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1. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Slave of Duty (2009)
W.S. Gilbert wrote: "It's love that makes the world go round." And if that's true, then the world spun a little faster with Haley in it. Haley was my best friend since we were in high school. We certainly had our struggles, but if there's one thing we agreed on unconditionally, it was our love and commitment to our son, Jack. Haley's love for Jack was joyous, and fierce. That fierceness is why she isn't here today. A mother's love is an unrivaled force of nature, and we can all learn much from the way Haley lived her life. Haley's death causes each of us to stop and take stock of our lives; to measure who we are and what we've become. I don't have all those answers for myself, but I know who Haley was. She was the woman who died protecting the child we brought into this world together and I will make sure that Jack grows up knowing who his mother was and how she loved and protected him. And how much I loved her. If Haley were with us today, she would ask us not to mourn her death, but to celebrate her life. She would tell us - she would tell us to love our families unconditionally and to hold them close because in the end, they are all that matter. I met Haley at the tryouts of our high school's production of The Pirates of Penzance." I found our copy of the play and I was looking through it the other night, and I... came upon a passage that seemed appropriate for this moment. "Oh, dry the glistening tear that dews that martial cheek. Thy loving children hear, in them thy comfort seek. With sympathetic care, their arms around thee creep, for oh, they cannot bear to see their father weep."
I think you could use some air. Jack's okay. I saw him with his cousins.
Okay. Jessica, would you make sure that, uh, Jack gets something to eat?
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