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1. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Tick Tick Tick (2011)
In the sober light of day after Barney and Robin's romantic liaison, they have to decide if the night together meant anything beyond a roll in the sack. Regardless, they have to decide what to do about it with regard to their respective relationships with Nora and Kevin. Things are made more difficult when the four are supposed to be attending a social work function on a harbor cruise, which means that they are are captive together for the evening. Barney and Robin know that they have to be on the same page about what to do, but that may be easier said than done. Meanwhile, Ted has bought tickets to a groovapalooza concert for himself, Marshall and Lily. As is their regular concert routine, Ted also buys some weed for them to smoke at the concert. However, pregnant Lily doesn't think that either she or Marshall should get high in her state. When Marshall can't resist, he and Ted go on a stoned journey of discovery through the arena in search of some nachos for a hungry Lily. Their journey isn't quite what they imagine.
2. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Rebound Girl (2011)
As Lily's grandparents gave her and Marshall title to their house to do whatever they want, they have decided to sell it as a house on Long Island has little appeal to them, that is until they see how their real estate agent has elegantly furnished the house to show it and after they go back to their own apartment, which now seems really small in comparison. They break the news of their plan to move to Long Island by telling their friends that they are going to host Thanksgiving dinner at the house, and never leave. Robin in particular tries to talk them out of making the move, she who has more motives in wanting them to stay close to her in the city than usual. Meanwhile, both Barney and Ted are feeling like it has been a bad year for them with regard to their female relationships, Barney with the break-up with Nora and not getting Robin, while Ted had the bad issues with Zoey, Victoria and the Slutty Pumpkin. Rather than "play for the other team" together (which they do contemplate), they, admittedly drowned in a little too much alcohol, decide to enter into an unconventional joint venture to achieve their relationship wants. In the sober light of day, will their venture seem like as good an idea? Only a borrowed baby and some words from the baby's father may show them for sure.
3. Mad Men (2007 TV Series)
Episode: 5G (2007)
Don Draper is shaken when his past life comes back to haunt him. After his picture appears in a local newspaper, Adam Whitman, a man who claims to be his younger brother, approaches him. Don, or Dick as his brother knows him, initially denies everything but in the end admits to having taken on a new name. He refuses however to have anything to do with him and tries to buy his silence. When one of the ad men gets a short story published, Pete Campbell is frustrated that his own stories have yet to see the light of day. When his wife approaches an old beau to see if he will publish the stories, he has an interesting proposition for her.
Don and Roger are in a featured newspaper article about an advertising award they won on the company's behalf. That publicity ends up being unwanted publicity for Don, as he receives a visit at the office from someone from his past who saw the story's accompanying photo, a past that not only does no one at the office know about, but that even Betty does not know about. While Don tries to figure out what to do about the situation - he ultimately doing the only thing he feels he can do about it - he in turn places Peggy in a precarious situation, that precariousness based largely on what Peggy mistakenly believes Don is doing at that specific moment. The product Don develops for one of Sterling Cooper's clients, Liberty National Bank, is a metaphor for what he would like for his life in light of this problem. Meanwhile, Ken is happy to show and tell everyone at the office that he has just had a short story published in the Atlantic Monthly. Although initially outwardly happy for him, most of the other junior executives are quietly or not so quietly jealous, which brings out the wannabe writer in many of them. That jealousy soon becomes more open, Ken who has an appropriate response. One of those wannabe writers is Pete, perhaps the most jealous if only because he and Ken have the same job, this story which has given Ken a perceived upper hand in their parallel climb up the corporate ladder. Pete asks Trudy for a favor in the matter. The favor is difficult enough for Trudy to oblige, but it's the follow-up which may be more problematic for their marriage in showing where their differing individual priorities lie.
4. Mad Men (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Runaways (2014)
Either by design or by accident, Stan finds out about what Lou does in his spare time, this activity which Lou *seemingly* wants kept secret. Stan decides he cannot resist spreading the news amongst the creative staff. This action places Stan in an awkward position, but places Don in a bind with regard to getting away to Los Angeles for the weekend. That last minute weekend trip is to visit with Anna's niece, Stephanie, who telephones out of the blue with the news that she is well-advanced in a pregnancy, and implies that she has no money and the father is no longer in her life. As such, Don offers to meet her at the Laurel Canyon house, with Megan taking care of her until he arrives. Don's Los Angeles trip ends up not being anything like he envisioned. On the personal side, a drug induced incident takes place, which by the sober light of day makes all feel a little embarrassed. But on the professional side, Don, by chance, gets hold of some information about goings-on at Sterling Cooper. He hopes to use this information to get back into the good, before his internal enemies get their way. Meanwhile, Ginsberg is being negatively affected by the white noise emanating from the new computer. Peggy is the unlucky recipient of his paranoia. And during a social gathering during what is regular chit-chat, Betty makes some comments on a topic that differ from Henry's political stance on the matter. This incident places a strain between the two, which is not helped by Sally's temporary return. Bobby, however, seems to be the most frightened by what he sees as the eventual outcome of what is happening in the Francis house.
Lou is upset when the staff learn about his other pursuit - drawing a cartoon character named Scout. They all think it's funny until Lou blows up and keeps them at the office late on a Friday night. It's also the day that Stephanie, Anna's niece, calls Don from California seeking his help. He sends her to Megan's house but because of the Lou situation can't get to Los Angeles until Saturday. He arrives to find that Megan has already given her money and she's left. That might, Megan throws a party and Harry Crane shows up. Harry has some important information about a possible new account - one which may force Don out as a partner. Back in New York, Michael Ginsberg is increasingly agitated by the presence of the IBM computer and forces Peggy to act after a very strange encounter. Elsewhere, Betty Francis is now arguing frequently with her husband Henry and continues to demonstrate her extremely limited parenting skills.
5. True Blood (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Cold Grey Light of Dawn (2011)
Sookie and Eric become lovers. With Marnie now completely possessed by the 17th century witch, she recruits Tara and others to form the circle which will allow her to force all vampires out into the light of day and the true death. Bill knows who she is and orders all vampires to chain themselves with silver to keep from falling under the witch's spell. Bill's orders are followed but one vampire breaks through the restraints. Pam meanwhile undergoes a painful procedure to get her looks aback. Sam and Luna finally figure out who it is she slept with that morning. Alcide and his girlfriend Debbie are initiated into a new pack but Alcide is worried about Sookie, something that doesn't sit well with Debbie. Jesus and Lafayette are back from Mexico.
