, really. I bet if you went back two thousand years, you'd hear a couple of centurions standing around, yakking about how Tertius lopped off the heads of some Carthaginian prisoners.
Sir? These men aren't really concerned about the stories. They're just glad to have you as our CO. They're happy to have a good leader again.
Well, from what I've heard, they've always had one. I've been told there's always been one man they could count on. Led them into the Bois Jacques, held them together when they had the crap shelled out of them in the woods. Every day, he kept their spirits up, kept the men focused, gave 'em direction... all the things a good combat leader does. You don't have any idea who I'm talking about, do you?
Hell, it was you, First Sergeant. Ever since Winters made Battalion, you've been the leader of Easy Company. Oh, and you're not going to be First Sergeant much longer, First Sergeant.
Winters put you in for a battlefield commission, and Sink approved on your behalf. You should get the official notice in a few days. Congratulations, Lieutenant.
Are those dusty jump wings? How do you expect to slay the Huns with dust on your jump wings?
Now just think... if you had any class or style like me, somebody might've mistaken you for somebody.
Oh, that dog just ain't gonna hunt. Now, you cut that fence and get this goddamn platoon on the move.
So what did you study?
You're kidding me! I love to read.
Men, it's been a long war, it's been a tough war. You've fought bravely, proudly for your country. You're a special group. You've found in one another a bond, that exists only in combat, among brothers. You've shared foxholes, held each other in dire moments. You've seen death and suffered together. I'm proud to have served with each and every one of you. You all deserve long and happy lives in peace.
Hey, that's fantastic, Lew. Good for you.
Thank you.
But you do.
Which I do. Hell, Shifty, I think maybe I could've even given you a run for your money.
Sorry about what? Patton? I couldn't agree more. What are you doing here?
Joe, you don't have to do that. Get yourself back to the aid station, heal up.
Hey, Joe. Good to see you, pal.
You too.
What the hell are you doing back here?
I had to make sure you were on top of things.
Hey, Joe, I told you I'd beat you back to the States!
I told you, it's O'Keefe.
Do you know why no one remembers your name? It's 'cause no one wants to remember your name! There are too many Smiths, DiMatos, and O'Keefes and O'Briens who show up here, replacing Toccoa men that you dumb replacements got killed in the first place! And they're all like you. They're all piss and vinegar. "Where are the Krauts at? Let me at 'em! When do I get to jump into Berlin?" Two days later, there they are with their blood and guts hanging out. Screaming for a medic, begging for their goddamn mothers! You dumb kids don't even know you're dead yet. Hey, you listening to me? Don't you know this is the best part of fuckin' war I've seen? I've got hot chow, hot showers, a warm bed. The way I see it, Germany is almost as good as being home. I even got to wipe my ass with real toilet paper today! So quit asking when you're gonna see some action, will ya? And stop with the fuckin' love songs!
When'd you ship out? Two weeks ago?
Why you keeping the brass knuckles?
What do you think about New Jersey?
Yeah, well, oddly enough, I know the owners. Probably gonna expect me to make something of myself. I thought maybe I'd drag you along with me.
Are you offering me a job?
We'll see how you do on your interview, but, you know, a man of your qualifications... I think probably scrape something up commensurate with your current salary level.
Kids, I just had a conversation with General LeClerc. He told me he was first into Paris, and by God, he wanted to be first into Berchtesgaden. I told him I understood his point. Now you fire up Second Battalion and outflank that French son of a bitch!
Toye, are you missing something?
You watch the goddamn line, McClung.
You've done it now, Yanks. You've captured me.
What do you think I should write these parents, Dick?
Hear what I said, Nix? You've been demoted.
You tell them what you always tell them: their sons died as heroes.
You really still believe that?
Don't you?
Why do you think, Private Randleman?
Lieutenant Sobel does not hate Easy Company, Private Randleman. He just hates you.
Thank you, sir.
Who are you?
Right, our West Pointer. When'd you graduate?
Hey, Web. Can you believe this place?
Is this personal to you?
You know what? What if he's a fucking Nazi commandant of a fucking slave camp?
Which one? Which camp? You don't have any proof!
Were you at Landsberg?
You know I was.
You think this guy's a soldier like you and me? A fucking innocent German officer?
Where the hell have you been the past three years?
Hey, Frank... you keep cleaning those teeth, the Germans are going to see you from a mile away.
That's right Pee Wee, you keep laughin'!
