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1. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Unfinished Business (2013)
What Harvey knows is that I'm the "A" team, and you're the "B" team, so you can leave the folder, or you can take it with you, but if you're looking to ride some partner's coattails, you're gonna have to look somewhere else.
Well, the "B" team worked at the D. A. 's office and came up with a defense strategy based on a specific knowledge of Cameron Dennis. The "A" team quotes him movies. We'll see who Harvey does and doesn't value.
2. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Requiem (2007)
This is not the A-Team, McGee!
3. Family Guy (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Brian Goes Back to College (2005)
Ah, what's the point? You know, I thought I could help people out with this whole A-Team thing, but it turns out I'm as useless as that nude Playboy spread of Debbie Gibson. It's like, "Yeah, she's naked, but who gives a shit?"
4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis (2008)
Yeah! Yeah, that's the classic setup. You know this, no? Look, every great crew in history has followed that basic dynamic, right? Looks, brains, wild card. Think about it. The A-team did it. Scooby Doo did it. The Ghostbusters did it.
5. Law & Order (1990 TV Series)
Episode: Castoff (1998)
Cop shows, action shows: The Mod Squad, The A-Team, Starsky and Hutch.
6. 30 Rock (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Khonani (2010)
Well, it was off for a while because my fiancé was on a yacht and got captured by pirates. But now, thanks to the A-team, he's back.
7. The A-Team (2010)
Still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if nobody can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.
Punch it B.A.!
So Morrison's dead, Smith and his team are dead. Another fifteen minutes or so we'll locate those engraving plates.
You bring in Black Forest and it's an international incident, I promise you. They're not soldiers, they're frat boys with trigger fingers! Who's running their ground team?
4th Battalion. Fort Benning Georgia. I know who you are sir. Corporal B.A. Baracus. I mean, it was till I was dishonorably discharged for some bullshit.
8. The IT Crowd (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Yesterday's Jam (2006)
Team! Team, team, team, team, team! I even love saying the word "team"! You probably think that's a picture of my family. Uh uh. It's the A-Team!
Team! Team, team, team, team, team. I even love saying the word 'team'. You probably think this is a picture of my family? No! It's a picture of The A-Team. Bodie, Doyle, Tiger, the Jewellery Man.
Hello? What? Well if you can't work as a team you're all fired. That's it, you heard me, fired! Get your things and go.
Hello, security? Everyone on floor 4 is fired. Escort them from the premises. And do it as a team. Remember, you're a team and if you can't act as a team, you're fired too.
Dom, get on to recruitment. Get them to look for a security team that can work as a team. They may have to escort the current security team from the building for not acting like a team.
9. 12 Monkeys (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Hyena (2016)
You wanna start an antisocial organization, you need antisocial personalities, right? Sprung them from a handful of institutions. I mean, sure a few of them are borderline personality but very dedicated. Yeah, it's like the A-Team with all Murdocks!
10. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.
B.A., there's an old saying - "The best defense is a good offense."
11. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Waiting for Insane Wayne (1986)
That the A-Team wouldn't be this easy to take down.
Never bet in the aces, pal. B.A., cut some lumber.
12. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Bend in the River: Part 2 (1984)
What will become of The A-Team and it's desperate attemt to straffe off world wide disaster? Will good triumph over evil? Will Rocky Raccoon be reunited with Little Nell? These and other questions will be answered in the next exciting chapter of: 'The Führer the better'.
13. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Trouble on Wheels (1984)
You guys are the A-Team! I, I've caught the A-Team!
My lord, the A-Team? I've heard of them, they're them fugitives that are wanted all across the country. You mean I've been standing here, working side by side with members of the A-Team? There's a, there's a reward out for those guys! I will never believe it, here I am just a dumb clerk.
14. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Recipe for Heavy Bread (1983)
If you are friend of A-Team, if they make you a member, than you really are something like that.
A-Team is my best friend I think. You saved my life.
Mr. Toney, isn't that the name of a famous L.A. decorator?
B.A., you're destroying the elevator!
B.A., don't sit down, you're gonna get grease on the couch. I don't live here, remember? I'm just a guest.
15. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Incident at Crystal Lake (1985)
The A-Team?
16. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Curtain Call (1984)
Captain, have you ever wondered why the A-Team manages to slip past us?