With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam is not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy's date with Holly doesn't go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack.
6. True Blood (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Hard-Hearted Hannah (2009)
Tara and Eggs are driving down the highway when he suddenly realizes he has memories of having been there before. As he explores the nearby woods, he realizes it is an evil place. Sam and Daphne are having a good time and go frolicking in the woods. She has a surprise for him that is not welcome. Eric is out to take possession of Sookie and has Bill's old girlfriend, who has not seen him for 70 years, come to town. We learn that Bill was not always the gentle, mild-mannered vampire he is today. In Dallas, Sookie is partnered with Hugo - another human who is dating a vampire - for their visit to the Light of Day Institute. Posing as an engaged couple looking for a church to wed, they meet the Newlins and have a tour of the church - but Steve also has a surprise for them. Jason is asked to build a scaffold for a sunrise ceremony where a vampire will be exposed to the dawn sun before the entire congregation. Jason is having serious doubts about whether he wants to be part of this group.
Sookie does not change her decision of going to the Light of the Day, and Isabel brings her beloved human Hugo to go with Sookie. She reads his mind and realizes that he is indeed in love for Isabel and is a trustful man. They pretend to be engaged and looking for a church to the wedding, but they do not lure Steve. Eric brings Lorena to the Hotel Carmilla to force the separation of Bill and Sookie. She recalls her life with Bill in 1926 in Chicago, when he was an evil vampire. Jason and Luke are invited to build a platform with a cross for the ceremony "Meet the Sun", when a vampire is exposed to be burnt by the sun. Later, Sarah tells Jason that Steve is lying and he actually intends to use the "Soldiers of the Sun" to star a war. The old heater of Sookie's house has a problem and Tara travels with Eggs in Maryann's Jaguar to buy a part; while in the road, Eggs sees a building and he recalls that he has already been in that place. Daphne and Sam are walking through the woods and Sam has a dreadful surprise.
7. True Blood (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Never Let Me Go (2009)
Still in Dallas with Bill and Jessica, Sookie is intent on keeping her part of the bargain and try to find the missing Godric despite the strange behavior of his cohorts. Eric tells Bill his true reason for wanting to find Godric. Sookie tries to learn more from the bellhop who has telepathic powers. Back in Bon Temps, most are still recovering from the effects of Tara's birthday party. Sam learns that he and Daphne have more in common that he could ever have imagined. Maryann announces that she is moving into Sookie's house and when told that she can't, casts a spell on Tara to get her to change her mind. Over at the Light of Day Institute, Jason continues to impress with his leadership skills. Fed up with husband Steve's lack of attention and respect however, Sarah Newlin decides to spend a little private time with Jason.
8. ER (1994 TV Series)
Episode: Into That Good Night (1994)
Ross and Carter are woken up at 16:00 to continue their long-haul shift. Dr. Green's wife Jennifer has found a job in Milwaukee, and Carter feels the memory of the girl with the interesting rash. While the night drags on they have to deal with a premature baby and a man with a weak heart who will probably not see the light of day.
9. Penny Dreadful (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Little Scorpion (2015)
With the light of day, Ethan returns to his normal self. After Vanessa's experience at the ball, she and Ethan set out for the cut-wife's cottage hoping to find a better weapon to defend themselves. The moon is still full however and he teaches her how to shoot a gun. They enjoy their time together but a chance encounter with Sir Geoffrey Hawkes leads Vanessa to the dark side. In London, Victor and Ferdinand Lyle continue to decipher the devil's story. Lily has a date with Dorian Gray and they end up at Putney's waxworks where Clare sees them together. Gray sends her home in a cab but she stops at a pub. She accompanies a stranger to his home where she shows a different side of herself.
10. Dredd (2012)
In a dystopian future Earth, the area between New York and Boston has become a crime-ridden urban mass of 800 million people known as Mega City. Keeping the peace are combination policemen-judges who make the arrests, determine guilt and then execute the sentence. Judge Dredd is among the best at what he does and he is assigned a rookie, Cassandra Anderson, who did not meet the minimum requirements for the job but who has one talent most do not: she is a mutant with psychic abilities. They soon find themselves inside Peach Trees, a 200 story building that houses among many others Ma-Ma a gangster who produces the drug of choice in Mega City, slo-mo. Ma-Ma shuts the building down determined that Dredd and Anderson will never again see the light of day.
The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One - a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called "Judges" who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge - a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of "Slo-Mo" experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed. During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson, a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture - a 200 storey vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma and her ruthless clan. When they capture one of the clan's inner circle, Ma-Ma overtakes the compound's control center and wages a dirty, vicious war against the Judges that proves she will stop at nothing to protect her empire. With the body count climbing and no way out, Dredd and Anderson must confront the odds and engage in the relentless battle for their survival.
11. Knocked Up (2007)
Ben Stone, like his four roommates, is a schlub and slacker. Their sole work - unpaid self-employment - is creating a website that identifies where scenes of women's nudity appears in mainstream movies. Alison Scott lives in a suite in the house of Debbie and Pete, her sister and brother-in-law. Slightly insecure Alison masks that insecurity by trying to control her life, much like her sister. Alison celebrates her promotion as on-air reporter for E! by going out with Debbie to a club, where she meets Ben. A generous gesture on Ben's part leads to Ben and Alison hooking up, which by the sober light of day she realizes was probably a mistake as they are totally incompatible. Conversely, Ben really likes Alison, who generally would be considered out of his league. However, that liaison results in Alison becoming pregnant. After thinking about the implications, she decides to keep the baby. Beyond the personal issues, Alison struggles with how this pregnancy will affect her new job, especially in the eyes of her image conscious bosses, Jack and Jill. Despite being a big kid himself, Ben, wanting to do right by Alison, supports her in any way he can. As they are both "nice" people who strive for the traditional when it comes to family, they decide to give their relationship a shot despite their incompatibility. Especially for Alison, her primary concern is not ending up the way of Debbie and Pete, who too are incompatible, who only married because Debbie got pregnant, and who both seem unhappy in their married life.