What are you lookin' at, Webster? Yeah, that's what I thought, college boy.
Are you drunk, trooper?
Nix, what are you going to do in battle?
"They got me". You believe that? You believe I said that?
It's gonna be good times, Web... When we get home I mean... First thing I'm gonna do is get my job back at the cab company in Frisco. Make a killing of all those fucking sailors coming home, you know? Then I'm gonna find me a nice Jewish girl, with great big soft titties and a smile to die for. Marry her. Then I'm gonna buy a house... A big house, with lots of bedrooms for all the little Liebgotts we're gonna be making.
Don't do anything stupid? Who the hell is he talking to? A bunch of morons who volunteered to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Can you get any more stupid that that?
Ah, what are you sorry about? He's alive, got a couch, a goddamn blanket. Snug as a bug.
Hey Sarge, you think this is a ticket home?
Harry, do you really think that Kitty hasn't run off with some 4-F by now?
Let's go. C'mon, you got 10 minutes.
Oh Skinny, you got blood all over my trousers.
You don't wanna go out in this shit and you're yellin' "medic"?
Well, you're in luck, Penkala...
You know he told me he was a goddamn virgin?
You want syrup with that?
Nothing you won't eat, Malarkey.
You're kidding. That's unbelievable.
What are you men doing out here?
Well, keep up the good work. While you're at it, you might want to reinforce your cover.
Hey Luz, can you do Major Horton?
When you talk to an officer, you say "sir".
So, you looked at 'em, but you didn't take 'em?
I don't believe you! I'll be watching you. You're dismissed.
You'd better not be lying to me.
Sir, if it's not going to put you in too much of a bind, I'd like to resign as company First Sergeant. If I had my choice, I miss being back amongst the men. I'd be happy to go to as Staff Sergeant, whichever platoon you want to put me in.
Well, I guess you've earned your right to demote yourself.
Thank you, sir.
You wanna take over Sergeant Grant's platoon?
Alright then, report to Lieutenant Peacock. Let me know if he gives you any trouble.
Oh, sir? You make your decision yet?
34. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 TV Series)
Frank I've been walking next to you this entire time
Oooh shit... Look at the door, dude. You see that door right there? The one marked pirate? You think a pirate lives in there?
What are you gonna do, hit him? No, that's a terrible idea, I'll tell you why: it doesn't unbang your mom.
Later dudes, S you in your A's Don't wear a C and J all over your B's
So what you want a maid?
Good, that's good. And you're not getting a high ride, huh?
Well, it's... not about you. Why don't you just write it down?
God you're disgusting, a disgusting animal.
I think you should bang Gail the snail
You did your best, no hard feelings! I'm going to grab some of this literature on my way out too.
are you intervening us is that what that was?
you know what I'm feeling I'm feeling like you've lost control of the room here. When really we're the ones who are running things here
I've lost my trust in you, I feel like we can do this on our own.
Do you guys think?
You're thirty-three years old, you're supposed to be sexually active! You're not supposed to be fondling your uncle under the table
Yeah let's pretend you aren't who you are and just try to attract a woman.
Bro you got be kidding ,you know what we'll make it up
We're not even going to use you!
Cover you knees up if your going to be walking around everywhere.
Is it a yes or a no, because you're kind of holding up traffic here. It's just - it's rude.
How much cheese have you eaten today?
You had a block of cheese?
Does that calm you down?
Where did you come from?
35. Family Guy (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington (2001)
Some company hired me to stand next to you all day so you'd look better by comparison.
Baby needs to suck ash! BABY NEEDS TO SUCK ASH! Not "ass" you pervert save it for the interns.
Oh, No need to park here, Mr. Griffin, you have an executive parking space now.
I hate you, too! You make me sick, you fat sack o' crap!
But you just said you hated me!
But. Not. You. The President. That you. Said hated you. Who loved. Hate Yankees. Clouds.
I'll have that fixed for you tomorrow, sir.
Baby needs to suck ash. Baby needs to suck ash. Not ass, you pervert. Save it for the interns.
Mr Weed, I can't come to work today because I was in a terrible plane crash. My family is dead and I am a vegetable. See you tomorrow.
Peter, why would they make you president?
I'm so glad you talked us all into playing hooky.
And you won't believe all the perks we're getting!
Uhh... can I help you?
Hey Meg, did you get less ugly?
