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1. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Conscience (2004)
Jake's dead.
There's one difference. Jake would've killed again, I won't.
Dr. Morton, we're trying Jake as an adult.
Well, putting Jake in jail isn't justice.
Jake's had a hard life. What he did isn't entirely his fault.
Jake O'Hara burned himself?
The camp's director tried to explain to Jake's mother that he should be institutionalized. She didn't believe him, she threatened a lawsuit and then she took Jake home.
Even Brett Morton and he's also a psychiatrist. He lives right next door. He never saw how devious Jake really is.
The District Attorney's office has reconsidered our decision to try Jake O'Hara in Family Court. We request that the case be moved to Supreme Court for trial as an adult.
These are highly unusual circumstances. Jake O'Hara lied about his abuse. All his injuries are self-inflicted.
We interviewed witnesses at the camp. They all told us Jake burned himself. This case must be moved, Your Honor.
You didn't know Morton would shoot him. We all thought Jake was a victim.
None of us can imagine enduring Brett Morton's grief, but grief is not what drove him to murder. He acted not out of emotion, but out of his professional knowledge and experience. His act wasn't irrational. In fact, it was perfectly consistent with his long-held belief that sociopathic children cannot be cured. Jake O'Hara pretended remorse for the murder of Henry Morton. And when the defendant learned that Jake was a devious and manipulative child, he also began to pretend. He pretended he lost control. He didn't. Not for a single second. He waited for the perfect opportunity, grabbed the court officer's gun and then shot a child. That is not extreme emotional disturbance. It's murder and you must hold him responsible.
Tell me one thing. When did you decide to kill Jake?
You manipulated us just like Jake did.
2. Taken (2002 Mini-Series)
Episode: Charlie and Lisa (2002)
The man that came into your house, his name was Eric Crawford. His father was an army colonel. His name was Owen Crawford. And he came after your father. Came after Jacob. Your Aunt Becky and I fooled him into thinking that Jake was dead, but I guess that Eric figured it out.
Oh, he's dead now, Charlie. Do you really want to remember this part of him?
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