12. The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.7609 (2017)
Ridge comfort a shaken and distraught Quinn. When Deacon regains consciousness, he appeals to Quinn to call off the police. Quinn hollers that Deacon tried to kill. Deacon rightfully reminds his ex-wife that she pushed him off a cliff last year which leaves Ridge bewildered. Katie, Eric and Lt. Baker then arrive at the Forrester Mansion and learn what just happened. Deacon claims that he was merely trying to make Quinn answer to him as she ignored his calls the last couple of months. Despite his staunch protests, Lt. Baker takes Deacon under arrest for shooting at Quinn. Eric is thankful that his wife is finally safe again. Bill and Brooke bask in marital bliss as word gets out that shots were fired at Quinn yet again. They rush to the scene of the crime alongside Wyatt. Brooke cannot help but notice that Ridge and Quinn appear to be closer than ever before. Later, Quinn makes a hocking confession to Ridge in light of the days' terrible ordeal: she loves him.
13. The Inbetweeners (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Will Is Home Alone (2010)
Mr. Gilbert threatens to ruin Will's college applications unless he rat on whoever vandalized the village's flower bed display. Although Will truly did not know who did it when Mr. Gilbert asked him, he soon finds out it was Jay and Neil. Meanwhile, much to Will's chagrin, his mom has gone away for the weekend to meet up with a male college chum named Fergus, with who she had recently got reacquainted on Facebook. Beyond now being able to wank off over her on the Internet and wanking off over the thought of her having sex with Fergus, Will's mates want him to have a party at his house while she's away. Will refuses his mates' request. But not wanting to be alone for the weekend, Will invites Neil to stay for the weekend. Simon can't make it due to a father/son golf tournament, and Jay is Will's last choice since he would probably try to get in Polly's underwear drawer, especially in his increased sexually frustrated state over not being able to masturbate at home in front of his dog, Benji. It does balloon into a "party" (but not in Will's mind) when Jay infiltrates the house and Simon stops by between rounds, the three who end up being less than perfect house guests. But as all four consume a lot of beer, they end up having a close encounter with some more flower beds, and Jay comes up with a more permanent solution to the Benji problem. In the sober light of day, neither action seems like such a good idea.
14. Mary Tyler Moore (1970 TV Series)
Episode: Murray Takes a Stand (1976)
Mr. Wessel is the new owner of WJM. He has a very strict "short and sweet" editorial policy, which affects Murray's copy more than anyone in the newsroom. Murray doesn't like that his stories are basically cut to two lines maximum. But when Wessel's policy starts to affect Murray's personal life - Wessel cut out Murray's favorite scene of a Marx Brothers movie aired on the station - he can't take it anymore. He calls Wessel late at night at home to give him a piece of his mind. Although in the cold light of day Murray regrets what he's done and can deny that it was him that called Wessel, he has to decide if he should stick to his original thoughts even though it may get him fired, or deny or apologize so that he can keep his job. Regardless, his friends at WJM provide solidarity with Murray, with one in particular who may unwittingly take the brunt of the pain. Meanwhile, Sue Ann does a salute to cheese, with Lou washing down the cheese with a bit too much wine.
15. Waterloo Road (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #4.15 (2009)
Tom asks his friend Andy,an army officer,to coach the girls' football team though his efforts are sabotaged by the feud between Janeece and Michaela. To imbue a team spirit he suggests the girls take on the staff at an assault course but Michaela sabotages this,later confessing that she dislikes the army after her soldier brother's experiences in Iraq. Davina is annoyed that Tom has given two thousand pounds of their money to Rose to repay Ralph and walks out on him but Philip is increasingly smitten by Flick,who,in the cold light of day,is regretting her actions. Although Grace is with Steph an immigration officer visits Kim and is unconvinced by her tale of innocence.
16. Detour (2016)
Law student and all round good guy, Harper, suspects that his scheming step-father, Vincent, is responsible for the car crash that sent his mother into a coma. Drowning his sorrows one evening in a seedy L.A whiskey bar, Harper is interrupted by a tough looking redneck called Johnny Ray who offers to 'take care' of his step-dad for the cool sum of US$20,000. Angry, intent on revenge and fuelled by alcohol, Harper agrees to the deal and spends the rest of his evening downing shots with Johnny Ray. The next morning, Harper awakes to the mother of all hangovers with hazy memory of the previous night's events. Answering a knock at the front door, he is surprised to find Johnny Ray and his beautiful but distant girlfriend, Cherry, ready and waiting to drive to Vegas to kill Vincent. Harper's claims that he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing mean nothing to Johnny Ray who is more threatening than ever in the cold light of day. Harper quickly realises that there is no easy way out; if he wants to survive this, he has no choice but to go along with the plan. What follows is a tense and deftly constructed noir thriller in which Harper's story takes an unexpected detour, presenting the audience with two alternate versions of events with two very different outcomes. Did Harper really want to kill his step father and which road did he actually take?
17. Lock Up (1989)
Frank Leone is nearing the end of his prison term for a relatively minor crime. Just before he is paroled, however, Warden Drumgoole takes charge. Drumgoole was assigned to a hell-hole prison after his administration was publicly humiliated by Leone, and has now arrived on the scene to ensure that Leone never sees the light of day.
18. Route 66 (1960 TV Series)
Episode: What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant (1963)
As Tod and Linc are in a drunken stupor feeling sorry for themselves following being bilked out of a paycheck, Linc, in the two of them searching for the meaning of life, believes the answer lies with Lieutenant School, one of his superiors while he was in Vietnam. In the sober light of day, they do decide to contact the lieutenant for a visit. Speaking solely to the lieutenant's mother before their arrival, they find upon that arrival that the lieutenant has a permanent injury from combat, he believing that he is eight years old, a mental age from which he will never grow. Linc initially is unable to cope emotionally with seeing the lieutenant in this condition, but he decides that he cannot abandon the man who gave him so much. Linc's decision to stay, however indefinitely, does not sit well with Tod, who knows that Linc will have problems coping if he does stay. Tod ultimately will leave with or without his friend. But Linc may ultimately get a clearer picture of the lieutenant's reality, which is different from Linc's own.