Well, you tell me. Louie left his house at 2:15 and has to travel a distance of 6.2 miles at a rate of 5 miles per hour. What time will Louie arrive?
36. Girl Meets World (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Girl Meets the New Year (2015)
Actually, we've still got an hour until it's next year. Let's recap what we have thus far. You and me, Riley and Auggie, all of these friends and family... You and me. No matter what happens. Next year, bring it on.
I just happened to be standing next to you.
You and me. Next year...
Thank you!
What page are you on?
304. Maya, you know how the girls decide who they love? They throw a ball.
Apparently, these sorts of things get decided at the ball. You know what we need? A ball.
All I know is I've been reading as long as you, and I'm on page seven. I don't think this is in America.
I hear you're having a party.
Tell them you still like Lucas, Riley. Just tell them the truth. Don't start the new year with a lie.
You don't know that. You don't know how she feels. I don't think she knows how she feels. You know why?
Farkle, you said that wouldn't tell anybody. How could you do this to me?
I'm doing it *for* you, Riley. I care so much about you, I want you to know that the truth is always the best thing.
You don't think this is a mess already? I want you to tell them. I know you would have me do the same thing. You ever heard of the horn of Gabriel?
He's an angel. They say when he blows his horn, it's the end of time. If you don't tell everybody how you really feel, his horn blows at midnight.
Do you give in to your feelings or let your mind rule over your heart?
What about you, Riley?
Thank you!
You set me up!
You know, Riley, as a spinster you may not be aware, but romance is very much in play on New Year's Eve. Is that right, dearest?
Yes. I'm told who you're with when the clock strikes twelve is how you'll spend the coming year.
I will certainly be with you.
Desperation doesn't look good on you, Lucas. Even though everything else does.
You can say whatever you want. She's mine.
Does it have to be next year already?
"How would you describe your personality? Library or campfire?"
Oh, well, you know...
"Have you ever kept a secret from somebody you love?" Game over.
Why, because you know secrets are dangerous?
And you know what happens at midnight?
You dragged me all the way up the stairs. I LIKED IT.
You're right again, aren't you, Matthews?
How easy it is to get torn apart by feelings you don't understand. It's gonna be a tough year, isn't it?
Oh, it doesn't get any easier. That's why you have to stick close to the people you trust so they can put you back together again.
So why don't you go join them?
Have ever said anything nice to you?
Well... It's one minute to midnight, and I'm glad you're standing here.
I'm sorry, guys. I did the right thing. I hope you can forgive me. Happy new year.
37. Girl Meets World (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Girl Meets Yearbook (2015)
You don't have to call me Donnie Barnes. I made that up. My name is Farkle Minkus. I'm growing up. And I don't know what's going to happen next. But you guys are my best friends, so deal with it.
Okay, Farkle. Who are you? I wanna know the new rules.
You know who you are. You have your own category named after you.
So please remember you shouldn't listen to what everybody says. Because if you listen to everybody else, you just might end up crashing your little ships onto the rocks.
But you should listen to the people who care about you. Because they have your best interest at heart.
Right, buddy? You're much more than just a regular guy.
Aww, Lucas, you're a very sweet guy. That's why I always liked you since I fell onto your lap on the subway. It's why we should have been favorite couple. Because we're so much alike. You know, it's like we're two sunshiney people from the same sunshiney family. That's why I like you so much. It's like you're my brother.
Nothing. Nothing happened. I don't want to be Riley any more. Only you're Riley. I'm Maya. We don't care what you say. We're not crashing our ships. Come back. Come back right now.
Maya, you are the most secure person in this room. You have a great life! Why would you change? I mean okay, not great life... I mean, your family life could, you know, be better, but... uh, at least at school you're uh... you're here a lot!
I have no interest living in a world without Riley and Farkle. And I'm not going anywhere until you to come back, you hear me?
Maya, the people you knew aren't here any more.
Then can you please tell me where I can find them?
You wanna know what I think about you?
But I wanna tell you
I don't think you need to.
I'm asking you not to do it.
You wanna run, or you want it straight in the face?
You guys won't judge me if I run, right?
You okay now?
I agree. Riley Matthews is the best person I can be. Maya is gone, and you're never gonna see her again.
38. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Crook and Ladder (2007)
Marge, when next you see me, I'll be a soggy, smokey hero. Mmm. Soggy, smokey hero.
Why do you listen to this magazine? It's a Larry Flint publication.