Murdock, we're a team, we either leave together, or not at all.
17. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Mexican Slayride (1983)
The A-team? Go to the Alley behind the Kozy Cat Club, in Hollywood, at two a.m. And wait until you're contacted.
Sounds like someone who belongs on the unit called the A-Team...
B.A. was telling me about the jazz... and I think I caught the fever.
Tripple A, huh?
Excuse me again, but isn't he one of you? I mean, isn't he on the team?
18. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Theory of Revolution (1986)
Now look, Martien is on the defensive. The A-Team is here. What dictator wouldn't quake at that thought, huh?
B.A., genius and artistry cannot be rushed.
19. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Till Death Do Us Part (1983)
You see, aside from being the A-team's perennial bride, I also handle the, eh, psychological profiles, but I shan't, eh, I shan't bore you with my credentials, my dear.
20. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Maltese Cow (1984)
Mack Murdock was tired of paper cups and paper plates and bleary eyed broads with yellow teeth. This trip to Chinatown was like a ride on a neon horse: the hot sounds, the smell of grease crashing in on him. And he remembered Sam Ying and that night in Saigon when he and the A-Team huddled in basement of Sam's house. And rocket fire blew holes in the walls. And it was scorched into his memory.
Not even A-Team can fight the Lung Chin.
That night, there was a new private eye in town, and his name was B.A. Baracus. Right now he was looking down on the Maltese Fool, thinking maybe he ought to break his arm and cause him serious pain.
21. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Firing Line (1986)
You're the A-Team. I heard you were killed. You were killed this morning!
Give me a break, B.A., will ya? It took me all night to turn this spoon into a lockpick.
22. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 1 (1983)
These men have been wanted for over ten years. All in all, they've made a fine bunch of jackasses out of all of us, and I want it to stop now. I want you to find The A-Team and bring 'em in. You were the best troubleshooter in the past two wars.
B.A., take your hand off Murdock's throat.
23. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Dishpan Man (1986)
It's just hard to believe. the Monster Masher, The Id, the old Aquamaniac, is really the head of the A-Team.
Face, B.A., I'd like you to meet 'Dishpan' Frankie Santana, the best special effects man in Hollywood.
24. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 2 (1983)
This is gonna be the A-Team's Waterloo.
B.A. stop moving, you're going to rub me raw with these ropes.
25. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: There Goes the Neighborhood (1985)
I got a good feeling about the A-Team. Their karma is coming from the right place.
26. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Little Town with an Accent (1986)
I seek the A-Team.
The A-Team? Are they not criminals? Are they not outlaws? Are they not fugitives from those that uphold the law?
I just don't like the idea of B.A. taking apart my brand new truck.
27. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Semi-Friendly Persuasion (1984)
Face, we were fired. We don't work for them anymore. We work for us. And we're gonna go back there, and take Kale and his sleazeballs and teach 'em a little A-Team religion.
28. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Lease with an Option to Die (1985)
It's long distance. It's for Mr. B.A. Baracus. The... head of the A-Team.
B.A., now take it easy. We're behind you on this thing 100 percent.
B.A., whatever you say. Remember, you're our leader.
Boy, B.A., you got us on the jazz now!
29. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Trial by Fire (1986)
Good evening. I'm standing inside the entrance to Fort Owen in Southern California, where in a heavily guarded stockade, the most infamous war criminals in U.S. military history are confined. Their names are already familiar to us: Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, Lieutenant Templeton Peck and Sergeant B.A. Baracus, the legendary A-Team of the Vietnam war. Former war heroes turned popular cult figures, they were finally captured after nearly 15 gruelling years as fugitives, running from their own government. They have been through a lot, but now the most difficult challenge ever faced by the A-Team is about to begin: a military court martial. Reporting live from Southern California, this is Tiiu Leek.
With all due respect, sir, I don't think Colonel Smith's unorthodox strategies will be very effective in the face of a court martial. The A-Team will discover that the element of surprise is ours this time.
I pursued Colonel Smith and the A-Team for three long years. I lost track of how many laws they broke and how much military property they destroyed. I can tell you this: Rules mean nothing to these men, and they're loyal to no one but themselves. I have no doubt that they're capable of the crimes for which they're accused.
30. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Beneath the Surface (1986)
You and the girl maybe, but the others are worth much more alive, being the A-Team.
B.A., I needed the money, ok?
31. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Sound of Thunder (1986)
You'll never get away with this. Never. We're gonna get thrown into the stockade. Oh my God, I'll be in a cell next to the A-Team.
This is my mission, we're gonna do it my way. You know, we're all part of the same team.
Correction. The team did not join you, you are joining the team. Now if you wanna tag along, fine, but keep your mouth shut and be a good soldier.
32. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The White Ballot (1983)
I got something happening on the A-Team, sir.
33. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Mind Games (1985)
When Peck hits the streets, I'm gonna be on him like stink on a boot. Where he goes, I go. What he does, I do. And if the A-Team tries to make contact with him, we're gonna take them all. Fulbright's law, Sergeant: Never wait, attack.
That's right, Chuck-a-Luck, it was tough, but you know, when, when, things are tough, sometimes they make you a better man.
Right, B.A.
34. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is Coming (1986)
Allright, have reason to believe that one of my countrymen within 36 hours will commit act of terrorism which will bring our two countries on the brink of war. Nuclear war. I have been sent by my government to stop this madman. So, on behalf of people of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, would like to hire A-Team.
It appears the A-Team has jumped sides and gone to work for the Russians.
But I never give a ten, never, never, never, never, never. I mean there's no such thing as perfection in the arts, B.A.
This is a ten on B.A. scale. Ten being total pain!
35. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Showdown! (1984)
This is bad, Hannibal - real bad! Some guys are coming around and busting heads saying they're the A-Team! There's only *one* A-Team! Us!
We are the A-Team!
"The A-Team. Three Vietnam soldiers on the run from the military." Three soldiers - three! I'm just as much a part of the A-Team as you are, and I'm not mentioned...
Murdock, you're a pilot, you're technically not one of the A-Team - that's why I have to come down here and scam out of your cell every time! But take it from me, you're just as much a part of the A-Team as any of us...
The fake A-Team showed up this morning and leanen real hard on Winnetka and his daughter to sell.
I am not interested in the fake A-Team! The military gave me one more shot at the real A-Team and I am not going to fail.
Well,I didn't think anybody could stand up to the A-Team.
Did you hear Hannibal introduce me as a member of the A-Team? Well, I think the people have a right to know all of the facts. They should know who I am.
Murdock, we know you're a member of the A-Team, that's the important thing. Besides, take it from me, fame is just a fleeting shadow. Just a pasing breeze in the storm.
We have 'em, sir. The plan worked perfectly! We have the A-Team locked in the truck.
Two things, Mason. Firstly, stop bothering the Wild West Show and leave it alone. Secondly, it is not wise to impersonate the A-Team - and if you continue to do so, we will lose our quiet and peaceful demeanor and come back here and turn your studio upside down.
B.A... a shovel, now that's no disguise.
B.A., how about this hat? You could wear this cowboy hat and it would just be you and me, a cowboy and an Indian.
36. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: The Big Squeeze (1985)
Once again the A-Team has escaped capture. But they have left behind another chapter in their growing folk legend.
37. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Members Only (1986)
Beggin the Generals pardon, sir, but you got A-Team on the brain.
38. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Bounty (1985)
Never underestimate the A-Team.
Of course I'm crazy, you got me out of a psychiatric ward of a V.A. hospital, stupid!
B.A., I've never heard you sound so concerned about Murdock.
B.A., I've never heard you sound so concerned about Murdock.
39. Warehouse 13 (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Savage Seduction (2014)
We are not the 'B' team, fool, we are the second 'A' team.
40. Warehouse 13 (2009 TV Series)
Episode: We All Fall Down (2012)
We are not the B-Team, fool, we are the second A-Team.
Wait, Pete and Myka get a dagger and we get a plague? Why don't we stop being the B-Team?