19. Stir Crazy (1980)
Jobless and short on cash, sunny daydreamers Skip Donahue, an aspiring playwright, and Harry Monroe, a would-be actor, leave bustling New York heading to Arizona in the promising West, in search of a better future. Sadly though, things will soon go from bad to worse when the two best friends disguised as woodpeckers for a bank's publicity stunt, will unexpectedly land in court, outrageously implicated in a successful bank robbery. However, despite the blatant misunderstanding, now that the unfortunate duo is thrown into prison without a single chance of reducing their inhumane sentences, fate will timidly start smiling on them as a persisting rivalry between two hardened prison wardens will bring Skip into the spotlight. Amazingly, Skip will prove himself to be a natural-born cowboy, an extremely useful talent for the profitable annual inter-prison rodeo tournament, where he, as a fearless bronco-taming rider, will lead the prison's team. Gradually, as the heat rises and the bets go sky-high, Skip and Harry, the two odd jailbirds, will do anything in their limited power to see the light of day as free men once more, but is luck finally on their side?
20. The Stoning of Soraya M. (2008)
After the fall of the last Shah and the end of monarchy, Iran is on the brink of a new era, since a wave of improvement paired with radical changes, sweeps the nation. Documenting the process of transformation, Freidoune Sahebjam, a journalist who lives in France, is rushing himself to get to the borders by nightfall, when suddenly, his car breaks down near a small village. In the middle of bargaining with Hashem, the local mechanic, a woman covered in a black chador, approaches the journalist with extreme caution and in a low voice, desperately asks for a meeting with him in the privacy of her house. The distressed woman is Zahra, the open-minded aunt of Soraya, who wants to disclose the tragic events that led to the cruel and inhumane punishment of her niece, on the night before. Reluctant but intrigued, Freidoune equipped with his tape recorder, visits Zahra and lets her unfold the unspeakable story of Soraya, who was married to Ali, a former military man, mother of four and wrongfully accused of adultery in a land where women don't matter. Between gossip and plotting, false accusations and the machinations of a whole village, Ali, with the support of the Mayor and the Mullah, finally muscled a unanimous verdict against a woman who in the eyes of her family, defiled Islam and the entire village. Will yesterday's tragic events, ever see the light of day?
21. Steptoe and Son (1962 TV Series)
Episode: Men of Letters (1972)
The vicar calls, asking for an article on rag and bone men for the church magazine's centenary edition. Both Steptoe and Son want to write it but Harold wins the toss and, foreseeing a journalistic career ahead of him, works hard interviewing local totters for his piece. Albert has still been asked to make a contribution - a crossword, but, as the clues and answers turn out to be filthy, the magazine is seized as being obscene and burnt so Harold's article never sees the light of day.
22. Malcolm & Eddie (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Jingle Fever (1997)
With Eddie's towing business really taking off, Malcolm suggests he try radio ads to capitalize on the success. In fact, things are going so well that he is approached by local tow truck legend, Tow Tom, about merging with his fleet. However, after Eddie claims he'd rather continue working for himself, a series of unfortunate incidents suggest that Tow Tom is trying to drive him out of business. Following Malcolm's advice, Eddie prepares for a radio campaign that he hopes will revive his suddenly flagging business. But his plans are dashed when Tow Tom both steals his idea to sponsor the morning radio show and has his driver's license revoked. The loss of his customers, insurance and license to Tow Tom has Eddie depressed. To help him get back on his feet, Malcolm suggests that he accept Tow Tom's offer of a job, if only to get an inside look at a successful towing business. Seeing his roommate taken advantage of by the ruthless tow truck magnate angers Malcolm, who decides to help Eddie get even. So, when Tow Tom enlists him to help with a new commercial, Malcolm seizes the chance to sabotage the ad. When it's about to be aired, Eddie has Tow Tom just where he wants him. And, in exchange for Eddie getting his business back, Malcolm agrees to destroy the tape so the ad never sees the light of day. Finally, with his business restored, Eddie can't resist playing one last prank on Tow Tom.
23. The Hollow (2015 TV Movie)
Attempting to escape from their gloomy past, three sisters ferry to a mysterious island for Halloween despite admonitions and presentiments. A foreboding storm brings with it a being of pure evil. Made of earth and fire, this invulnerable creature's thirst for revenge is only outweighed by its blood lust. The sisters must outrun and outsmart this malignant spirit until the light of day, or the retreat from their fiery past will engulf them in someone else's.
24. The Duchess of Duke Street (1976 TV Series)
Episode: Ain't We Got Fun (1977)
Change is in the air at the hotel and in the lives of its many residents. An American writer, Sophie Applegate, would like to pen a book about Louisa's life, successes and failures. Louise isn't all that keen on the venture but eventually rises to the occasion and opens up about her past. It's not obvious that she'll ever let the book see the light of day however. Merriman wins £500 in a contest and decides the time has come to engage in other pursuits, for a short time, at any rate. Mr. Starr and Mary have a surprise announcement that sends Louisa reeling and forces her to reconsider some of her rules about staff conduct. Major Smith-Barton returns for a short visit when his wife visits the continent. He too has a revelation for Louisa.
25. Black Scorpion (2001 TV Series)
The City of Angels is falling apart, and crime pervades the city to the core. The mayor is corrupt, the police are inept, the city needs a figure to take control of the situation. Then in the light of day Darcy Walker is a cop, but in the dark of night she becomes the Black Scorpion. She does with a mash what she can't do with a badge. This is vigilante justice, old school style.
26. The Last Alaskans (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Into the Darkness (2015)
The first day of darkness has arrived at the refuge. Now, the days are growing shorter, causing Bob, Heimo and the Lewis family to set additional traps and continue hunting for food. Heimo uses what little daylight there is to catch his biggest adversary and competition for resources - the wolf. But overflow on the river blocks his path home and jeopardizes his golden rule of surviving the winter: "Always return home before the faint light of day is gone." Bob returns to the refuge from town and begins to follow fresh animal tracks as a result of the constant snowfall. Ray's daughters, Emma, Sarah and Molly, become emotional after what might be their last winter at the refuge as a family.
27. Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Best of Times (2012)
A heartbroken Ann didn't make it to Charles' wedding if only to stop him from marrying another woman. The same applies to Charles himself in that he didn't make it to his own wedding since he came to the realization that he wanted to marry Ann and be with her for the rest of their lives instead. But in the sober light of day, will Ann, who has lived much of her life as the non-monogamous partier, settle down with only Charles if given the opportunity? Meanwhile, the fact that Mercy Anglican is no more due to the fact that Sarah accidentally burned it down and that Thorne failed to renew the insurance leaves Thorne's future in Mercy in doubt. The town is now a place he loves and doesn't want to leave. The fact of the church's physical structure no longer being there also means that the Mercy Mosque is no more, but that fact doesn't stop Baber still from refusing to be a part of the new Rayyan Mosque, with Amaar as its Imam. Amaar feels that he has to reach out to Baber somehow. In reaching out to Baber, Amaar ultimately believes he can kill two birds with one stone, the idea for which stemming partly from the first religious event he sanctions at Rayyan Mosque.
28. Jumanji (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Who Am I? (1998)
In Jumanji, Professor Ibsen has created the trijuminate prism which "turns dark into light and day into night." The prism does more than that - it's turned Peter into Judy, and Judy into Peter, not to mention Van Pelt is now in Alan's body and trying to lure Judy and Peter into one of his traps.
29. The Strange Thing About the Johnsons (2011 Short Film)
The Johnsons are an attractive, well-to-do, upper-middle class family. Sidney, husband and father, is a famous poet, known and adored for his kindness and sensitivity. Joan, wife and mother, is a dutiful housewife, an obsessive homemaker and the life of every party. Their son, Isaiah, is a charismatic young man who has just gotten married to an equally appealing young woman. In fact, there is only thing that separates the Johnsons from their charming friends and neighbors: Isaiah, the son, has been molesting Sidney, the father, since he was twelve years old. And what's more, Sidney has written a memoir that chronicles, in great detail, the ins-and-outs of this unseemly father-son relationship. Will the manuscript ever see the light of day, or will young Isaiah have a thing or two to say about it? THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THE JOHNSONS is a dark satire of the domestic melodrama, which asks "What if...?" and then, for some reason, comes up with an answer.
30. Humpday (2009)
Living in Seattle, Ben and Anna are a loving young supportive couple falling into what most would see as a "white picket fence" lifestyle as Ben calls it. As part of this lifestyle, they are now trying to have a child. Late one night, Andrew, Ben's friend from his college days, drops by their house unexpectedly, Ben and Anna put him up despite the inconvenience. Andrew, an artist, has always been a free spirit, a "Kerouac" as Ben refers to that life. Andrew travels the world at a whim, his most recent sojourn being in Chiapas. Andrew is in Seattle just to reconnect with his old buddy, who he not seen since the wedding. The next day, instead of getting to know his buddy's wife and learning about the life Ben and Anna are leading, Andrew decides to hang out with a bunch of artists he has just met, and drags Ben along. In a drunken stupor at the artists' party, the two learn about a festival in which the artists are partaking called Hump Fest. It is an amateur porn festival. As Ben and Andrew get caught up in the discussion, they decide to make their own porn film for the festival, the premise of their film being that it would be an artistic rendering of two overtly straight guys having sex, the two being themselves. As identifying as being straight, neither has ever had sex with another man. In discussions between the friends, Ben thinks that he's not as "white picket fence" as Andrew believes, nor is Andrew as "Kerouac" as he believes. In the sober light of day, will Ben's inner and Andrew's outer "Kerouac" still want to do the project? And if they do, Ben will eventually have to tell Anna his plans.
When Andrew unexpectedly shows up on Ben's doorstep late one night, the two old college friends immediately fall into their old dynamic of heterosexual one-upmanship. To save Ben from domestication, Andrew invites Ben to a party at a sex-positive commune. Everyone there plans on making erotic art films for the local amateur porn festival and Andrew wants in. They run out of booze and ideas, save for one: Andrew should have sex with Ben, on camera. It's not gay; it's beyond gay. It's not porn; it's an art project. The next day, they find themselves unable to back down from the dare. And there's nothing standing in their way - except Ben's wife Anna, heterosexuality, and certain mechanical questions.
31. My Partner the Ghost (1969 TV Series)
Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are private detectives who specialize in divorce cases. Their long-running partnership seems to come to an abrupt end when Marty is killed by a hit-and-run, but Marty is soon back--as a ghost--to help solve his own murder. While he's doing it, he misses his chance to go to heaven, thanks to an ancient curse that states: "Before the sun shall rise, each ghost unto his grave must go. Cursed be the ghost who dares to stay and face the awful light of day." So Marty is stuck on Earth, as a white-suited spirit whom only Jeff can see, continuing their partnership and keeping (jealous) tabs on his wife/widow, Jean.
32. Mirage (1965)
Walking down twenty-seven flights of stairs after the power goes out in the New York City office building he is in, David Stillwell emerges outside on the ground level to find that a man he didn't know either jumped or was pushed out a window to his death. That man was Charles Calvin, the head of Unidyne, a humanitarian organization that works toward world peace. David notices other unusual goings-on. What he considers his normal routine that others he knows should recognize, don't. People that he doesn't know seem to know him, such as the beautiful young woman with who he walked down the stairs but who ran off when they got to the bottom. And things that he thought he saw or thought he knew end up not being the case, such as the multiple sub-basement levels he thought were in that office building which don't seem to exist in the clear light of day. When he finally thinks about it, he believes he has some form of amnesia. As an example, he knows that he works as a cost accountant, but he has no idea what a cost accountant is or does. He soon learns that some people are following him and are after something that he has, he not knowing what it is, and that they will shoot to kill if they don't get it. Conversely, the young woman, who he learns is named Shela and was once a love of his, is trying to convince him to cooperate with the people after him if only to save his life. Every direction David turns for official assistance, he comes up not trusting anyone, with the exception of a novice private detective he hires named Ted Caselle. Shela and the people after David all refer to "the major" as the person at the top who wants what David has. David may have to look deep into his troubled psyche to come out of his amnesia to learn who the major is, what he wants, whether David is willing to give it up if he indeed does have it, and that the death of Charles Calvin had some part to play. But David may be dead before he can even make an informed decision to cooperate or not.
