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1. 1408 (2007)
We have magnetic cards also, but electronics don't seem to work in 1408. Hope you don't have a pacemaker.
No, you misunderstand. Whatever's in 1408 is nothing like that.
Yes. Yes. 1408.
Yeah. They're in 1408. The room's empty.
No no no. We're very professional here. 1408 gets a light turn once a month. I supervise, the maids work in pairs. We treat the room as if it's a chamber filled with poison gas. We only stay 10 minutes and I insist the door remain open. But still... A few years ago a young maid from El Salvador found herself locked in the bathroom. She was only there for a few moments, but when we pulled her out she was...
The causes of death in 1408 range from heart attack, stroke, drowning.
Is 1408 a smoking room?
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