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1. The X-Files (1993 TV Series)
Episode: F. Emasculata (1995)
If this gets out prematurely, the panic is gonna spread faster than the contagion. Mulder, we can't let this be known.
2. Doc Martin (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Ever After (2011)
...and I do hate Port Wenn. I hate the people - their pinched faces, and their ridiculous accents, and their unerring knack of catching any virus that comes within a five-mile radius! They spread contagion like a bush fire! But it's where I want to be, because you're here.
3. Doctor Who (1963 TV Series)
Episode: Carnival of Monsters: Episode Four (1973)
The function of this tribunal is to keep this planet clean. This Tellurian creature comes from outside our solar system and is a possible carrier of contagion. Furthermore the creature may be hostile.
4. The Fly (1986)
What's there to take? The disease has just revealed its purpose. We don't have to worry about contagion anymore... I know what the disease wants.
5. Hamlet (1996)
'Tis now the very witching time of night, when church yards yawn and hell itself breathes out contagion to this world.
6. The Outer Limits (1963 TV Series)
Episode: A Feasibility Study (1964)
There is no escape for us. Not for us. We need not suffer the same fate as Ralph Cashman. Not so long as we stay in our homes, and never wander more than six blocks in any direction. But we will never go back to the world we've been stolen from. Understand that. Never. It's a lonely feeling, isn't it? But we won't be lonely very long. Soon, the entire Earth's population will be teleported to this place. We will live in labor camps. We will toil, and sweat, and die in controlled areas. Some of us may become infected. Contagion can occur even when we breathe the same air in a confined space. But enough of us will survive to make their project feasible. Out of the whole world of us, enough will survive... if we survive. We are their guinea pigs. But we are human guinea pigs, which gives us some choice in this experiment... human choice. We can choose to make their enslavement of our Earth infeasible. We can choose not to escape infection. We can deliberately become what they are. My wife has already been infected. I'm going to take her hand. Will someone take mine?
7. Mystery!: Cadfael (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The Leper of St. Giles (1994)
Brother, I think you ask what you already know. The Fatimids have excellent physicians, wiser than any here. They recognized the first bitter signs. I had to protect my wife and my son from contagion. I went to live in a hermitage, and sent my sword and my shield back.
8. The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
The magnificence of the Ambersons began in 1873. Their splendor lasted throughout all the years that saw their midland town spread and darken into a city. In that town, in those days, all the women who wore silk or velvet knew all the other women who wore silk or velvet, and everybody knew everybody else's family horse and carriage. The only public conveyance was the streetcar. A lady could whistle to it from an upstairs window, and the car would halt at once and wait for her, while she shut the window, put on her hat and coat, went downstairs, found an umbrella, told the girl what to have for dinner, and came forth from the house. Too slow for us nowadays, because the faster we're carried, the less time we have to spare. During the earlier years of this period, while bangs and bustles were having their way with women, there were seen men of all ages to whom a hat meant only that rigid, tall silk thing known to impudence as a stovepipe. But the long contagion of the derby had arrived. One season the crown of this hat would be a bucket; the next it would be a spoon. Every house still kept its bootjack, but high-top boots gave way to shoes and congress gaiters, and these were played through fashions that shaped them now with toes like box ends, and now with toes like the prows of racing shells. Trousers with a crease were considered plebian; the crease proved that the garment had lain upon a shelf and hence was ready-made. With evening dress, a gentleman wore a tan overcoat, so short that his black coattails hung visible five inches below the overcoat. But after a season or two, he lengthened his overcoat till it touched his heels. And he passed out of his tight trousers into trousers like great bags. In those days, they had time for everything. Time for sleigh rides, and balls, and assemblies, and cotillions, and open house on New Year's, and all-day picnics in the woods, and even that prettiest of all vanished customs: the serenade. Of a summer night, young men would bring an orchestra under a pretty girl's window, and flute, harp, fiddle, cello, cornet, bass viol, would presently release their melodies to the dulcet stars. Against so home-spun a background, the magnificence of the Ambersons was as conspicuous as a brass band at a funeral.
9. Dead Rising 2 (2010 Video Game)
This is Rebecca Chang reporting live from just outside Las Vegas. It has been almost twelve hours since the first reports of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. The death toll is estimated to be over one hundred thousand, and as many as a staggering one million people may be infected. To ensure that the contagion does not spread, the military has set up a fifty mile perimeter outside Las Vegas. They have "shoot to kill" orders for anyone off the main roads. Military and government personnel are screening everyone at the roadblocks before allowing them to leave the quarantine area.
10. Nier (2010 Video Game)
The anger created by his harsh words bled over to Nier like a contagion.
"Wait," said Nier suddenly. "Did someone just say contagion?"
11. Supernatural (1933)
Well, it may sound crazy, but that there's the danger of contagion. No, dear, not from the body - that's harmless - but there's... there's something else.
12. Contagion (1987 Video)
And the traveller said, "how tainted is this land, how much evil has been committed here? For evil knows no boundaries, and manifests itself in many guises. I cannot live among contaminated minds, lest the contagion enter my soul.
And the traveller said, "and so much evil was committed here that even the innocent who passed this way soon reeked of the sickness. The contagion had ended their souls."
13. Sky (1975 TV Series)
Forces of the earth. Forces in the earth. Forces from the earth and below the earth. You who made me manifest, called me forth from the tree of life, who gave me a voice and this hated human form; make your will known through me now against this abomination. Here we have anathema, alien and evil. Here we have strangeness, unwelcome and unknown. Here we have disease, blastocystic and obscene, spreading its contagion from the diaspora of beyond.
13 titles.