David Stillwell makes his way down several flights of stairs in the dark after the lights suddenly go out in his office building. He is accompanied by an attractive woman. Thanks to his flashlight, he can see her, but she can't see him. Still, she assumes she knows him by his voice and talks to him about someone named The Major, as if he should know who that is. The day becomes stranger when he gets outside the building and discovers that someone has apparently committed suicide by jumping out of a window. And then, when he gets to his apartment building, things get dangerous. Within the next two days, David will encounter a chubby gunman, a rude maintenance man with horn-rimmed glasses, an abrasive psychiatrist and an inexperienced but shrewd private detective. He'll also meet up again and again with the attractive woman. Most important, he'll encounter himself - because who he thinks he is and who he really is are two different things.
33. American Bandstand (1952 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #10.9 (1966)
THE NEW AB67 Welcomes Mr. Gene Pitney Performed "Only Love Can Break A Heart (No. 2-1 Week in September 1962)" & "(In The) Cold Light of Day & The Boss' Daughter." Mr. Clark Talks 1 of The DJs in The Louisville, KY Radio Stations on THE NEW AB67 HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE and WLKY-TV ABC 32 (and now WLKY-TV CBS 32) airs the program.
34. Jacob (1994 TV Movie)
In the foreign land of Canaan lives Isaac, son of Abraham, with his clever, strong-willed wife Rebekah and his twin sons Esau and Jacob. The first-born, Esau, is a strong and fearless hunter with a voracious appetite for sensual pleasures. Jacob is a shepherd, more tender and compassionate han Esau. Just as Esau is the pride of his father, so is Jacob the apple of his mother's eye. Rebekah is convinced that Jacob, though the second born son, is the chosen one and the rightful heir of Isaac and Abraham. And she tells him that when she was with child, God announced to her: "Two nations are within thy womb. Two manner of men shall be delivered to you. The one shall be stronger than the other and the elder shall serve the younger". One day Esau returns from a hunt to find Jacob preparing a lentil porridge. Famished, he asks Jacob for some food. Jacob agrees, but on one condition: that Esau sell him his birthright. Since Esau ascribes little value to its meaning, he readily agrees and they conclude the pact. Time has passed. Isaac has grown old and nearly blind. It is time to pass on his paternal blessing to the firstborn. He asks Esau to hunt and prepare some game for him, after which he will give him his blessing. Rebekah knows she must act now. Cornering Jacob, she pressures him into deceiving Isaac so that he obtains the blessing instead of Esau. Jacob resists, but when Rebekah vows to take the blame for this ploy, he finally consents. And thus does Jacob trick his father. When Esau returns from the hunt and appears before his father, he explodes in anger when he learns of the scheme. Having obtained only a lesser blessing from Isaac, he vows to kill Jacob as soon as his father passes away. Isaac, following Rebekah's suggestion, advises Jacob to flee to Harran, to the home of Laban - Rebekah's brother, and to ask him to marry one of his daughters. Laden with gold, silver, skins, spices and oils, Jacob sadly leaves his home and his loved ones. Soon, however, he realizes that he is being followed: a Canaanite, one of Esau's brothers-in-law, robs him of the treasure that was to be his dowry. One night, as he is asleep, Jacob has a vision of a stairway with angel-like figures on it. During this vision God promises him protection and prosperity. The next morning, Jacob swears to remain faithful and devoted to God. After an arduous journey, Jacob arrives in Harran. Haggard and drained of his strength, he immediately forgets his fatigue when he sees a pretty young girl at the fountain. The girl is Rachel, the youngest daughter of his uncle Laban. And Jacob falls head over heels in love with her. Though Laban greets his nephew heartily, he cannot conceal his disappointment that Jacob has arrived without any gifts. Laban's two sons, Morash and Be'or, are less delighted by Jacob's arrival. Jacob soon asks Laban to let him marry Rachel, and he even accepts Laban's rigorous conditions: that Jacob become his indentured servant for a full seven years. Jacob proves to be a singularly successful herdsman and contributes mightily to the welfare of Laban's people. Thus after seven years, Laban is unwilling to let him leave and devises a cunning scheme... When Jacob awakens on the morning following the consummation of his marriage with Rachel, he is horrified to discover that he has slept with Rachel's older sister Leah instead. Laban forced Leah to take her sister's place in the dark tent. As Jacob rages, Laban claims that according to the law of the land, a father must marry off his older daughter first. He is willing, however, to make Jacob another offer: for another seven years in his service, he can take Rachel as his wife in one week's time. And again, Laban and his people enjoy seven more years of rich harvests and expanding flocks, all thanks to Jacob's superior abilities. But while the unloved Leah bears Jacob many children, Rachel, his one and only love, remains barren for many years, until Joseph finally sees the light of day. After his second period of indenture is over, Jacob strikes another deal with Laban, whereby he is allowed to assemble his own herd. His prosperity soon sparks the envy of Laban's sons Morash and Be'or, who accuse Jacob of deceiving them and of stealing their property. Jacob decides it is time to move back to Canaan, and flees with his wives, children and servants. As soon as Laban hears about their escape, he rounds up his sons and his men and gives chase. He finally meets up with Jacob on Mount Gilead. But before he can reach Jacob, God appears to Laban and warns him not to harm Jacob or his people. Jacob's most grueling ordeal, however, still awaits him: his meeting with his brother Esau. Fearing that Esau still intends to kill him, Jacob sends messengers with gifts to his brother to announce his coming. The messengers return sooner than expected, reporting that Esau is already on his way to meet him - with 400 armed men. Jacob sets up camp on the banks of the river Jabbok. That night, while his people await Esau with fear and trembling, Jacob withdraws to collect himself on the other side of the river. There Jacob is attacked by a mysterious being whom he cannot identify. It is an angel. As the struggle intensifies and the angel realizes that he cannot subdue Jacob, he strikes him fiercely on the hip. But Jacob, who gradually realizes who his adversary is, continues to grapple with him and refuses to relinquish his hold until the angel has blessed him. Ultimately the angel yields and gives Jacob the blessing together with the new name of "Israel". He thus confirms Jacob's right to the blessing which he originally obtained by deceit. The following morning, as Esau's army approaches, Jacob gathers his people behind him and awaits his brother. As Esau arrives at the head of his troops, Jacob humbly throws himself at his brother's feet. Esau breaks the tension by coming towards Jacob with open arms and welcoming him home. Reconciling their past differences, Jacob and Esau embrace.
