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1. Gilmore Girls (2000 TV Series)
What, did you break into our house, you got all dressed in black and pulled a Mission: Impossible?
I mean think about it, you never hear the word "oy" and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.
I pierced my nose. And within an hour of having it done, my nose swelled up to four times its normal size, blocking all nasal passage, making it impossible to breathe. I went to the emergency room, where they pried the thing out of my nose and shot me up with antibiotics. I spent the night with an ice pack strapped to my face.
2. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: The Human Factor (2013)
The secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. It's Mission Impossible.
Intelligence reports said there were three high-ranking Afghan militants in this car. It was the right make and model, traveling at a high rate of speed. So the drone pilot was given the green light to strike. But then he saw those red dots on the trunk and he had a feeling so he aborted the mission. There were no militants in that car. The red dots were roses, because the young couple driving down that desert road had just gotten married. That's when I knew I could no longer be a part of the drone program.
3. Fast Five (2011)
You say what? This shit just went from mission:impossible to mission: in freaking sanity! Whatever man. I ain't scared, I'm just letting you all know: going in that building it's crazy!
4. Veronica Mars (2004 TV Series)
Wow. How mission impossible. I feel like at any moment Tom Cruise is going to dangle from the ceiling on cables.
5. Veronica Mars (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Look Who's Stalking (2006)
Wow. How mission impossible. I feel like at any moment Tom Cruise is going to dangle from the ceiling on cables.
6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Sons and Daughters (1997)
A vital mission, impossible odds and a ruthless enemy. What more could we ask for? I tell you, Worf, I feel young again!
7. Hannah Montana (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Wherever I Go (2011)
Over-sized sweatshirt buying daddy who just said three time academy award winning director/producer of Jaws, Jurassic Park, E.T., Men In Black 1 and 2, wants me to star in his next big blockbuster opposite of Mission Impossible hunky hunk Tom Cruise say what?
8. Mission: Impossible II (2000)
Mr. Hunt, this isn't mission difficult, it's mission impossible. "Difficult" should be a walk in the park for you.
Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of a stolen item designated "Chimera." You may select any two team members, but it is essential that the third member of your team be Nyah Nordoff-Hall. She is a civilian, and a highly capable professional thief. You have forty-eight hours to recruit Miss Hall and meet me in Seville to receive your assignment. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. And Mr. Hunt, the next time you go on holiday, please be good enough to let us know where you're going. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
9. The First Wives Club (1996)
Ooo, just like "Mission: Impossible!"
10. Stepmom (1998)
Like Mission: Impossible!
No. That is impossible!
11. New Jack City (1991)
They got that shit hooked up like Mission Impossible, man!
12. Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998 TV Series)
Welcome to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like the plot in 'Mission: Impossible 2'.
But it's not always easy to find a mirror when you're drunk. Sometimes it's impossible. But, that's why we have this handy little device.
Today's mission is of the greatest importance. The Meer of Grufunkastan, a small Middle Eastern Nation is coming to visit the President. He'll be arriving in Washington D.C., however, his flight has been delayed and his burnoose is dirty. Your mission is to go to his hotel, The George C. Clark hotel, you don't know it nevermind, and clean a new bernoose for the Meer of Grufunkastan. This tape will self destruct as soon as you throw it out the...
Yes. Well, we've got a mission lets get to it.
Yes, we better climb up through that window up there that seems impossibly high.
13. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988 TV Series)
Martin Landau, wasn't he on Mission:Impossible?
Like I said, Mission:Impossible.
Oh, sorry. Ah, yes. Who does these things when we're too lazy or too bloated on dinners of rich food and generous portions of our own gargantuan ego? Who debugs the massive computer control center because our own feeble brains can't add fractions? Who provides the water in which you could bathe your filthy oil-stained carcass? Who goes on mind-bendingly dangerous missions on the outside in cold unforgiving space while you sit cozy sipping cocoa and watching Tiny Toons? Pinch yourself hard, Mr. Robot. You deserve it. You think you're all sunshine and goodness, but you're just dirt between the toes of an evil troll. That's right. Who periodically changes the plutonium rods in the nuclear bowels deep inside the nuclear reactor of the ship while you sit feasting on gooey handfuls of Fiddle Faddle and play hopscotch and marbles and spring in the...
The impossible DREAM!
Why is he so impossible to hit? Why do they keep missing the slow giant white thing?
14. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)
Maybe for a big motion picture like Mission Impossible 3. But I haven't seen Tom Cruise around the set, have you?
15. The Irate Gamer (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Mission Impossible (NES) (2007)
Is it possible for Mission Impossible to possibly be a good game? Possible. But possi-fucking-absolutely not. This game sucks ass!
I'm just so pissed off right now, I just cannot continue the review. My head is spinning and I feel like I'm losing my mind. Just do me a favor and stay away from this game, because the only plus side is that it actually lives up to its name. This mission is truly fucking impossible.
"Your mission, if you choose to accept it". Famous words, but it's really misleading. I mean, they really don't give us a choice in the matter, because you can't choose not to accept it.
Now, there are six levels in this game. If they gave us the option of selecting any of the stage missions at this point, then this statement would've been more accurate. And why not set up the game this way? All the Mega Man games have a mission stage select screen, and look at what a hit that turned out to be.
16. HypaSpace (2002 TV Series)
Out this Tuesday on DVD is Mission Impossible 3 starring Oprah's favorite coach jumping maniac.
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