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1. Cold Case (2003 TV Series)
One of the factory girls.
The girl needs help.
2. Dollhouse (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Stage Fright (2009)
No, right. I gotta be happy. I gotta be grateful. I gotta be rebellious, but just enough to give me cred, so people know I'm not a factory girl. But I am. I don't exist. I'm not a real person. I'm everybody's fantasy. God help me if I try not to be. I know you weren't grown in a lab, but I was. Been singing for my supper since when and for when and for everybody else! God put this voice in me and forgot to make it mine. I don't feel it. I don't feel anything. For a long while. But I know he's out there. The Reaper. Any minute now, boom. Freedom. There's your rush. There's your joy. I can hear. I c- I can hear myself.
Rayna, I know you don't feel anything, or think that you don't. But you will. You will if you do something to save this girl. And you will help this girl!
All right, genius, tell me why Echo would kidnap the girl you programmed her to protect and bring her to the man who's trying to kill her?
3. Masculin Féminin (1966)
From January to March, I continued the opinion polls. Do vacuum cleaners sell? Do you like cheese in tubes? Do you read a lot? What's a cadre? Do you like poetry? Winter sports? Short skirts? How do you react to an accident? If your lover left you for a black, would you mind? Do you know about the famine in India? Do you know what a Communist is? Do you use birth control pills or a thing in your vagina? Where do you live? What's your salary? Why are society women more frigid than factory girls? Do you know there's an Iraqi-Kurd war on? Gradually, over these three months, I came to realize that these questions did not reflect but deformed the collective mentality. My lack of objectivity, even when unconscious, tended to provoke a predictable lack of sincerity in those I was polling. Unawares, I was deceiving them and being deceived by them. Why? Probably because polls and surveys quickly veer from their true goal, the observation of behavior, and instead insidiously go for value judgments. I discovered that the questions I would ask any French person expressed an ideology that reflects not present mores but those of the past.
4. To the Public Danger (1948 Short Film)
She looks like a factory girl to me. And she looks like four penny worth of trouble into the bargain.
4 titles.