35. Cities of the Underworld (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Istanbul (2007)
Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and exotic cities in the world. Once the capital city of three of the world's most powerful empires--The Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman--its strategic location made it the perfect spot for empires to rise, fall...and rise again. Residents of Istanbul walk on top of remnants of these fallen civilizations...literally. Taxis drive over parts of Constantine's Lost Great Palace; children play on cobblestone streets concealing a massive Byzantine dungeon; a high school sits on a 3rd century wall leading to the bowels of a 100,000 seat ancient Roman Hippodrome; and basement's of old Ottoman homes lead to subterranean tunnels and secret cisterns. Join host Eric Geller as he leaves the buzz of the city streets behind and follows the pull of the past. Teamed with leading archeologists and experts, Eric peels back the layers of the past--to reveal a hidden history that hasn't seen the light of day for ages
36. Do Not Disturb (2012)
When Jeff unexpectedly shows up on Ben's doorstep at 2am, the two buddies immediately fall into each other's arms. Since their college days, they've taken very different paths. Jeff is still the wild man, a serial lover, an artist and eternal vagabond who's never stopped roaming the world. As for Ben, he settled down with chilled-out and wonderful Anna; they bought a small and comfortable house in the suburbs and started trying to make a baby. But this quiet life is disrupted by the whirlwind that is Jeff, especially when he takes Ben to a wild party, from which they return at dawn, having made a booze decision that is about to turn all of their lives upside down. Witnessed by Lily and Monica, their sexy party hosts, Ben and Jeff's project looks much scarier in the hangover light of day... but neither has the guts to be the wimp who pulls out!
37. House of Horrors: Kidnapped (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Buried Alive (2015)
Michael Marshall is one of 26 kids who have been kidnapped by three armed men intent on extracting a $5 million ransom. After being held in a buried truck for 16 hours, it looks like they will never see the light of day again. But Michael Marshall refuses to say "die."
38. Nick Knight (1989 TV Movie)
Detective Nick Knight is investigating a series of murders in which the bodies are found drained of blood - but the most recent one doesn't fit the pattern. Instead it involves the cure that Nick has been searching for for decades, so that he himself can face the light of day. Later remade as the first two episodes of Forever Knight.
39. Kongen af Danmark (2017 TV Series)
Erik, 24, is in a very difficult situation. He is a quiet, somewhat shy, young man, the middle child raised in a very traditional family, with his younger sister, Louise, and older brother, Christian, three years his senior. Christian, a charming extrovert, admired by everyone, was successfully brought up to take over the top job in the family business. Two years ago, however, Erik's life changed dramatically when his beloved brother died in a tragic car accident. Everyone was shocked and deeply saddened. What's more, the responsibility of continuing the family firm passed to the underprepared and sensitive Erik. The pressure is enormous, as it would be for anyone in his situation - yet there is one huge difference between Erik and other young people in a similar position: Erik is the Crown Prince of Denmark - and the top job that awaits him when his father, Valdemar, dies, is that of King of Denmark ... THE KING is the story of a young man's search for identity and meaning within the destiny that has befallen him. It is an examination, from within, of the nature, emotions and mechanics of monarchy, as experienced first-person by the people who live it. Crown Prince Erik's family is a troubled one. Marred by the death of the heir-apparent, the royal family suffers deeply disturbed relationships and harbours a devastating secret, which could potentially bring about the end of the 1,000-year-old Danish Monarchy should it ever see the light of day. Cracks in the façade have already started to appear ... Erik and his family may be royal - but they're still just a family - a genetically bound group of human beings, dealing with the exact same hopes and fears as everyone else. They're driven by the same need to find love and acceptance and driven by the same desire to lead a meaningful existence in a life that, as fate would have it, is anything but ordinary. Though they must outwardly project the image of a model family, inwardly this is certainly not the case, and the series deals with the strain of living a troubled personal life under constant public scrutiny. THE KING plays out as an epic family saga - but it's also an intimate love story. A tale about how a chance encounter with another human being can change your life forever. It is said that royal families lead three different lives: A public life, a public-private life - and a private private life. THE KING story is set in the deeply private realm of a royal family in crisis and tells the story of a troubled young man who is about to face the challenge of a lifetime when the monarchy and everything he has ever known disastrously fall to pieces.
40. Killers (1996)
The James boys, two of America's most media-oriented killers, Odessa and Kyle have escaped from San Quentin's Death Row. In the midst of a fierce storm and pursued by law-enforcement officers, they find sanctuary by bursting in on and taking hostage the ideal American family, or so they think. After they discover that the daughters are two of their biggest fans, the mother isn't quite what she seems, and the father is perhaps more than their equal, the killers realize the cops are the least of their worries. And as the rain pours down and the dragnet moves closer, the question that emerges is, "Will the killers ever see the light of day?"
41. Message in a Bottle (2017)
A trio of young teens' lives are changed forever when they go on a journey to rescue a kid sending eerie notes down stream in bottles. Johnny Tatro (Matthew Owen Kozak) is a passionate young teen that has been mislabeled due to skeletons in his family closet. His sarcastic, socially immature best friend, Timmy (Jack Champion) has been sheltered his entire life due to medical issues. Emily (Emma Morrison) is a young women trying to get out from under her sister's shadow and find her own identity. Each set out on this Journey to an unknown destination for their own reasons and a shared bond of friendship. Can the optimism of youth survive the harsh light of day?
42. Girl Shy (1924)
Harold Meadows works as an apprentice in his Uncle Jerry's tailor shop in Little Bend, California. Harold is so shy around girls, that he can't speak to them without stuttering. Regardless, Harold has written a yet unpublished manuscript, it being what he mistakenly believes is the definitive guide on how to attract different types of women, each situation which he passes off as actually being his own experience, which may be only true in his fantasies. On his way to the office of publisher Roger Thornsby, Harold meets the wealthy Mary Buckingham. Because of the situation, Harold is able to speak to her without stuttering. The two end up falling in love with each other, although their feelings are initially unknown to the other. While Harold continually dreams of Mary, Mary continually drives through Little Bend in hopes of running into Harold, despite or largely because she is pursued by Ronald DeVore, to whose marriage proposals she has always said no. When Harold learns unofficially that his manuscript has been declined by Thornsby, Mary decides to marry Ronald if only because Harold now feigns disinterest in her, unknowingly to her if only because he feels he is not in her league due to the manuscript not being published. But when new information comes to light on the day of the wedding, Harold does whatever he can to stop Mary from marrying Ronald, while getting the girl for himself.