Why am I sleeping, when next door is every kid's dream? A fat, easily susceptible zombie dad.
I'm sorry, Maggie, but growing up means giving up the things you love.
Mr. Simpson, why did you hurt the dollies?
You're confusing drugs with "druuuugs!"
Your sense of civic duty, and this pamphlet that came with the fire extinguisher are the only training you need or shall ever receive.
Are you a travel agent? Because you're sending me on a guilt trip.
Look at me! I'm stealing five Segways at once. And speaking of segueways, I'm off to my next morally questionable activity.
39. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Stealing First Base (2010)
That's not Bart, that's Principal Skinner. Bart's sitting right next to you.
There was a mix up with your tests. You actually got an A triple-plus. The F belonged to Ralph.
I need to talk to you about man stuff.
Come on, give up the goods, you yellow devil!
No, not you. Never you.
Why you little...!
Nelson, now that the ban has been lifted, let me touch your face so that I can see how you really are.
Aw, you're comfortable enough to mock me.
That's all that happened, and I got to miss a day of work? Thank you!
Maybe you should get easier jobs.
Unless you make this school an affection-free environment, we'll sue you to the last dime.
And we'll make you wish your son was ever born.
You told him to kiss her? Why didn't you just tell him to hit her over the head with a club and drag her to a cave?
You mean second base? He's a little young for that.
I don't get you. You're hot, you're cold, you're hot... what is your deal?
You have a lot to learn about women, and I'm not going to tell you.
Oh, I give up. Smell you later.
I love you!
40. Empire (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Our Dancing Days (2015)
You create your own customer base. Give them some of that good stuff. Make 'em want more. You see, Lucious did that with music. He created a sound. They call it the 'Lucious Lyon sound.' You all know it, or else you wouldn't be here. Lucious' music took the street mainstream, and made the mainstream feel street. Everything Lucious touches turns to platinum, and that's a fact. He started out doing it with the music. Next he did it with over a dozen profitable entertainment and merchandise divisions. And now he's gonna do it with your money, if you're lucky enough and smart enough to put it in his hands. Lucious and I had three sons before he dumped me. Our oldest son, Andre, is the CFO of this company. He's brilliant, and he's gonna make every last one of you filthy rich. Our other two sons, Jamal and Hakeem Lyon, they are living proof that Empire is more than just one man's dream. It's a dream come true that's ready to be passed down to the next generation, and the next and the next, and you all can be a part of it.
My name is Cookie Lyon. My ex-husband, Lucious, and I started this company in a little garage in one of the worst ghettos in West Philadelphia. Yeah. Some of y'all probably have a few ex-wives, so you know I'm not gonna be standing up here telling you all this mushy stuff about what a fine man my ex is. Lucious Lyon is a musical god, and he's also a crazy son of a bitch that had a dream - still has a dream - and nobody better ever try to get in between Lucious and his dreams. We were hustlers, only choice we had, but do you know what the first rule of hustling is?
41. Law & Order (1990 TV Series)
Episode: Criminal Law (2005)
Trying this case, frankly even standing next to you lately, scares the hell out of me. Enough time, this guy is gonna figure out a way, police protection or not.
You shoulda been at the top of the list.
Are you okay Jack?
Arthur gave you the out. You could have handed this case off.
Would you let intimidation affect the way you prosecute a crime?
42. Bob's Burgers (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Kids Rob a Train (2014)
Next you'll be telling me to put on underwear.
You chose chocolate. It's what bandana would have wanted.
Gene, why are you dressed like Dexy's Midnight Runner? Go put on a shirt.
43. Community (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2009)
and part of you dies just a little bit on the inside. Because people can connect with anything. We can sympathize with a pencil, we can forgive a shark, and we can give Ben Affleck and Academy Award for screenwriting. People can find the good in just about anything but themselves. Look at me. It's clear to all of you that I am awesome. But I could never admit that. That would make me an ass. But what I can do is see what makes Annie awesome. She's driven. We need driven people or the lights go out and the ice cream melts. And Pierce, we need guys like Pierce. This guy has wisdom to offer. We should listen to him some time. We wouldn't regret it. And Shirley, Shirley has earned our respect. Not as a wife, not as a mother, but as a woman. Don't test her on that, because that thing about the jukebox was too specific to be improvised. And Troy. Who cares if Troy thinks he's all that? Maybe he is. You think astronauts go to the moon because they hate oxygen? No, they're trying to impress their high school's prom king. And Abed. Abed's a shaman. You ask him to pass the salt, he gives you a bowl of soup. Because you know what, soup is better. Abed is better. You are all better than you think you are. You are designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself. I want you to look to the person to your left. Sorry. Look at the person sitting next to you. I want you to extend to that person the same compassion you extend to sharks, pencils and Ben Affleck. I want you to say to that person, "I forgive you." You've just stopped being a study group. You have become something unstoppable. I hear by pronounce you a Community.
