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1. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Changing Channels (2009)
Okay, Trickster's like a, like a Hugh Hefner type, right? Wine, women, song? Maybe he doesn't want the party to end! I mean, maybe he hates this angels and demons stuff as much as we do. Maybe he'll help us.
2. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)
The skin under your eyes is starting to look like Hugh Hefner's ball sack.
The bags under your eyes looks like Hugh Hefner's ball sack.
3. Coming to America (1988)
But you know, when I look at these contestants! For the Miss Black Awareness Pageant, I feel good! I feel good, because I know there's a God somewhere! There's a God somewhere! Turn around ladies for me please! You know there's a God who sits on high and looks down low! Man cannot make it like this! Larry Flynt! Hugh Hefner! They can take the picture, but you can't make it! Only God above, the Hugh Hefner on high, can make it for ya!
4. The Love Boat (1977 TV Series)
Episode: Musical Cabins (1978)
This article will make Hugh Hefner blush!
5. Robot Chicken (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Rodigitti (2006)
I'll get you wabbit! Ohh, I'm taking you to school, call me the professor / you're sexually confused, cause you're a cross dresser! You like to kiss men and that's real funny / call up Hugh Hefner, you a gay boy bunny! You're lost on this stage, you need a map, junkie / You made a wrong left turn at Albuquerque! One more, one more. I'm a pimp, 'cause my hunting powers are hot, son / You would ride by on your home with my double barrel shotgun!
6. Mork & Mindy (1978 TV Series)
Episode: In Mork We Trust (1979)
Please! Don't get up. They didn't all come in that way, did they? That's obscene, that looks like a Christmas card from Hugh Hefner.
7. The Partridge Family (1970 TV Series)
...Keith, if men like you had their own country, Hugh Hefner would be king.
Well, at least I know my limitations. All I want to be is Howard Hughes.
8. Kojak (1973 TV Series)
Episode: Therapy in Dynamite (1974)
Candlelight, incense and after-diner drinks. I feel like a female Hugh Hefner.
All right, Miss Hefner, why don't you just, eh, put this in your pipe and eh...
9. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #2.1 (1968)
Gladys, I'd like you to meet Mr. Hugh Hefner.
Oh, Mr. Hefner, Harry says I look like something out of your Playboy centerfold.
10. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (1967)
I have nothing against Hugh Hefner personally. It's just that I object to anyone building an empire based on the moral standards of a rabbit.
11. The Man Without a Face (1993)
It was a good dream, my best one. Everything was perfect. My mother was proud of her son's wings. My half-sister, Meg, lost her braces. My other half-sister, Gloria, had realized my intellectual superiority and was quietly respectful to me. My stepfathers were slaves, captured in battle. And there was a WAC by my side, not too bright, not too loud, hugely attractive. It's a good dream: a "John Wayne meets Hugh Hefner" philosophy of life... if you consider Hef a philosopher... or John Wayne. But whatever the dream, there's always a face that I can't see, that I keep missing, out there beyond the edge of the crowd.
12. Elegy (2008)
Aah, the "Hugh Hefner" of the Puritans.
13. Private Moments (2005)
Pajamas? Yeah, right. If you're sleeping over at Hugh Hefner's house.
14. The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards (2011 TV Special)
Talking of the "Walking Dead", congratulations to Hugh Hefner, whose getting married at the age of 84 to 24 age beauty Crystal Harris. When she was asked why she was marrying him she said: "'Cause he lied about his age. He told me he was 94... Oh, come on...". Don't worry, hold out, just don't look at him when you touch him, that's how it's done.
15. The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Hugh Hefner (2001 TV Special)
The only way Hugh Hefner can get stiff now is through rigor mortis!
But this is about Hugh Hefner - a living legend, and, uh, look at your girlfriends - so beautiful. When are you going get serious? You know one day you might want one of them changing diapers. I mean if it gets too hard to do it yourself. Look at the smile on his face. He doesn't know where he is.
I can talk about his balls because I was once a lover to Hugh Hefner.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Friars have an age-old motto: We only roast the ones we love. Tonight we give lie to that bullshit. Hugh Hefner likes to be called "Hef", but in Hebrew spelled backwards, it's "Feh!" This pipe-puffing, pajama-wearing, perennial, perpetual, perverted, pornographic purveyor, puss-loving playboy...
Alan King, everybody, Alan King! The great Alan King. All right, we're here tonight to honor a great man, perhaps one of the greatest men that ever lived. Nearly fifty years ago, Hugh Hefner began building an empire with nothing more than a sex-addiction and a dream.
He's been called a visionary, a genius, a pioneer of free-speech, but when I think of Hugh Hefner, what comes to mind is rubbing my dong until it squirts. He is an inspiration to masturbation. He's the George Washington of jacking-off. I could go on and on, but what can you say about Hef that hasn't been mumbled incoherently by a thousand young women with his cock in their mouths?
We're here tonight to honor a man who personifies why these terrorists hate us. If it were up to them, women couldn't read, couldn't work, get fake tits, go to school, pose nude to "help their career"... Hugh Hefner believes that women should be able to do all those things. Except read.
Hef - you the oldest. Right on, brother. My man, Hugh Hefner, how you doing, brother?
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