41. JFK (1991)
So what really happened that day? Let's just for a moment speculate shall we? We have the epileptic seizure around 12:15, p.m. distracting the police making it easier for the shooters to move into their places. The epileptic later vanished, never checking into a hospital. The A-Team gets on the sixth floor of the depository. They were refurbishing the floors that week, which allowed unknown workmen access to the building. They move quickly into position just minutes before the shooting. The spotter on the radio talking to the other two teams has the best overall view, the God spot. B-Team one shooter and one spotter with radio gear and access to the building, moves into the lower floor of the Dal-Tex building. The third team, the C-Team moves into the picket fence behind the Grassy Knoll, where the shooter and the spotter are first spotted by the late Lee Bowers in the watch tower of the rail yard. They have the best position of all. Kennedy is close and on a flat low trajectory. Part of this team is a coordinator who has flashed security credentials at people chasing them out of the parking lot. Probably 2-3 more men are in the crowd on Elm. 10-12 men. Three shooters. Three spotters. The triangulation of fire that Clay Shaw and David Ferrie discussed two months before. They have walked the plaza. They know every inch. They have calibrated their sight. They have practiced on moving targets. They are ready. Kennedy's motorcade makes the turn from Main onto Houston. It's gonna be a turkey shoot. They don't shoot him coming up Houston, which is the easiest shot for a single shot from the Book Depository. They Wait. They wait until he gets in the killing zone, between three rifles. Kennedy makes the final turn from Houston onto Elm, slowing down to some 11 miles an hour. The shooters across Dealy Plaza tighten, taking their aim, waiting for the radio to say "Green! Green!" or "Abort! Abort!". The first shot rings out, sounding like a backfire it misses the car completely. Frame 161, Kennedy stops waiving as he hears something. Connaly's head turns slightly to the right. Frame 193, the second shot hits Kennedy in the throat from the front. Frame 225, the President emerging from behind the road sign, you can see that he's obviously been hit, raising his arms to his throat. The third shot, frame 232, takes Kennedy in the back pulling him downward and forward. Connaly you'll notice shows no signs at all of being hit. He is visibly holding his Stetson, which is impossiable if his wrist has been shattered. Connaly is turning here now, frame 238 the fourth shot. It misses Kennedy and takes Connaly in the back. This is the shot that proves there were two rifles. Connaly yells out "My God! They are going to kill us all." Somewhere around this time another shot that misses the car completely, strikes James Tague down by the underpass. The car brakes. The sixth and fatal shot, frame 313 takes Kennedy in the head from the front. This is the key shot. The President going back and to his left. Shot from the front and right. Totally inconstant with the shot from the Book Depository. So what happens then? Pandemonium.
Hey, I'm sorry buddy- I thought I was, uh, shooting at that son-of-a-bitch Kennedy.
42. Dollhouse (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Stop-Loss (2009)
There are two soldiers. A-Team formation. XM8 Assault rifles. MK23s and some flash grenades. They're about to make an offensive move. I'm Anthony by the way. You can call me "Tony."
43. Diff'rent Strokes (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Mr. T and mr. t (1983)
Yeah we're doing something new on The A-Team, less action and more heart.
And all prime, grade A.
44. WWE Raw (1993 TV Series)
Episode: 3-Hour Viewer's Choice Raw (2010)
All I hear is 'are you gonna go see The A-Team?' 'Are you gonna go see The A-Team?' 'Are you gonna go' No I ain't seeing no damn A-Team!
45. High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
The way we play tonight is what we leave behind. It all comes down to right now it's up to us. So what are we gonna be? T-E-A-M Team! Gotta work it out turn in on!
-a hundred different directions...
There's my team.
46. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Angels Revenge (1995)
It's the TandA Team.
As easy as A, B, C.
47. Ali G Indahouse (2002)
We is gunna hire the A-team.
I'm not Ali A, not Ali B, Ali C, Ali D, Ali E, Ali F... but... Ali G!
48. On Deadly Ground (1994)
Have you LISTENED to yourself lately! HAVE YOU! Everything with you is I-I-I! There is no I in team! It is T-E-A-M. TEAM! Otto.
49. You Can't Do That on Television (1979 TV Series)
The A-Team makes one cup of coffee last five hours will not be seen at this time so that we may bring you a show for people with lots of time on their hands and nothing better to do.
Hi, and welcome to sort of a... musty episode of You Can't Do That on Television. The show that makes modern history every week by continually appalling its viewers.
50. You Can't Do That on Television (1979 TV Series)
Episode: Christmas (????)
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Joins The A-Team will not be shown at this time. In its place we present another Christmas turkey.
Guys, last Christmas I asked Santa Claus for a winning team. What did I get?
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