Woah, you just wrinkled my brain.
I thought you were like Bill Murray in any of his films, but you're more like Michael Douglas in any of his films.
Yeah, well you have Aspergers.
I'm a Professor. You can't talk to me that way!
A 6 year old girl could talk to you that way!
No, because you're a 5 year old girl and theres a pecking order!
I'm sorry I called you Michael Douglas, and I see your value now.
I thought you had a Bachelor's from Columbia.
You duermo tarde Español, una hora mas, no arañes my coche.
I like you, Jeffrey. You remind me of myself at your age.
Have you ever heard of the saying "Cheaters never prosper"?
You have been sexually harassing me since the very first day of class.
So this is a game to you? You put human beings into a state of emotional shambles for a shot at getting in my pants?
Why can't you see that for the compliment that it is?
What makes humans different from other animals? We're the only species on earth that observes Shark Week. Sharks don't even observe Shark Week, but we do. For the same reason I can pick up this pencil, tell you it's name is Steve and go like this
Shouldn't you be rolling around on a bed covered in test answers?
You should just study for like an hour. It's not that hard.
You seem pretty smart. You got a sports coat.
Eh. Me. Funny thing about being smart is that you can get through most of life without ever having to do any work. So, uh, not really sure how to do that.
44. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Metamorphosis (2001)
Just shut me out. It's like one minute you're here, and the next you're gone. Clark, you're not outgrowing me as a friend, are you?
Can't knock your taste in women. You want to tell me what happened last night?
You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Romans saved that for special occasions. You could have died out there.
Your form's good but his gait's off. You might want to check your shoes. Lex Luthor. I'm a friend of your aunt's.
Sneaking up like that. You're lucky you didn't get kicked.
You must be Lana. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
I seriously doubt I'd forget meeting you.
You were a little preoccupied at the time.
When I was ten, I went to Metropolis for a riding competition. Your father invited us to stay over. My aunt said you had an indoor pool. When I went to check it out, I found you and a girl skinny dipping. I think you were teaching her the breast stroke.
That was you? Wow. You're all grown up now.
I know the feeling. Kind of makes you wonder if you're with the right guy. One chucks footballs, the other helps save lives.
If you hadn't pulled him out of that truck, your problems would be solved.
Clark, you okay?
Did you know you can see my house from here?
You know, we've lived a mile apart our whole lives and you've never come over.
And you're wondering what I'm doing here now.
Chloe, I could never outgrow you. Other than vertically.
You need to talk to Mom. I think I really freaked her out this time.
You also made her really proud, Clark.
I honestly don't know. As soon as you start breaking the law of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory.
Save any more lives on your way over? Keep it up and you could make a career out of it.
What's the sudden interest in Greg? You coming out of the entomology closet?
It's nothing. I'll catch up with you later.
I hate it when you do that.
Chloe, I could never outgrow you. Other than vertically.
It's amazing how far that Kent charm with get you.
Your mom said I could wait up here. I hope you don't mind. This is an amazing place.
45. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Shield (2010)
No, of course not. But what if he were? One minute you know you know what you know, and the next you realize you don't really know anything but you want to know everything. What is the world like for him? Does he feel pain? How does he heal? When does he sleep? *Does* he even sleep.
You know, the philosopher Nietzsche believed we shouldn't live for the future, but for the present. He thought that people who chased after some far-off future dream were really running away from their true destiny.
I have to admit, this assignment... a little out of my strike zone. I mean, I was raised by a very grounded 4-star general who believed in what you can see, touch, blow up...
It's just... you can live your whole live without any prove of something, like a god or whatever, and then one day you look up and realize the guy sitting across from you is... Ra.
You think the guy sitting across from you is an ancient sun god?
Maybe you should just ask Clark. Now, why don't you sit down before you drive *me* crazy.
You should be thanking me. I just handed you the hit of a lifetime.