43. Throttle (2005)
Every day, millions of people descend into underground parking garages, get into their cars and drive to the safety of their homes. But tonight, five levels down in a deserted corporate parking structure, financial analyst Tom Weaver won't be going home. After finishing a late night business deal, Tom arrives at section E5 of the garage only to discover his car won't start. Worse yet, the elevators are shut down and every stairwell has been locked. Trapped in the bowels of the garage, Tom realizes he's not alone. Something else is down here. Watching. Waiting. A monstrous 6000 lb Truck whose driver sits hidden behind a veil of tinted glass. A lethal killer with only one agenda: Not letting Tom get out alive. Over the next six hours, a terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues, testing Tom's will to survive and rattling his sanity. He must outwit his pursuer while trying to figure out who wants him dead: Has his business partner Gavin turned on him and could his wife Molly part of the plan? Or is it simply a case of extreme road rage after he cut someone off earlier in the day? As he fights his way to the surface, discovering horrifying new clues on each level of the garage, Tom realizes the Truck Driver is playing for keeps. Either he outsmarts the mysterious killer behind the wheel... or he won't live to see the light of day. E5 is an unrelenting paranoid suspense thriller that turns an everyday situation into a terrifying nightmare. Parking your car will never be the same again.
44. The Dhamma Brothers (2008 Documentary)
East meets West in the Deep South. An overcrowded maximum-security prison-the end of the line in Alabama's correctional system-is dramatically changed by the influence of an ancient meditation program. Behind high security towers and a double row of barbed wire and electrical fence dwells a host of convicts who will never see the light of day. But for some of these men, a spark is ignited when it becomes the first maximum-security prison in North America to hold an extended Vipassana retreat, an emotionally and physically demanding course of silent meditation lasting ten days. The Dhamma Brothers tells a dramatic tale of human potential and transformation as it closely follows and documents the stories of the prison inmates at Donaldson Correction Facility who enter into this arduous and intensive program.
45. Demon Keeper (1994)
For Remy Grilland the world of the occult is nothing more than a way to swindle rich old ladies out of their money. A parlor trick. But when an expert of the supernatural comes to his seance, Remy feels obliged to summon a real spirit. In his ignorance, he brings forth a most vicious and evil demon. one known to spread misery by infiltrating the mind, playing on weakness, and leading its prey to murder. Now, locked in the house for the night, each person must find a way to evade the Demon's powers. Only the light of day will bring mercy.
46. No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell (2012)
A clown doll becomes possessed from a demon sleeping within it. Jennifer finds and brings this doll into the home of Diane, who rents out rooms to a motley crew of beautiful women. Jennifer becomes attached to this doll not knowing the true power it possesses. Once the evil demon clown doll comes out to play, who's game? Or should we say, who's left to see the light of day?
47. Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire (2017 TV Series)
Seymour and his friends, Corrina and Wally, are desperate to avoid the vampire hunters, while securing a constant source of blood that does not involve Seymour attacking humans. However, as Seymour gets hungrier he must learn to control his urges. Strange circumstances abound as he also endeavors to keep the particulars of his new existence from his family. Seymour has to work his way out of many uncomfortable situations in his new altered life. Seymour finds some comfort after his abduction by the Agency of the Supernatural Rehabilitation Services. A world wise werewolf, named Chester, is sent to guide him through this transition. Chester is charmingly unrefined and is keen to keep an eye on the unfortunate Seymour as he knows how unaccepting humans can be to those who are different. A new threat arises when Seymour's condition is inadvertently revealed to a fairy (displaying no characteristics normally associated with being a fairy). Lark Cedarcreek, is tall and usually bears no visible wings. Far from being a gentle, nymph like creature, he bears a greater resemblance to Boris Karlof. It is revealed that while the blood of a fairy can allow a vampire to walk in the light of day, fairies are dangerous to vampires because vampire blood is like a drug to a fairy. The series is threaded with action, sarcasm and situational humor. Seymour is lovable, and naive. His friends are loyal. It is an adventure through the surprises experienced by a newly turned, fairly innocent vampire to find acceptance of himself, friends, family and survival with his new life.
48. Underground (1998)
Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. Trafalgar Square. St Paul's Cathedral. Piccadilly Circus. The London that the world knows. But there is another side to London that remains unknown to the tourists, that emerges only at night, that comes alive in aging terraced houses and sprawling estates. It is a world of pills of dubious origin swallowed hurriedly and hopefully, of music with a thumping beat that you'll still hear when you wake up the morning after, of Rizla papers bought from an all-night garage, of bottles of mineral water shared as love tokens, of greasy kebabs eaten when the taste-buds have long since numbed, of sunrises viewed through stinging eyes. It is close to heaven, but it is very close to hell. For Rat, a fifteen year-old drug dealer, it is the only world he knows. Over one night Rat's world turns upside down as he finds himself on the run from older, far more serious criminals. We follow Rat as he looks for shelter with those he thinks he can trust. As each door closes on him, the likelihood of ever seeing the light of day again grows smaller.
49. Patrouille Linkeroever (2016 TV Series)
Commissioner Johannes Geubels has big news for his beloved corps. A camera crew is going to follow and film Patrouille Linkeroever for the next five months for a new reality TV show. But they soon find out that the show is not really going to show the corps in the good light of day. These six agents easily form the most unhandy, clumsy and politically incorrect corps of Antwerp.
50. Somebody's Life (2014)
A decade after the disappearance of his best friend and musical partner in the band they had formed together, Guille receives the offer from a label to finally release an album he had recorded with said band, which never saw the light of day. His friend Pablo tries to help him overcome loss and grief, and the release of an album of old recordings might well be the talisman that could help achieve that. Finally, meeting Luciana, who becomes a new member in the now reformed band, will make Guille's feelings surface and his past wounds start to heal and remain locked in a box, or maybe a cassette tape.
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