2 titles.

1. The Sopranos (1999 TV Series)
Episode: 46 Long (1999)
Marty! "Kundun", I liked it!
2. Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
From Austria? No, not really. Give me some light, Kundun.
In your presence, Kundun.
You have to leave. You have to leave Tibet, Kundun. Your life's at great risk. Forgive my presumption but I have made arrangements to get you out safely. We should leave directly after the enthronement, the Chinese won't expect it.
It's not a conscious thought really, Kundun. He is always there. When I crossed Tibet he was with me. When I came to Lhasa he was with me. When I sit beside you he is there with me. I can't even imagine how to picture the world without him in it.
2 titles.