Why would I thank you for something fate gave me? Somewhere out there, we all got a bullet with our name on it.
I'd like you to have something. It was given to me by my wife. It's a story, about two star-crossed lovers. Prince Khufu and Shayera were murdered by an evil man, but their love was so strong they were bonded for all eternity. Lifetime after lifetime they were reborn, to find their one true love. Only to lose each other in death again.
If you're into the whole Egyptian "Groundhog Day" thing.
Why are you doing this to me? I didn't do anything.
Funny thing about fate. You can't outrun it. Either it's your day or it's not, sweet pea.
Trust me. He'll get over you. Three or four years, he won't even remember your face. People about to die always think that that special loved one won't be able to go on without ' em. But the truth is, that person just finds someone else to love. Everyone is replaceable.
46. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Absolute Justice (2010)
What's next for you?
Your fate is utterly binding. You are invaluable, Clark Kent. But you, you walk the same path as a I do, Chloe Sullivan.
Who are you?
Let me show you, my friend.
Dr. Fate says you're a big deal. I don't see it.
Why have you been watching us?
It wouldn't have worked, Courtney. People never learn. This generation will make the same mistakes the last one did like the one before that. Obvious by how you've skipped your homework, you don't even know who we are.
You don't who we are either. But none of us here are the bad guys.
You sure about that, Clark? The winged warrior here threw me through a window.
I hope I didn't make you cry.
Bring it, Big Bird. Just for the record, you started it.
Justice? Well, everything we've heard about you guys is a little blurry when it comes to justice.
You mean what you've *read*.
Do you know who you're working with here? These old men have criminal records longer than that staff of yours.
Frosty's kid going after you for putting dear old in traction, right? But why now? It's been decades.
The hope for tomorrow that your alien friend spoke of - you are that hope. I have seen it.
Because you see the future?
When you saw my fate, what did you see?
You will lead this generation as Hawkman once lead ours.
You sound like a group I met from the future. They hinted at my destiny, but they were as vague as you are.
Then let me be specific. Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him.
And when you show yourself to the world, it will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism that will start when they look up into the sky at you with hope for tomorrow. You will have everyone to embrace it.
You know, you really got to work on your landings.
It would have been a lot smoother if you hadn't thrown up.
You have the capacity to break the chains that are holding you down, Clark. And when you do, what Doctor Fate envisioned will come to pass. You will soar higher than any one of us.
So, what do you call your team anyway?
Uh, sure. You're buying Mr. Queen.
Ah, fine. Dessert's on you.
You're the one they call Watchtower.
Technology today makes hiding a whole lot harder, Miss Sullivan. When someone like you reaches out and plugs into so many outlets, someone else is bound to pull out one of those cords and follow it back to the source. You're lucky a friend did it first.
Is that *my* e-mail? Chloe, I'll let you know that those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic.
I know what kind of hero you are, Green Arrow.
Who are you supposed to be, sweetie? The new Star-Spangled Kid?
But you love talking. Shut up.
I asked them to so I can keep you in line.
What are you? My chaperon?
I'm interested in you. You are not a human, but you are forced to be.
But you sacrificed them to save Clark Kent. You see what I see in Clark Kent but without the aid of the helmet of Nabu. Its magic reveals the fates of people around me. I look into the window of the future and witness might be. But, eventually, it became too much. I saw too much. Before your people were destroyed, did you have a wife, John?
You miss your family as do I.
I killed you.
You're not like the others, are you, Clark? Kids who are in it for the thrills or because they have a chip on their shoulder. You don't do this for glory or vengeance.
Why? Because of you?
You have to trust them.
You have to remember they're people, too. They'll make mistakes. We all do. We all have to keep trying. Isn't that what you said?
If it isn't my favorite Martian. Looks like you're enjoying the return of your powers.
According to Hawkman, someone worthy will be drawn to it. They'll become the next Dr. Fate.
Dr. Fate was inundated with a constant flow of visions and information, but there is a limit to how much knowledge someone can have. It drove him to the edge of sanity, and he fell off. I don't need my telepathy to know you run that risk yourself.
I only say because I care. You and Clark, Oliver. You're my family here.
I see your fate, Lois Lane. You are the one he will need. He is the one you will need.
Carter, please. There's over a dozen members of the Justice Society still out there. Jay, Ted, Alan. If we didn't team up and stop the Icicle, he'll go after them next.
It's obvious you still care about this team. If you didn't, you wouldn't have kept watch over all of this.
Do you have any idea where we can find Icicle?
Thank you.
47. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Truth (2004)
I'm always standing next to you.
I guess it's my turn to come clean. When you found me on the bridge, I was on my way here. I was gonna ask your parents all the questions you would never answer. Look, I know "I'm sorry" has become a recurring motif in our relationship, but...
No, Chloe, uh... Look, I appreciate your honesty, but you weren't yourself.
No. You're going after the truth. Chloe, there's nothing wrong with that.
Unless it hurts the people you care the most about. I'm just afraid that one day I'm gonna push too hard, and I'm not gonna get the chance to say I'm sorry.
Pete, how come you didn't tell me how you felt about Chloe?
What would make you say that?
Oh, come on, Clark. As far as long shadows go, you're the dark side of the moon.
48. American Dad! (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Stan of Arabia: Part 1 (2005)
Are you insane? We're not stopping for their food. Next, you'll want to use their bathrooms, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna use their sandpapery toilet scrolls on my proud American button.
Oh, Ernest and Julio Gallo, you make a glorious wine, and a handsome couple!
Ladies, ladies! You're both Mrs. Smith.
Surprise! I got us a second wife. You know, to help with cooking and cleaning. Her name's impossible to pronounce, so I just call her "Thundercat."
You know the rule. Say it, and I'll escort you to the bazaar.
You're the manliest man in the history of manly men.
And when you're in your late 30s, you may have a chance at convincing a long-time female friend to have awkward pity-sex with you, once.
Francine, good news. I'm in charge of planning Bullock's party, which means you're in charge of planning Bullock's party.
Michael Moore... ? Oh, you mean Michael Bin Laden.
Come on, Hayley. You're going to the movies with Jeff, anyway. Just give me a ride.
You know the rule.
You're the most environmentally-conscious, self-actualized feminist in the world...
49. The West Wing (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Red Haven's on Fire (2003)
You're gonna lose, and you're gonna lose huge. They're gonna throw rocks at you next week, and I wanted to be standing next to you when they did.
How'd you call Josh?
What do you mean?
Didn't they take your cellphone from you?
You're really going to be teaching the seminar on call girl caution? Really?
You're all right?
Yeah, I'm all right. You know, when you sit in a cage, you have time to do a lot of thinking.
You know what they don't tell you? You can post bond with a credit card.
He was taking it in the wrong direction, Sam, and you know it.
And you guys are going to take it in the right direction?
You trapped people at Disneyland, told the French they could stick a loaf of bread up their ass, had a meeting with a Communist, and things are looking up 'cause my new campaign director just made bail.
Look, a glass is half full or half... You know, the other thing...
Then why are you here?
How'd you call Josh?
What do you mean?
Didn't they take your cell phone from you?
You're really going to be teaching the seminar on call girl caution? Really?
50. Scrubs (2001 TV Series)
Episode: My Changing Ways (2005)
Your hook shot knocked you unconscious and I lied down next to you so everybody would think we were chillin'.
It's a typewriter, you jackass.
You have even a better one, you! You do it! Yeah, yeah! You have even a better one...
Perry, I get the feeling something is bothering you...
Bob, people have a private life and people have a professional life, and usually those two hells are kept pretty separate; for instance I don't know that much about your home life, other than the fact that you treat your wife like a dog, your dog like a wife and your son like an androgynous ne'er-do-well who drains your retirement to open up a shop in Minneapolis.
...Terrence doesn't follow him around the shop all day telling him just exactly what color is in this season, or showing all of the other employees that he is not in fact the boss of his own life. You see, the woman in everywhere! She's there when I work out in the morning, when I work out in the car on the way to work, and when I work out when I get to work. I can't seem to get away from her, and that used to be fine when she came around for five minutes every month or so to feed on my dignity; but now I'd honestly kill myself, Bob, if I wasn't convinced that Jordan wouldn't already be there waiting for me in the afterlife. You see, typical of her, she went ahead and signed us up for an eternal tandem bike ride all along the banks of the River Styx.
I'm so glad you shared...
Oh. Thanks S.C.B. By the way I should tell you something. I found an apartment and I'm moving out the day after tomorrow.
Maybe I was being unfair to Turk. Maybe it's too much to expect a friend to just sense that you're upset and wanna talk about it...
Carla, I can sense you're upset, talk to me!
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